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September 30th 2011
Published: October 19th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

My last few days in Australia were mostly spent at the Queen Vic Market having a look around and visiting with Leahanne.

I've had a really good time in Australia but I've also had some scary times in Australia! I am very lucky to have survived the fall I had in such a beautiful surrounding. I was also lucky enough to swim with a Whale shark. It was one of the things on my bucket list!

I can truly say that I've been all over Australia, east, west, top and bottom. It's a beautiful place in it's own unique way. Each part of the country is so different from the next.

I know that Western Australia and the top end are my favorite spots. It's just got a different feel to it and the people are so friendly and it's so much less touristy. And who can forget the middle?! Uluru is a breathtaking place.

I leave Australia feeling good about seeing as much as I could. I've mostly gotten over my fear of spiders and been able to hold a few snakes and even a few lizards. I learnt how to serve drinks and become almost a local in the outback. Been a waitress in a very interesting small town too!

I've definitely grown a lot in Australia and it's been such a great experience! Thank you to all of the friends I got to see again and thanks for all being so welcoming and letting me stay with you and showing me around!

Thanks to my cousin Sarah for taking me in when I came to visit and letting me have a family christmas down under! You have been more helpful then you will ever know!!!

And finally, thanks to all the wonderful new friends I have made along the way!!! You all have made this such an amazing journey!!!!!


19th October 2011

Oh the memories....
Nice goodbye.

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