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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay March 21st 2013

Coral Bay is more like an overgrown petrol station than a town. It really isn't much more than a gorgeous beach surrounded by a few places to stay and enough tour operators to supply a small country of visitors. Regardless, we ended up spending four nights there. Yeah, the water really is that mesmerizing. We found Ningaloo Experience on the first day, and as they seemed to run the smallest tours, had the best prices, and the woman working there, Fran, was not only local but really knew what she was talking about, we decided to abandon our frugal ways and invest in the hopes of getting to swim with some wonderful underwater creatures. We had to wait a day to hope some more people would sign up, and we spent the first half of it ... read more
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Camping sites can be beautiful to

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay December 6th 2012

6th December 2012 Exmouth is an awesome holiday destination. We didn’t want to leave, but we had to move on. After breakfast, we headed into town and did a bit of grocery shopping and refuelled. We continued south towards our next destination, Coral Bay. We arrived after lunch and the view was amazing. The beach was similar to Sandy Bay, so needless to say, we went for a swim. There was coral here, but you had to swim further out to see them. Daniel and the girls were game enough to swim further out and did see some coral. Daniel thinks the coral at Turquoise Bay were more impressive than Coral Bay. There were no camping spots in Coral Bay and the caravan parks were very expensive. We departed Coral Bay before ... read more
Coral Bay
Coral Bay
Coral Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay October 26th 2012

After 16 days of travelling together we left Pat and Marian to enjoy a few more days at Ningaloo National Park while we moved on to try to swim with Manta rays. Travelling together has been a lot of fun but now our schedules diverged. Greg had always wanted to swim with Whale sharks and Manta rays. Since the Whale shark season had passed we turned to the permanent population of Manta rays at Coral Bay. As we Exited Exmouth we bought another MSA rated whole rump from the local butcher. The previous one that we had bought in Alice Springs had turned out to be fantastic so the opportunity was too good to resist. Of course this meant that our first job in Coral Bay was to cut, pack and freeze the rump. The Coral ... read more
The snorkelers head out from the boat
Coral and colourful fish – what more could you ask for
The reef shark circling below

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay August 17th 2012

Day 49 – Friday 17th August – Coral Bay Our gravel pit campsite was just as scenic in the morning as it was when we arrived in the dark. We were surrounded by mounds of gravel, a few cows and some grazing land! Luckily the wind had died down and we were able to make a quick cup of tea before packing up and driving into Coral Bay for 9am. We got kitted out with wetsuits with the rest of the holiday makers who had booked on our trip, then had a short coach ride to the Coral Bay harbour, where our boat, the Kurni Ku, was waiting for us. The weather forecast was for pretty much no wind and 28 degrees, so we knew we would be in for a fantastic day. After ... read more
Sting ray
Manta ray in action
Manta ray barrel rolling

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay August 16th 2012

Day 48 – Thursday 16th August – South Lefroy Bay, Ningaloo Station Another sensational morning at Ningaloo – just a shame to be packing up and heading off. We had one last snorkel off the beach then de-sanded everything as well as we could before packing up. It was 11am when we finally pulled away from the beach. At the homestead we returned the (empty and clean ) portaloo and the key and got our deposit back, minus $27.50 for the extra night camping. From then we drove about 50kms on the unsealed road back out of Ningaloo Station, headed towards the small resort town of Coral Bay. We stopped at the junction of the track and the bitumen road to re-inflate the tyres and who should pull in behind us but Brian, Sandy ... read more
Kids' pet gecko for 10 minutes
Re-inflating the tyres just out of Lefroy Bay
Scenic blogging


Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 27th 2012

Mercredi le vent continue de souffler énormément, c’est très pénible mais il faut bien qu’on se tente les fameux sites de snorkeling du coin, vent ou pas. Entre les sites qu’il faut éviter à marée basse et ceux qui ont trop de courant en cas de vent, cela devient compliqué !! Finalement on va assez au sud du récif sur un site pas trop mal, où l’on voit de jolies choses. Mais la visibilité est très moyenne, 2m peut-être et l’eau très fraîche !! On sort assez vite, la marche le long de la plage s’avère aussi sympa. Sur les coups de midi on va à l’un des sites de snorkeling les plus côté de Ningaloo Reef, Oyster Stack. C’est à ce niveau que le récif est le plus près de la plage, dans une eau ... read more
En balade le long de la plage
La plage à côté de notre camp
Au point d'eau les petits se désaltèrent

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 20th 2012

DAYS ON THE ROAD = 20 It's been a week since my last entry and we've been really busy this week as I've started home-schooling the kids in preparation for term 3. The girls have settled into schooling really well and it certainly takes alot of organisation on the home tutor's side, namely me.... I'm sure it will become alot easier and I will schedule everything quicker and quicker as time goes by. Lucky my middle name is Organised. Started a new list book today for schoolwork, the people who know me will have a laugh about that one, I have lists for everything.... I will give you a brief recount of the things we got up to this week and also include some great shots. Please enjoy and keep on following.... Saturday 14th July 2012 ... read more
Fishing at Maud's
My Youngest Fishing
Charles Fishing

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 13th 2012

DAYS ON THE ROAD = 13 It's been a couple of days since my last blog, I don't know where the time has gone, so I thought I'd place fingers to keys and keep you updated on our adventures. Weather is still divine, had abit of rain a couple of nights ago but nothing that washed us away. Tuesday and Wednesday we chilled out around the caravan park and I managed to pound those pavements down to the boat ramp to try and lose some of those calories consumed whilst enjoying a lovely sundowner or three. It's a hard life I'm sorry to say but someone has to do it! Thursday we went 4WD and snorkelling with another couple we've met at the park (Marcus and Claire). This was our first time out 4WD after our ... read more
The Setup
Marine Life

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 9th 2012

DAYS ON THE ROAD = 9 Woke up nice and early in preparation for our day out on the boat in search of a whale shark. Feeling abit nervous as I don't like to be out of my depth in the big wide deep ocean and not knowing what is under you!! Charles is pumped and ready to go. We drop the little ones off at mum and dads (thank goodness they're here as well to look after the girls) with plenty of things to do, I think they will have lots of fun today. Down we walk to the dive shop to go and try on our wetsuits and flippers, on the bus we hop and it all begins. There's about 20 people on the trip today and all really excited about what they are ... read more
Chilling on the boat
Chilling on the boat
Ready for Action

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 8th 2012

DAYS ON THE ROAD = 8 Sorry blog viewers but not an exciting day to day, full of paperwork after paperwork and washing and more washing. Charles is also busy pottering around, fixing the windscreen crack that we got when we went out to the blowholes in Carnarvon. The girls spent their day playing with friends and went for a swim with pops. Feeling really tired and grumpy after a long day on the computer sorting things out but at least it's done now. Looking forward to tomorrow out swimming with the whale sharks, hopefully we will see one.... read more

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