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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas March 9th 2014

Hi, all. Updated yesterday's blog if you haven't seen it. Not sure where I finished.......was doing it at Sydney Airport when Rae said "I don't believe it", as she spotted Sue Reeve and her husband, Mick. Bizarre coincidence, Sue and Rae had worked at Copleston at the same time .......and now do lunches together, with Annie Skinner. We were on the same flight to Cairns! Might be on the same Great Barrier Reef trip tomorrow! Good flight to Cairns.....and we "got an hour back"' which surprised me. Picked up the car and headed off to Trinity Beach, where were due to meet Robyn and her partner, Jonathan - which we duly did at Lunica cafe, by the the ocean. Robyn is Clare's, James' fiancee's Mum.We had a good chat for an hour or so.........Jonathan had been ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton March 9th 2014

Early in the morning we took the ferry back to mainland and went back to the road. Our first stop at this day was in childers. No special town. Our lunch break was at a cattle ranch. We got a good buffet with their beef ( It is a family business. The grandchildrens school is 20 km away. They have small rooms for guests and an own airport for little planes. We visited the main house and their pets in the garden: they have seven kangaroos. In Rockhampton we crossed the border between subtropic and tropic. We visited the Botanic Garden. Next stop our hotel. There are a lot of lorys. They are very loud. I walked along river Fitzroy and in the trees were lorys and I walked into the town (rolled up sidewalks) and ... read more
Creed Ranch
Botanic Garden -Japanese Garden

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane March 8th 2014

4th March Brisbane, Australia We arrived early into the Port of Brisbane, and berthed alongside the Graincorp silos. The Brisbane River is not navigable for ocean liners so we were back in the industrial dock area of the city. There is a huge amount of reclamation going on here in the dock area and it has been a conscious decision by the city planners to keep the industrial areas including the airport on the periphery of the centre. The Brisbane River runs right through the heart of the city and it was what we have chosen as the best option to view the area without having to do the rat run of the shops and stores. Off one boat and then on to another!!! Waterways are the life blood of the city, and are ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island March 8th 2014

Some people say Surfers Paradise is a suburb from Brisbane. So it didn't take much time to get to Brisbane. We made a photo stop at kangaroos point. I saw another lizard and over the way is a Mormon temple out marble. Below kangaroos point you can climb up a steep face. We made a sightseeing tour with our bus through Brisbane but we could not see too much because the bus ceiling blocked the view or the interesting thing was at the other site of the bus. At the end we stopped at Newstead Park to see the sausages tree. Our lunch break was at a Matilda rest house. Some animals were arround a pond. Next stop Maryborough a small town with a very old and big tree. Maryborough is the birth town of the ... read more
Lake Mackenzie
Lake Mackenzie
Dingo grid

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns March 7th 2014

No matter what time of day we sail into Sydney, we are always out on deck. The dramatic views leading into Sydney Harbor are breathless. We never tire of Sydney’s beauty. The Port Authorities have instituted a new rule that cruise ships must not interfere with the passenger ferry schedules especially during the heavy commute hours. Now all ships must be docked by 6:30am or else they have to wait until 9:30am. As a result we got up at 5:30am for the sail in. We planned to drive up to Lake Macquarie and spend the night at our favorite B&B with Ilsa. We stayed there last year for a week and loved Ilsa’s warm hospitality. As it turned out we had some business to take care of in Sydney which required us to stay in town. ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Charters Towers March 6th 2014

I poked my head out of our unit window early. Despite facing North and some pretty high hills to the East I was really hoping for a beautiful sunrise that would at least give me some colour on the water. It was about 0550 but alas no such joy nonetheless it is always nice to be up at dawn, it is a magical time of the day. I snapped a couple of shots and enjoyed the little colour there was in the sky change while I sat on one of the numerous seats dotted along the foreshore some of which were made of recycled plastic soft drink bottles, what a hugely clever concept. As I sat there I wondered to myself why people who had sat at that very same place and enjoyed the very same ... read more
39 Royal private hotel

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise March 6th 2014

We started at 8 o'clock in the morning. Our first stop was above from Coffs Harbour at Sealy Lookout or "The Forest Sky Pier" it is a jetty in the sky. If several people walk on it, it will swing a little bit. On the way up/down you can see banana trees. We follow the pacific highway and stopped at the first time we saw kangaroos. After that we saw some more but only driving past. The next stop was before Maclean next to a cafe. There was another jetty but on a river. We saw some lizards on the stones. Not for the first time. On one day I saw a one or two cm small one. The lizards in Maclean were 20 or 30 cm big. We past sugar cane fields and factories. We ... read more
Surfers Paradise
Forest Sky Pier
Our first kangaroos

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach March 5th 2014

I was awake fairly early so I could check the forecast of that potential cyclone up North. I was really hoping we could continue in that direction I was very keen to see Airlie Beach as I’d heard many glowing reports over the years. In fact I’d convinced myself prior to switching on the computer that regardless of the forecast we were going. Here I would like to spell the sound a computer makes when you turn it on but I don’t believe that is possible. Any suggestions? Great news all systems are go so Airlie Beach it was to be. I had done a little research on Mt Etna NP a little North of Rocky it sounded like a very interesting place for a walk with numerous photo opportunities which also included Capricorn Caves a ... read more
16 early mobile home

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton March 4th 2014

It was tough but it was time to leave the Sunshine Coast as our holidays were drawing to a close and we had to head on back to the Northern Territory, where hopefully we would be in for a busy Dry Season so at 1000 we fired up the car and were northward bound. A decision had not been made as to our route home until about an hour before our departure. It is nice sometimes to not be too regimented and go with the flow however some careful considerations needed to be taken. I like to watch the weather when travelling fairly closely because particularly in the Tropics at this time of year many factors can influence your journey. Cyclones can still form at this time of year and in fact they are expecting one ... read more
Sunny coast to Rocky 8
Sunny coast to Rocky 2
Sunny coast to Rocky 3

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Sunshine Coast March 3rd 2014

Having lived on the Sunshine Coast for many years we did not set out to do all the things that holidaymakers would normally do when visiting this incredibly beautiful part of the world. Just some of the things we did get up to besides spending lots of time with family and friends were :- Celebrated Australia Day twice, that being on the Sunday and Monday. Celebrated my birthday, both lunch and dinner. Played 10 pin bowls which we had not done for quite a few years. Plenty of shopping we had lots of things we so needed to buy. One of my best purchases was a Manfrotto tripod that I scored at a 40% discount – very happy with that. Enjoyed the natural beauty of the Noosa River and Noosa’s beaches and parks. Enjoyed some delicious ... read more
35 Club Rob
43 Noosa

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