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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln September 24th 2013

So there I was, the only one in a cage attached to the back of a boat by the Neptune Islands, and my air cable gets twisted as I turn around and my regulator decides to pop out of my mouth. I didn't panic, just calmly located it and bit on it again, telling myself that the boat was right above me and I could pop my head out easily if I needed to. I breathed deep, turned, and nearly shit my wetsuit. As I had been turned, one of the great white sharks I had been looking at from afar had decided to come in for a closer look and I could just see their mouth heading towards me. They turned at the last minute, pectoral fin hitting the side of the cage, and rather ... read more
Er.  Damn again?

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln May 2nd 2013

Tuesday May 2nd Well, we reckon we are 1/4 of the way around Australia on our big adventure! We have driven over 5,000 kilometres since we left home and this is day 72, so on both counts we are around 25% through our circumnavigation of Australia. This morning was bright and fine so after breakfast we headed south out from Louth Bay and down towards Port Lincoln after taking a picture of the glistening sea at the Louth Bay jetty. Along the way we came to The Black Stump. Well, the official black stump was destroyed a few years back after a bush fire. The new Black Stump is actually a Black Rock - more fire proof! The Black Stump commemorated an early mission established in the area in 1850 called the Pooninde Mission. Now it ... read more
Pelican profile
Port Lincoln by night
The Black Stump

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln March 1st 2013

We left Adelaide on Tues 26th Feb and after our brief stop at Jacobs Creek to pay homage we continued our journey to Perth. We reached Port Augustus and found the first sign post for Perth and WA.... Perth 2000km!! We also reached a fork in the road where the direct road to Perth went across the bush to the right or we could take the more attractive, albeit longer option which was to follow the coast around and pick up the Perth Road again in about 700km. We still had 12 nights ahead of us and someone had told us about some really lovely, remote spots so we headed left and followed the coast to a place called the Eyre Peninsular. This had taken us well off the well worn backpacker and campervan routes ... ... read more
Coffin Bay National Park
Coffin Bay National Park
Coffin Bay National Park

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln December 1st 2012

Flew to Port Lincoln for a 3 day weekend and went on a 'Swim with the Tuna' adventure. We boarded the twin decked catamaran for a liesurely 15 minute cruise out to the tuna pontoon. This is a 45m double collar ring floating just to the south of Boston Island, and is equiped with all you could want even a postbox, changerooms, deli and warm freshwater showers. Below in one of the sectioned off pools of the pontoon were around 30 tuna, weighing up to 70kg. We changed into the wetsuits, (wet)boots and (wet)gloves, donned some goggles with snorkel and entered the tuna pool. Exposed fingers look like fish, so are good to have covered and away from view. In the water you floated about looking into the depths, while small 20cm uninvited fish that have ... read more
Swim with the Tuna
Bay Cruise
Sunday Lunch

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln July 30th 2012

Ha! A comfortable night’s sleep! Probably the worse night’s sleep I’ve had since we hit the road! I don’t know what it was but Colman was the exact same. We were by the beach but in fairness it was as calm as I’ve seen the sea in Australia and there was no wind. It wasn’t particularly cold or noisy. It was just uncomfortable for some unknown reason! Anyway, rant over. Streaky Bay is a nice town but not much to see of do there (in winter anyways) so we drove on south. About 40 km’s south of Streaky Bay we found a lash of stones sticking up out of the ground that defiantly looked out of place in a typical agriculture background. Green fields as far as you can see but there, right in the middle ... read more
Woolshed Cave
The Tub Cave
Me at the Sculpture


Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln March 20th 2012

Tue 20 Mar - Port Lincoln - Headed to North Shields Caravan Park - (booked in for 3 nights $28 pn) about 7 klms north of Port Lincoln. Met up with our friends Barry and Paulette, they saved a site right next to them. A great spot backing onto the ocean - just a shame the weather was a little windy and cold as you can see by the black clouds . They took us for a tour around Port Lincoln to see the sights. Quite a nice place just not as spectacular as we thought it would be.... read more
Checking out the view IMG 8418
Sunrise North Shields CP IMG 8416
North Shields CP IMG 8423

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln May 19th 2011

The locals were right. There is a plague of mince in Streaky Bay. Rodger caught 3 overnight in our annex. This morning I swept 2 away with my broom before they entered the van. We left Streaky Bay this morning and headed further south. The drive was pleasant and scenery good. Passed through many large sheep stations and wheat fields. Saw 3 emus. No live roos........... again. We did some detours up onto lookouts and again had spectacular views of the coast line of West coast of South Australia. We are now in Port Lincoln, which is the tip of the Eyre Peninsular. It is beautiful here. We have once again set up home in a gorgeous caravan park (the best so far). We have uninterrupted views of the foreshore. I have been sitting outside under ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln March 5th 2011

Hi Folks – Long time since the last entry. We are currently in Port Lincoln at the bottom end of the Eyre Peninsula, SA after a safe trip across the Nullarbor Plain last week. It took us four days to get to Ceduna from Norseman. I played the longest golf course in the world (1166km) with holes at various places between Kalgoorlie and Ceduna. The course is known as the “Nullarbor Links” with some quite challenging holes. The tees and greens are all synthetic with basically scrub fairways in between with the exception of Kalgoorlie GC, which had lovely green fairways. The weather was very average across the Nullarbor, with heavy rain and headwinds for half of the journey. This made the golf very challenging and when we reached Nullarbor Roadhouse, someone decided to persuade a ... read more
Where the ... are we?
Farewell WA
Nullarbor Cliffs

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln February 28th 2011

We are now in Port Lincoln, on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Naturally, we have brought the cold weather (previous forecast checks said sunny, warm and slightly windy - we arrived, overnight the clouds blew in to give us an overcast, cold morning). Meanwhile I hear that Perth is sweltering in almost unbearable heat and humidity. Today marks our two-month anniversary of being on the road, and, despite the weather, we are still loving it, and constantly amazed at the wonderful sights and activities this country has to offer. It also marks the start of my 41st year - what a great time to celebrate. OK, now where to start. So much has happened since Kalgoorlie. Perhaps easiest to start with the much anticipated Nullarbor Plains, which was probably a bit of an anticlimax. Crossing ... read more
2. The start of Eyre Highway through Nullarbor
3. Approaching road train
4. Raindowners at Fraser Sheep Station

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln December 16th 2010

After getting out of Ceduna as quick as we could we spent a couple of days in Streaky Bay where we realised, on seeing all the festive lights and displays at the caravan park….hey, it’s nearly Christmas!!!!!! Time to get into the spirit and as it was Friday a G&T and V&T and the odd sip of port went down well!!!!!! After a slow start the following day we took the tourist drive to Cape Bauer and Westall Way to visit the blow holes (that didn’t blow) the whistling holes, (yes they did whistle) and Murphy’s Haystacks, being rock formations that look like, yes you’ve guessed it, Murphy, no, haystacks! A short long hop gets us into Port Lincoln. The most southerly tip of the peninsula. We had planned 3 days at the most, but ended ... read more
Xmas lights Streaky Bay
Port Lincoln from the lookout
Famous Port Lincoln icon

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