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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 4th 2006

Tänään alotettiin aamu vasta hieman myöhemmin. Eikä onneks hullut naapuritkaan alkanu riehuun, niin sai nukkua rauhassa! Aamupalaa ja Disney kanava päälle.. ;) on se lepposaa! Sit piti lähtee shoppaileen. Ekoja tuliaisia piti jo käydä hakeen, ettei tarvi sit kaikkee kerralla ostaa.. Niin ja pitihän sitä sit ostaa muutaki kuten t-paitoja ja hameita.. Niin ja mä en voinnu vastustaa kiusausta! Siel oli sellanen autotavarakauppa ja sellaset vaaleenpunaset penkinpäälliset, joissa luki Princess!! siis pakkohan mun oli ne ostaa! ihanaa!! Rahaa ei edes menny paljoo. N.100 dollaria per lärvi ja se on vähän siihen nähen mitä kaikkee me ostettiin. Aurinkoki paistaa, mut ei sitä enää mihkään jaksa lähtee. Huomenna on sit Manly päivä! Nyt rentoudutaan tv:n seurassa ja syödään namia.. :P... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia March 4th 2006

Last gasp of regatta scene. Facilities were excellent. Especially hot shower. A few beers and a plate of Friday night bar free food. Chat with some young crew from boat that was next to us. Morning in Busselton then down the road to Nannup. Folk festival has to be the greatest spriuking ever considering there are so few people. Must hit Tamworth when east. Hot day. Must repair to the pub.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 4th 2006

O gosh we didnt wake up til bout 1pm this morning!!!! Our roomies are all lovely boys...................... Although our room sinks of Lynx!! Could be worse I suppose though! So today (or what was left of it) we just got a few jobs done, and wandered around the city a bit, did some food shopping as we really should begin to budget and take advantage of the kitchen in the hostel! There are big fridges in this huge kitchen which you have to label with your name on and room number- its like being at uni again! But some people here seem like they are in the kitchen all day and are there making homemade burgers and alsorts- me and Vix opted for dried pasta and jarred sauce!!!!!!! Whilst tucking into a box of cheap nasty ... read more
Andy, Me and Rob on our way to the next bar..............
Opps a bit of a windy day on the bridge!
Vix and Andy..........

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 4th 2006

Funny how I was supposed to be home working back at Smarts several weeks ago, and yet I'm still here in Oz, having done no travel, casually allowing my plans to grow and the trip to extend, month by month. But sacre blur, how could I even have thought to come to Sydney and leave just before Mardi Gras, one of the biggest events in the Galendar, (for the turn anything gay, just replace the first letter with 'g'), when this little continent plays host to the worlds biggest LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), festival and parade?!??? Exactly. I couldn't miss it, even if the tickets were rather pricey and it was going to be a logistical nightmare trying to get everybody in the same place at the same time, still, it's not every ... read more
The warm up
The Lovely Rika
Bobs, Tim, Chris and Jen

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton March 4th 2006

Felt I hadn't done Nannup justice. It was a very hot day but the town is lovely, set among the trees. The music has been great too. Folk music. Now its cooled off and I can think. As I said the response has been fabulous. Enthusiasm from everybody. One lady went into a long kind of ode to the flag, waxing lyrical on the features and telling of her childhood between the sea and the bush up near Hillarys. I was also told that the Womadelaide festival starts next Friday in Adelaide. Would be nice to be there but it seems like it would be too rushed. Hoping for cooler tomorrow.... read more


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns March 4th 2006

Yes - i dag havde jeg booket et tur til the great Barrier Reef, naermere betegnet "Machaelmas Cay". Havde overvejet snorkeling kursus, men kom i snak med en dykkerinstruktoer, som introducerede sin meriit til UG * X og slange. Derfor befandt jeg mig pludselig ibland turtles, coralrev o m.m.m.m. paa 10 m's dybde. Marvelessssssssssssssss!. Laekker seafood lunch onboard, glassboat sight, snorkeling + entertainment from Dale i kahytten, foer kajkiggeriet. Dejlig musik! Skoent jeg allerede har fyldt backpack'en (laes: frekventeret et aussie/postoffice for snart the time) I couldn't help - please save a hymn for me and my bank account - buying a CD'live med Kaptajnen af baaden, Dale. Nu vil jeg op i min 3-pers. logde og sove helt for mig selv. Kun, er der en imaginaer plads til Peter somewhere around me, - in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 3rd 2006

Here we are in Sydney, and quite a culture shock after Chiang Mai, and even Bangkok. The first thing we have had to get accustomed to is that our money doesn’t quite get the same grade of accommodation here as in Thailand. We’re staying in a ‘hotel’ which is about the same rate as the Davis was in Bangkok but here the ‘hotel’ has shared dorms (as well as regular rooms, of which we have one). As a consequence we find ourselves in the company of what seem like VERY young people (making me feel quite old!) and of course everything is, like, sooo cool dude. Even random. Actually, at breakfast it was reassuring to see some people here even older than us, I think that they had probably all gone to bed early last night ... read more
Old and new
Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mornington Peninsula March 3rd 2006

As you all know Ben the bear came to Australia with me. He spent a great deal of time reminiscing his time in London with Sherie on the plane before landing in Australia exhausted with jet lag. Ben the bear met my grandfather who had been in hospital before visiting my nan and having lunch before coming back to my house and succumbing to jetlag on the couch….. Ben the bear had several outings while staying with me, he went to a family party and blew out the candles on one of the cakes. He also went shopping in Chapel Street Prahan but being the fussy bear that he is he could not find anything that he liked. He also went to a skate park to watch guys on the half pipe. Curious to know what ... read more
Ben the Bear Goes to School
Ben The Bears Investiture
Ben the Bears Beach Patrol

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Concord March 3rd 2006

Aamul kauhee päänsärky.. argh! noh onneks se meni ohi särkylääkkeellä. Töissä sit hengailtiin pari tuntia ilman ketään "virallista" ohjaaja. Joku niistä hoitsuista ku päätti, et voitas olla Tristan (mä) ja Gina (Minnan) kaa tää päivä. Meil oli eka mies sellanen vähän rauhaton. Se puhu italiaa, mut onneks yks hoitsu osas sitä. Saatiin se rauhottuun ja sain yhdistää yhden pussin letkuihin sekä ottaa tippaletkun pois ja laittaa korkin kanyyliin. Toinen potilas oli naine, jolla oli tehty jotain mahaleikkausta. Se oli hirveen kipee ja sille annettiin Morfiinia. Tai siis Trista anto ja mä katoin. Sain poistaa siltä 2kanyylia! :) ja jouduin soittaa osastolle, että tulevat hakeen sen. Vähänkö jännitti! mut tosi hyvin meni! ja sit laitettiin se lähtövalmiiks. Sain jopa kirjata vähäsen. se on vaikeeta, ku ei osaa kirjottaa kaikkee enkuks oikein. Sit valmistettii... read more
ja Suvi kanssa..

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton March 3rd 2006

The regatta is over. We did well coming a respectable third overall and we won the Bill Lucas Night Race, the highlight of the regatta. It was a clear night with steady 16 knots of breeze on flat water, sailor's dream. And warm. Today gave out stickers in Busselton. Went well.Tomorrow on to Nannup where I hear there is a music festival. Might be fertile ground.... read more

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