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November 1st 2005
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The buses are really flat bed trucks with a covered area and wooden benches on the back of the truck. It's a cheap ride and a true cultural experience.
This entry is really old news, the internet prices in Tahiti were so high that I couldn't afford to use the computer. Then, Easter Island was so fantastic, that I had to write about that first. Now, we are in the Cook Islands and I am writing about Tahiti. Are you confused yet??

Our parting act as we left LAX for Tahiti was the destruction of the cell phone. It gave Ron great pleasure to disconnect from that aspect of our U.S. life. I wanted to photograph it for the blog, but we didn't want to create a scene in the airport. So, he took it to the men's room and smashed it in to numerous pieces in a handicapped stall. No more, "Can you hear me now?" I wish I could have wittnessed its demise.

Then we flew all night (9 hours) to Pape'ete. You know that you are in the South Pacific when the toilets and the urinals have live flower leis hanging from them. However, Pape'ete is just a dirty, noisy, car filled city which I don't like. The best thing that we did while we were there was to hotel hop through the 5 star hotels. That is the only way for us to see the beach and the beautiful water. We ride the local flatbed truck that has been converted to a bus to the farthest one and then walk back stopping in each of them for something to eat, to drink, to shop, to walk the beach, or just to use the bathroom. It is a fun way to pass a day on a very expensive island.

On another day we took the boat to the island of MoĆ³rea and enjoyed the unspoiled beauty of that small island. We managed to circumnavigate the island by taking the local buses and walking. The boat trip back to Tahiti was a rocking and rolling ride. The seas had gotten quite rough and it was like a roller coaster ride on the hydrofoil for the entire half hour trip.

That was pretty much the Tahitian experience. However, I have more that I want to share about Easter Island. We were totally in love with this tiny piece of paradise. The horses, wild and tame, were all over the town and the island. They would block traffic in the roads and they would run up
Tahiti Airport LodgeTahiti Airport LodgeTahiti Airport Lodge

This is the lounge area of the hotel where we stayed in Pape'ete.
to you and want to be petted. It was really incredible.

There were an amazing number of kestrals on the island. They were flying overhead where ever we went. The dogs were unbelievalby docil and wanted to be adopted and take walks with us through the town.

The cemetary outside town had some unique crosses. They were frequently polised wood with the cross bar being the carving of a large fish!! All of the graves were loaded with flowers and decorated with a variety of local crafts.

The last day that we were there, we went back to Rano Raraku Volcano and climbed to the top of the volcano. From there we had an excellent view of the crater and lake below, the quarry and numerous statues, and also most of the island.

One of the most surprising aspects of the island was the fact that within 4 days of staying there we were recognizing many of the townspeople. We would walk down the street or in the market and see people that we knew. What was really amazing was that they recognized us!! It was truly life in a small town. There are only 3000
View from our hotelView from our hotelView from our hotel

Looking over the airport with Moorea in the distance.
people on the entire island.

After many hours in airports and on airplanes we arrived in Raratonga. We are staying in the Paradise Inn, where we have stayed in the past. They have done some nice renovations and the owners Marc and Pam remembered us. The island and the town of Avarua are pretty much the same as it was 10 years ago. Even so, after Easter Island, this little village with all the shops and cars is seeming like a city!!
Today we are headed to the outer islands of Aitutaki and Aitu. These will be rather remote locations and internet may not be available. When we return to Raratonga, on 11/25, I will update with our island adventures. I'm loving the island life, living in a bathing suit and wearing tropical flowers in my hair. It's the BEST!!!!!!!

Additional photos below
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Sunset over Moorea Sunset over Moorea
Sunset over Moorea

View from the hotel in Pape'ete
Beach huts at the IntercontinentalBeach huts at the Intercontinental
Beach huts at the Intercontinental

Rental rates for one night are $800!!! Nice to admire and photograph, but we won't be staying there.
View of Moorea Island View of Moorea Island
View of Moorea Island

This is the "Bali Hai" of Mitchener's "Tales of the South Pacific".
Moorea Kilometer markerMoorea Kilometer marker
Moorea Kilometer marker

The outline of the island is represented on the kilometer markers around the island. We walked 10 of those k's.
Hanga Roa CemetaryHanga Roa Cemetary
Hanga Roa Cemetary

Notice how all the grave markers face away from the sea like the moais. Also, notice the wooden cross with a carved fish making the cross bar.
Modern day boat house in Hanga RoaModern day boat house in Hanga Roa
Modern day boat house in Hanga Roa

The earliest inhabitants turned their boats upside down, placed them on a stone foundation and used them as their homes.
Ron with a Tongariki Ron with a Tongariki
Ron with a Tongariki

One of the few that have the white coral eyes.

4th November 2005

Okay, I'm jealous now!
Hello Pam and Ron! Wow! The views are simply spectacular. What a great experience to be on Easter Island for several days! Tahiti's beaches/water look splendid too! Danrello thanks you for the postcard. He is bringing it to school tomorrow in hopes of having a postcard from the farthest away place. He received a lesson from mom on atolls when the card arrived. I'm sharing your blog pictures with my friend, Mark. Keep up the blog--we love it! Be well! Our love, Diane, Erin, and Danrello
7th November 2005

Great photos
I love traveling with you. It is almost like being there. We are still camping. In the Great Smoky Mts. tonight. All the kids and grands are fine. We have dedided to extend our trip and not go home till Nov. 15. Keep bloging. I love you Dorothy
17th November 2005

Love it Love it Love it....in view of whats going on in my world right now...30 degrees and snow flurries, this almost makes me want to be there, bugs and all :) Also, office politics right now at my job are blowing everything up...people getting fired all over the place and many changes no one expected! So its nice to live a pleasant day through your pictures! Miss you!

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