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January 6th 2011
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Tramping about Mildura

Photos loaded, video clips to follow.

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Deakin AvenueDeakin Avenue
Deakin Avenue

My big deckchair was some 2 miles up this road

10th January 2011

rum and coke in a bottle?
what a wonderful idea. i hope you have the luggage space to bring a few crates of that back with you for consumption at Edin airport carpark on 9 Feb? sounds like you're having a braw time. no doubt Chopper will be creaming himself at the mention of all these speedway greats/legends....
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11th January 2011

Yup, too easy to drink. Very nice stuff though. It's magic over here. I've been very lucky re weather given the disaster up country. Currently in Adelaide and due to go to the beach, travel plans are likely to change may no longer be going to Great Ocean Road. Not sure if chopper is looking at the blog, tell him about it if he isn't he should enjoy it. Will see what i can do on the duty free front on way home re Bundy (they are available in cans also). S
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31st January 2011

quality pictures mate, well jealous of you making adams dinner and meeting. I heard rickardsson was fast enough to be competitive. Can't be long until your home, enjloy!
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