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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City July 10th 2014

Hello everyone! We have now been a little more than 2 weeks in Australia and are currently in Richmond, Queensland visiting Jamie and Gayle. We spent the first week in Cairns which offered heaps of sun and loads of nostalgia for us. We started the week by getting ourselves some Australian phone numbers and opening Australian bank accounts. After all that was done we stayed two days in Cairns to get rid of the jet lag and to just take it easy for a little bit. Unfortunately the communal pool (lagoon) was closed for renovation during the total period of our stay so we had to enjoy the sun without cooling of in the water. The first two days contained of walking around in the city and visit familiar places such as "woollies" and "the wool-shed" ... read more
Cape Tribulation
Cape Tribulation
Cape Tribulation

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Eumundi July 9th 2014

We got up quickly this morning to get to the Eumundi Markets with enough time to see everything before they closed at 2pm (which in our experience means they start packing up by about 12.30/1pm). Barry stepped out for a moment and came back with the news that the caravan opposite us was Ros and Arthur’s. “Are you following us?” They’d already been here 2 days and may stay another night. We made plans to catch up tonight. Eumundi is only about 20 minutes down the road so we got there in plenty of time and Barry dropped me off while he looked for parking as the place was packed! It is a very large group of markets, largely undercover, and has stalls full of “Artisans’ work” which ramble throughout the area and make it hard ... read more
Sculpture at the Eumundi Market, Qld
The Ginger Factory, Yandina
The Ginger Factory, Yandina

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Maroochydore July 9th 2014

We had a fabulous campsite on the lake in Maroochydore, right across the road from the South Maroochy River. It was a lovely place to stay, however we did have to visit Bunnings for an electric heater for nighttime....down to 3 degrees (which feels considerably colder in a camper trailer!). We were lucky enough to be here in time for the Eumundi markets on Wednesday, much to Grant and the boys' disappointment. My cousin Leesa was staying in Noosa for the weekend, so I tagged along for some girl market time, while Grant and the boys explored some of the Noosa coast and surrounds. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the markets, and managed to restrain my spending to a moderate level! We also enjoyed the cafés, shops, sunshine and relaxed atmosphere of Mooloolaba and the "best fish and ... read more
Mooloolaba Beach
Sunset on Maroochy River
The Big Pineapple

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah July 8th 2014

We spent part of the morning de-frosting the fridge. It had built up ice on the element but only on the left side. We’re not sure why – is it from not being completely level on a couple of occasions? We’ll have to keep a watch on it and see if it happens again. Barry found a caravan site on Wikicamps at Cooroy, which is within 20 minutes from Eumundi, where we want to go to the market we’ve been told is amazing. The caravan site doesn’t have all the facilities but, with power, it’s only $15 a night. Neither that site nor the Showgrounds we’ve been in has a Dump Point, to empty out our grey and black water tanks, so we had to go back to Beerwah, the closest one marked on the map. ... read more
Lindsay Muir's Brochure (see previous entry)
Marshland, Cooroy, Qld
A Lovely Stand of Trees at Beerwah

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Sunshine Coast July 7th 2014

A really strong wind came up in the night and we kept getting such fierce gusts that they shook the van. It did drop a little during the morning, though, and the sun was lovely and warm so it turned into a quite pleasant day, out of the chilly wind. We went into Montville along a road that constantly revealed wonderful scenery glimpses through the trees or around corners, especially from the tops of the many hills. The town, itself, is very picturesque and has lots of fascinating shops and galleries all the way up (literally) the main road, specifically designed to part you from your money. We succumbed to the first almost immediately. The Mayfield Patisseries and Chocolates shop also sold coffee, which you could have while seated on a balcony with the most spectacular ... read more
Another Wonderful View on the Road to Montville
Glorious Glassware
Endangered Species Plaques


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Karumba July 6th 2014

Happy hour at Karumba! Kids off fishing and Evan found a little friend from next door!!!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland July 6th 2014

Nothing like enjoying a glass of wine down watching the sun set. Would be much more peaceful minus 5 children but beggars can't be choosers!!!!!! Having a fantastic trip so far. Time to pack up tomorrow and head towards drain tree national park.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Sunshine Coast July 6th 2014

I woke late and the “Muscle on the Mountain” Car Rally was well underway by the time I’d had my breakfast. Barry got up before me and came back with the news that there was a dragon car on display. I followed him out and was surprised to see the whole oval covered in cars and people. They’d been expecting about 700 vehicles and Barry thought they had close to that. The “Dragon’s Landing” was actually a white Holden which had a few dragon figures sitting under the bonnet each holding a letter to spell “Holden”. In the back was another larger figure carrying a shield that said “Protected By Dragons” and a curled up one laying near the tailgate. The best was a transfer of a brilliant blue dragon that covered the whole roof. Unfortunately, ... read more
A Low-Down Car
An EH Holden
A Restored 1948 Chevrolet Pick-Up

We had a bit of a lie-in and then went into Maleny to find the electric cable. I also managed to find a little steamer to use for reheating food when we have no power. Then we strolled around the centre and I took photos of all the lovely carved roof-animals I could find, including an elephant, a gorilla, a kiwi, a dingo, several possums, a rooster, a black cockatoo, a bilby hiding in a log, an Alice-in-Wonderland caterpillar sitting on a mushroom, and – to my delight - a dragon. I also looked in a couple of the galleries, much to Barry’s disgust. The “Peace of Green” Gallery was the nicest and had some lovely glass vases and sculptures, wood-turned decorative pieces, nice jewellery and a gorgeous copper dragon wrapped around a tree stump. We ... read more
The view from Gerrard's Lookout, Maleny
Glasshouse Mountains
The Rainforest Walk at Mary Cairncross Park

Yesterday we stayed around the van doing cleaning and washing while the ute was being serviced at Nissan in Springwood. Barry also had a dental appointment for a toothache. He was lucky that it was only an infection that needs antibiotics and not a root canal! So now it's time to move on again. Neither Barry nor I were in the right frame of mind to spend another day at this site for $43 to go into Brisbane. The city really held no appeal so we decided to continue north. The journey was uneventful until we got to what we had thought was our destination, Landsborough Scout Camp. We’d tried ringing to book a site but had no luck. This hadn’t worried us as Wikicamps comments had indicated that they rarely answered the phone or replied ... read more
Maleny Sculptures
Maleny Sculptures
Maleny Sculptures

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