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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania March 23rd 2006

This was one of the most amazing trips we have ever been on. Tasmania is a crazy place with crazy people and crazy things to see. Mike, myself and our friend Xander flew into Hobart, the capital city, we only stayed there one day but that was almost enough for such a small city. We did a tour at Cascade Brewery the oldest operating brewery in Australia. We got to see how it was made and have a tasting session afterwards. That night we took a bus ride to Eagle Hawk Neck, population 25, which is situated on the Tasman Peninsula. We stayed at eagle neck backpackers which was an absolutely hilarious, mindblowing experience. Terry and Marilyn were the owners and the were the biggest bunch of old hippies you've ever seen. They drink only rainwater ... read more
Fatty Appleton
Remarkable Cave

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Concord March 23rd 2006

kylläpäs on ikävä päivä, kun mä en enää sit pääse leikkuriin. Minnalla ois vielä viikko tiedossa, mut mä joudun päikille ja sit ihan muualle sairaalaan.. todella tylsää! Noh tänään ei ollu mikään hirvee äksöni päivä. Menin kattoon rintaimplantin vaihtoa ja sit siinä samalla sille naiselle laitettiin jotain ainetta poskiinki. Jessica (mua vuoden vanhempi sairaanhoitaja) anto mun letkuttaa seuraavan potilaan litkuja, mut siinä tais olla kaikki mitä mä leikkaussalissa sain tehd. Niin pitää sen naisen jalkoja, ku siirrettiin se siinä sängyssä. Seurasin sitä naista heräämöön. Afu otti sen vastaan ja teki ensimmäiset tarkkailut. sen jälkeen mä sain tarkkailla sitä naista muutaman tunnin. Ainut, että Afu kävi mun kaa letkuttamassa ja sit vaihtamassa ne letkut. Lounaan jälkeen pääsin taas Mama Trishin mukaan. :) se mun kaa kävi läpi viel kerran ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland March 23rd 2006

Wow! I still can't believe that I celebrated my 19th birthday on Hamilton Island. I had a beautiful swim in the sea with my sister in law, the sea was so lovely and warm (you just had to be careful of the transparent jellyfish!) Unfortunately it rained quite a bit that day, but the moment we went onto the beach for our swim the sun actually came out from behind the clouds and then went back in when we did :) Beach, sun and stunning surroundings for my birthday, a combination I want to experience on many birthdays to come... It was so great to be with my brother and sister in law on my birthday morning. I couldn't believe how many cards I got all the way over here in Australia! Thankyou so much everyone ... read more
Just like at home...
My lovely brother and sister-in-law...

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Katoomba March 23rd 2006

While staying at marks house I used one of the two days to explore Sydney on foot and the other to visit the Blue Mountains. Originally I'd planned to spend two days there but because of time restrictions that stopped me from doing one of the longer treks I decided to do all the easily accesible stuff and get it over with in one day. When I first arrived in Katoomba (the main jumping off point for visiting the Blue Mountains) it was raining and showed no sign of letting up but I thought I'd make the most of it and went exploring some of the trails that go through the forest - it was actually much nicer walking through forest that was covered in mist and where everything was dripping wet. I'd stopped at one ... read more
I could get used to these views
More views
That's $8 I'll never see again

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » North Adelaide March 23rd 2006

The trip officially started this morning when I put on the first pair of the 5 underpants I have packed for the next 3 months, ah the joys of backpacking. Fortunately we had most of our emotional goodbyes over the last few days (I´m going to miss pale ale, huuumph, I promised myself I wouldnt cry) and today was more fun, courteous to Suse and Judes who took us to Adelaide´s shiny new airport to catch our flight to Melbourne. Let the Journey Begin... in Melbourne for a night with Sam and conveniently a night of Commonwealth Games Festivities. ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Daintree March 23rd 2006

We spent the day today driving up the east coast from Cairns along the coastal road, where we stopped to check out all the beaches the Ciarns is famous for including the stunning Trinity beach where some of the beach villas and their settings where stunning. The coastal road meandered along the coast, cutting in and winding up through world heritage listed tropical rainforest and made for an awesome drive with some stunning scenery. We stopped in Port Douglas in the early afternoon where we had some lunch before returniing back to base in Cairns. ... read more
Trinity Beach, Cairns
Trinity Beach, Cairns

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 23rd 2006

Very rough today and just about made it back to Andy's house after staying in the city! It was the tram of shame I can tell you that!!!! I spent the day on the sofa sleeping and when I had come round and managed to lift my head off the pillow I did some agency research for jobs. Guy called - that was nice! :) ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa March 23rd 2006

Havin found breakfast we hit the road, heading north again we stopped off at the Ettamogah Pub. A Strange creation based on cartoons. Wacky probably covers it. with a larger top than bottom. its a living cartoon....and serves beer! we were impressed! We decided to brave the coast and cruised north through Maroochydore; via the SuperBee Honey factory...both of us over indulged a little and felt a bit sick!! Next we went in search of a medieval castle. yes i one was building castles in medieval oz. But there is one. Its Bli Bli Castle, soon to be renamed the Sunshine Castle...wouldn't be out of place in Ingleby Barwick with its toy town style and slightly lego-land nature!! made us laugh anyway! North we continued to Moloolaba and eventually up the coast past Coolum Beach ... read more
Inside the Ettamogah pub
Bli Bli Castle

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay March 23rd 2006

We stayed in our apartment til about 12 when we caught our bus with Tanya. We stopped at the line of Queensland/New South Wales and saw some surfers. The clocks at this point went forward for us so we're now 11hours ahead. We also stopped in Nimbin, full of hippy's and drug users! Drugs are illegal but are tolerated, wierd! No, i didn't go near them! Soon we got to Byron where its really bad weather :o( raining pretty much all the time. We met up with everyone at the Cheeky Monkeys, but as we didn't really know anybody we didn't stay long. Sorry boring entry!... read more
Light house

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns March 23rd 2006

Days 129 - 131 Went and had a look around town and Stuart had a much needed haircut - the first in the 4 1/2 months since we left!! In the evening had yet another FREE meal at the Woolshed for all of those who know it! Not bad for free! We went to some night markets and had a chinese massage which was nice and relaxing then went to bed as we were so chilled out and needed to be up early doors. Woke up to more rain and walked down to the boat for our day trip on the Great Barrier Reef. After a couple of hours we stopped at Hastings Reef and snorkelled for about an hour. We did a five minute introductory scuba dive to see whether we like it. We did, ... read more
Pretty fishie
Parrot Fish

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