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August 6th 2012
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Life after NSW Fire and Rescue

At Perth I meet up with my friend from NSW Fire and Rescue who I will be spending the next three months with as we are both in search of Regional work. The first couple of days in Perth are uneventful up until the point where we rent a car for the month. It is a Suzuki Swift that I affectionately call Doris. The three of us head over to Wave Rock and as the name suggests it is a rock that looks like a wave. The journey is a 350km and highlights once again what a massive amount of nothing Australia has. At Wave Rock we grab some photos and drive round and see a few more of the sights which include Hippos Yawn (can you guess why?) After more picture taking we head back to Perth and tuck Doris in for the night.

The Next day see’s us head to the cinema to watch Ted (hilarious,) head to Fremantle to talk to a job agency who tells us there are no jobs and head down to Dunsborough where I am reunited with some friends who I made in Sydney. I buy a box of goon and play goon pong for the first time. The great news about the game is everybody wins, until the next morning.

The next few weeks are spent seeing the local sights which are few and far between, getting a job, changing job and quitting said job due to many reasons. This left me and my friend at a loose end as Doris was rented till the end of the month and any hope I had of getting a second year visa were gone. With this is mind I start thinking about what is outstanding on my to do list for Oz. I realise that I never got to see higher than Monkey Mia on the west coast and if I fly to Broome I will never get that chance. With this in mind I plan a trip with my friend to take us all the way up to Exmouth. It means a lot of driving and breaking are rental agreement but sometimes you just have to break the rules. Before we go we head to the last point of interest in Dunsborough which is a light house and have a house party with my friends before saying goodbye.

The next few days see us heading from Dunsborough to Geraldton. After Geraldton we decide to visit one of the local sights which involves taking Doris down a 20km dirt track road. I have always wanted to try my hand at rallying and Doris takes the whole thing in her stride. After we go from Geraldton to Monkey Mia and Monkey Mia to Coral Bay. Here I have a 16 dollar burger! I assume it comes with chips but the $16 dollars is just for the burger. Even for Oz this is bloody expensive. Luckily for me they mess up the order and I get some chips as well. Due to the temperature this is washed down with a jug of Strongbow which tastes nothing like the ones from back home but does the job all the same. I have a rule about Stronbow, it has to be warm enough outside to drink it or otherwise it is just not aloud. Luckily the temp in Coral bay is in the mid twenties during the day. The next day is spent sunbathing and drinking on the beach. The temperature is beautiful and is in stark contrast to Dunsborough. Coral bay reminds me of a Butlins or somewhere similar. It is geared towards Australians who want to go camping or caravanning near the seaside and the place is filled with a lot of families. The day after we go on a quad biking tour that takes us around the local area. The first stop on the tour is Five Finger Reef which is part of the Ningaloo Reef which is the other reef Australia is famous for. The experience is very satisfying despite the cold temperature of the sea. For some reason Molly a child of one of the workers of the tour comes with us and she provides some entertainment as only eleven year olds can do (the tour guide, not a relative jokes that she has ADHD.) She also shows more spirit than my friend who refuses to go snorkelling with us because of the cold and her fear of fish. While snorkelling the reef I manage to see a turtle which I follow for a minute or two and the experience fulfilled one of my wishes for Australia. On my way back to the beach after snorkelling the reef for half an hour or so I glimpse a reef shark which chills me to the bone although luckily he is more interested in the fish than me and only 75 centimetres long. On our way back Molly starts screaming even though she has her snorkel in her mouth. I look round to try and work out what is going on and she grabs my leg and starts pulling. I swim harder and pull her along with me. She later tells me that we were right over some very poisonous coral/seaweed. I’m not sure if I believe her but it certainly keeps the trip lively. After this Molly decided to ride with me and we head over to turtle bay. Here I am very shocked when the guide points out that there are Turtles here! We spend twenty or so minutes here and then head back. As it is only me and my friend on the tour and he says we seem competent on the quads he takes us off the beaten track and down very steep dunes at high speed. Despite copping a lot sand in the face from his quad I thoroughly enjoy the whole experience. We meet back up with Doris and head to Exmouth. The evening is spent watching Ratatouille outside on the outdoor cinema with all the kids and a few of the parents. I top the day off with a few Jim Beams and coke and remark on the fact “that this is much better than bloody vine pruning.”

The following day we take a glass bottom boat tour out to Ningaloo once more and do some more snorkelling. This time I see a Tomato Clown Fish which is basically Nemo’s cousin. We see a lot more through the bottom of the boat and the guide is able to tell us all about the area and the wildlife. I get to bed at a reasonable time as the next day heralds an 832 kilometres drive with most of it being done at 120km an hour. The drive is boring and nearly exhausts my I pod as well as myself but we arrive back in Geraldton safe and sound just in time for the most amazing sunset which takes place behind one of the so called city’s factories. A quick trip to Chish and Fips (I have spelt this right) and the discovery that it is Jim Beam and not Jim Bean and the day is all wrapped up. Over the next two days we move down to Perth once more and after a few more days my friend leaves to head back to Sydney. I find myself Job hunting with very little luck and having to make some tough decisions. In the end I decide that it is time to leave Australia but not before doing a few more trips. But more of that in the next Blog.

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