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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yanchep April 28th 2013

2nd April - It falls to the parents to update the final episode of our family’s adventure, our travels through Western Australia (WA). Our final destination, chosen so that we could fatten up our waifs before returning to the U.K. and also because it was familiar territory in terms of language and culture. It was an interesting start. We arrived in Perth thinking that we had rented the camper van from our arrival but this wasn’t the case. The company were good enough to give it to us early but problems with the door not opening on the camper meant that we decided to remain local and get it fixed. So we spent the first night camping beside Perth’s Eastern Bypass. In hindsight we could have picked a better location, we failed to find the nearest ... read more
Quite Tame
Roos Everywhere
Which one is Skippy

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yanchep March 5th 2012

Yanchep-Two Rocks is a strange place. Im not sure if it is a legend or a ghost town....although at least this trip there were people there. In the 1970's Yanchep was the dream of Alan Bond, a self made millionairre and legend to Perth who created a satellite city just out of Perth (about 60km). It had a huge marina that staged the Amercia's Cup yacht race, Atlantis marine park (similar to sea world but now just fenced off land), sun city golf course and club capricorn resort. But 25 years down the track it is seriously run down! The whole town could do with a lick of paint, fresh un-rusted stairs or rails, some weeding and possibly pull down all the weird statues laying around. We must have stayed there around 3 years ago in ... read more
Yanchep Beach - more
Chalet - dodgy bathroom
Caravan Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yanchep September 14th 2011

The only item of superfluous packing... Our cuddly friend Chips made it into the 105 litres / 24 kg of luggage. Between two people and including tent, stove, sleeping mats etc this means that we only get clean socks on a Sunday. And Jo spends a lot of time dressed as a tree (brown boardies and a disproportionate number of green tops). Anyway, for those bored of angry birds, waste away some time playing 'where's chips'. I suspect some may be harder than others...... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yanchep July 25th 2010

Yanchep est un quartier situé à 56 km au nord de Perth, en Australie occidentale. Il a été construit par l'entrepreneur Alan Bond. Il s'agit d'une banlieue de la Ville de Wanneroo. Yanchep est une destination touristique populaire. Il y a la plage, des hébergements et des sites pour les caravanes ainsi que le « Yanchep Inn » dans le Parc national de Yanchep. Le Parc national de Yanchep propose des visites guidées de Crystal Cave, des promenades dans le bush, l'observation de koala, et le lac Loch McNess. Pendant les années 1980, la région fut le siège d'attractions comme l'« Atlantis Marine Park » et la « Sun City Marina ». La banlieue contient une école de district, qui propose un enseignement de la maternelle jusqu'à la dixième année. ... read more
yanchep NP
yanchep NP
yanchep NP

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yanchep January 17th 2010

Tues 12-1-10 I slept in & then I caught up on my blog & diary, which took all day. Brett & Kara got home today & it is good to hear from them again. Its hot today 33 deg so air con on again. Well that’s all the news today, very boring. Wed 13-1-10 Should have been Friday the 13th, we changed the sheets & I did the washing & Den went for a shower & the washing machine flooded & all the water went into my cupboards & through the back of the van, (not happy Jan) After mopping up the mess & using all mt towels, the dog blankets, I had 3 times as much washing to do. We rang Jayco & then the repairers, & in the end Dennis talked the guy into ... read more
8  16-1-10  Snorkelling at Yanchep Beach
9  16-1-10 t Yanchep Beach
10  16-1-10   Yanchep Beach


Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yanchep August 24th 2008

This is what a sunday should be like: having a barbie at the park, seeing the koalas and having a beer in the pub garden while listening to the man with the guitar!!! shame skippy didnt come out to play. ... read more
girls at the park!!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yanchep September 19th 2007

Hellooooooo, Right, quick update... I've spent the last two weeks down South in a place called Yallingup - about 3.5 hours South of Perth. Absolutely beautiful but it did not stop raining!! Well, actually, it did for a couple of days and this girl was straight down that beach :-0 Most of the time was spent cooking, doing a spot of yoga, walking, watching the oceans and drinking gin and tonics :-) pretty good in all!! The sun managed to show its head just in time for a fab bar b q down on Meelup beach on my last day :-) I am now back up in Yanchep, North of Perth - today was spent in the National Park watching the wildlife and relaxing in the beer garden with a bottle of wine. I am staying ... read more
Waves crashing at Sugar Loaf rock W.A
Bar BQ and beer at meelup beach :-)
Mating insects!

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