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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island February 19th 2013

After 9 hours sleep we thought it best that we get up and breathe the morning air before breakfast. There's a short hike up to a lookout point and so while James ran back and forth a couple of times, I walked up to the top and back. Breakfast was good and we had these delicious banana scones. The morning activity was coconut jewellery making, and it's amazing what you can do with a coconut shell and some sand paper! The rest of the morning was spent hanging around in a hammock, sun bathing on the beach or swimming in the sea. We booked in with Reef Safari for a couple of dives this afternoon and after speaking to some other divers we decided to got out to the caves for our first dive. Our second ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island February 18th 2013

So we knew that the islands would be small but didn't expect them to be that small! We boarded the Yasawa flyer boat at 8.30am and the first island we went past was South Sea Island. I'm not joking when I say it takes less than 60 seconds to walk from one side to another! Our island, Draqawa is a little bigger, with 3 beaches and 20 thatched bures. Although there are about 35 guests it doesn't feel busy at all. Today we lay on the beach and only a couple of other people were around. Our wooden bure is simple but rather romantic in its prime beachfront location..... Paradise perhaps? Barefoot lodge offers daily activities for the guests. Tonight's star activity was hermit crab racing. We took this very seriously and scouted out two quick ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island July 11th 2012

So, made it to Fiji and glad I made the trip. My gut response was it's like a combo of Hawaii, Tonga and the Whitsundays. No a bad start! The wqeather the last 2 days hasdnt been super duper but the sun has been pout all day today and I am makingthem ost of it. I lefty the smallest island- South Sea Island today after spending my first 2 days there. It's tiny and more like a Fijian homestay than anything else. Last night we sat around the table drinking cava which numbs your mouth and makde my limbs go all heavy. The food there was tyo die for and despite the cloudy weather I had a ball. Now i'm on Manta Ray island and tonight I'm going to see the sunset via a tube cruise. ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island June 13th 2012

Wednesday 13thJune - Woken by small drops of rain blewing in through the wooden slats which was quite pleasant until they got slowly bigger followed by huge downpour at which point we had to act. Realize Fiji cant be this lush without a lot of rain! The mozzie spray hasn't been working too good and as usual they have taken a real shine to me, one particularly attractive welt on my stomach is definitely the champion so far. Julian tried the $10 for a bag of washing, to find his white t-shirt has come back blue and he's gained a few xtra items. However, Nanuya resort is Fijian and extremely well run, the Bures are very clean and good standard, the food is excellent and the staff very friendly and helpful so would fully recommend this ... read more
One of the many songs
Beautiful village children
More gorgeous kids from village

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island June 9th 2012

We arrived in Fiji on Thursday 17th May after leaving LA on the Tuesday and losing Wednesday to the international date line. We left on Saturday 26th after spending our first and last nights at the sky lodge hotel on the main land and the rest of our time island hopping. We spent our first day on the mainland relaxing by the pool after a ball aching flight through the night and set off early friday morning to catch the Awesome Adventures boat to our first island Nacula islands. After 3 hours and 45 minutes on the boat we arrived at Oarsmans bay lodge where we grabbed lunch and went to watch an inter island rugby match. I should have taken my boots with me, the kicker was rubbish I probably could have scored more points ... read more


Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island April 29th 2012

The Cruise: All cruises are famous for the food- no less this one. Glad to say we managed to eat and drink a lot in the seven days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food was good. Now we're back in NZ and eating much less! Each day we had an itinerary crated by the hospitality manager, Florian. Usually a visit to the beach to swim, snorkel and laze around and some sort of cultural visit as well. At night the entertainment was always singing and sometimes the Meke, singing and dancing. The first place we went to to practice snorkelling was a cay- literally a small area of gorgeous sand temporarily out of the water for a few hours before the high tide covered it up. There was quite a swell, and, not being used to ... read more
Shark on the port side!!
Hermit crab

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island April 15th 2012

Naviti Island – Korovou Eco Tourist Resort Our next stop was Naviti Island at a resort called Korovou Eco Tourist Resort. So far we have really had a chilled time and the two places we have stayed have had a really chilled, laid back and enjoy the feeling of nature and what’s around you. Korovou was none of this! When we arrived the Vengaboys were pumping loud on the speakers, the pool was surrounded by 20 women sunbathing and chattering. The beach wasn’t as nice here either, rocky and shallow. Our bure was nice though. We were shown to it by Sigi, one of the staff at the resort. He was a real hoot but very different from the Fijian staff we met at the more northern resorts. While we were on Naviti Island it was ... read more
View from room in Korovou
Cava in Barefoot
Room at Barefoot

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island April 1st 2012

Hi All!! It's been a while since the last blog but we're online and able to write again!!! Not long now until we're home...I'm so excited!! Anyway, we said goodbye to Uncle Geoff, Auntie Caroline and family and said our final goodbyes to Nana and left Suva. We took the bus back to Nadi but due to it being full, we were not able to sit together. My luck meant that I ended up being sat behind a woman who was travel sick and threw up quite a few times. The smell nearly made me sick!! Luckily the person next to Anton got off the bus halfway through the journey and I was then able to move away from the sick and sit next to Anton. We booked into a local hotel in Nadi for a ... read more
Anton, Auntie Caroline and Kate
Anton and Uncle George
Kate, Nana and Anton

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island February 10th 2011

Bula. A simple Fijian greeting. I love the way the natives allow the “la” to float off their tongue, as if gently sending a kind “hello” into the warm Fiji breeze. Then there’s the way the manly men of Fiji thrust out the word from the back of their throat, with a guttural emphasis on the “Bu” – Bula!! Reminiscent of the past days when fierce warriors would cannibalize the missionaries and British sea captains who tried to change their native way of life. Or perhaps my favorite way to use this greeting is sort of like a dance for the tongue, “Bula Bula!” said in rapid succession. Like our British friends lifting off an upbeat “Cheeri-o!”. However you say it, this one word pretty much defines our Fiji experience. A bit of relaxed warm breeze ... read more
The big yellow boat
Coral reef fringed harbor
Our bure

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island February 28th 2010

I’m writing this while sat here outside our Bure by the sea, with salty skin and a peeling nose. I’m on my 3rd book and still have 2 weeks left! This place is paradise. By the time I eventually get around to posting this, I’ll probably have popped across the Pacific to the States for the final few weeks of mine and mum’s journey. But for now, I’m here, and it’s bliss. It’s taken until now to submit to such relaxation - For me it’s easier said than done. Apart from the obvious ‘bumming about on a beach’ part of Fiji, which you can do on one of the many, many beaches, we decided to follow a more responsible route, and opted for a ‘resort’ owned by the local Chief and one which supports the islands’ ... read more
Back to school
Extended family :)

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