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December 31st 2006
Published: December 31st 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

Merry Christmas!! Oh, no, done that one. I mean, Happy New Year!!

I went to the Dogs Bollix Bollyx Bollocks whatever it was pub. It was a nice pub. I got there and the band were playing "I Hate Everything About You" with the lead singer saying, "well now you know what I think of you lot...". Was a bit empty when I got there just before nine, but it soon picked up. I was in my white frilly skirt, my strappy new top and, well, lots of glitter. Come on, this is me! I did buy some new cheap jewellery so I didn't care if it got broken (it didn't) and a cheap stick on tattoo (which came off). After a few conversations with my friend Jim Beam and then an excellent GNR song, I decided it was time to stop loitering and get on the dance floor. The band were ok, played well, the singer was good (only noticed one off key moment), but the lead guitarist needed a bit more volume or oomph or something. The Sweet Child intro was a bit of a disappointment. But hey, for free entry you can't complain too much. And, surprisingly enough, as my conversations with Jim Beam flowed, the band improved. They had a rubber sex toy doll dressed up and that got thrown around the audienced and abused in a way that even she thought was illegal. By the end of the night she'd had enough and had whithered some what, just as the singer whaled a somewhat appropriate line from a song, that obviously I have now forgotten.

Somewhat predictably they sang "Final Countdown" on the run up to New Year. Then we all chanted down from ten (which me and Jim were having some trouble doing) and now it's 2007! Blimey. Where did the last ten years go? I didn't spend it all with Jim! The band played some seriously decent tunes, though about a third of them I either didn't know or only knew vaguely, but enjoyed them none-the-less. I got trodden on more times than I care to remember (I'm sure my toes will recall more tomorrow morning, especially the one that I'm still not convinced I didn't break), I got elbowed, crushed and headbutted during the moshing and smell like a brewery. Neil and Andy would be proud of me

And seeing as that's a fairly good description of me right now, and I have to get to the airport first thing tomorrow (or, today) in order to drop off the car and have a couple of days sightseeing Auckland with Bryony (minus the rock band bit I've managed myself), I think I should go and attempt sleep. Or something like it. God bless us, everyone! xx


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