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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Windorah September 9th 2013

It's certainly another world out here in South Western QLD. The Barcoo Shire is approximately the size of Tasmania and only has 3 towns, Stonehenge, Jundah and Windorah. These 3 towns have a general store, a pub, a school (where only 6 or 7 children attend) an information centre, come library and a police station. The entire Shire's population is 452. The area has a mosaic of channels that flow on to Lake Eyre during wet season. It is extremely difficult for us to imagine it flooding while we view the parched land. This country is of extremes. The people are up beat and friendly, ever so willing to help the tourist. They are excited to see new people and love you to stay and use their facilities.... read more
Channel Country in Flood
Narrow Bitumen and Roadtrains
Morning Tea

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Windorah October 1st 2006

Jamen Jeanette blev da inviteret med til bryllup saa det kunne jeg jo ikke sige nej til! :) Det var bare det smukkeste bryllyp og den sjoveste Roadtrip EVER! - 1125 km sammen med Kathryn og Midi (hendes dejlige hund) i en Ute uden med god musik, en enkel udskiftning af vandpumpe og 2 daek jamen saa gik det jo som en droem :) he he... ... read more
Starten af vores Roadtrip

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Windorah December 22nd 2005

If I do this again please shoot me.... oh yeah I am. If can do a map will but will just explain first. Flight from Mt Isa at 8am. Got drunk night before got to airport fine everything intact. Aeroplane tiny enough space for twenty people had to bend over to go in... my seat right at back. Plane takes off and lands four times at different places only about 200ks away from each other every time lands gets worse and worse..... last time landed an old guy hit his head on ceiling quite heavily! And I had a hangover luckily didn't do what all expecting i did but i was very wobbly when finally got off the plane and near enough landed in the arms of Sam poor boy! Then they let me know that ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Windorah November 13th 2005

So here are the rest of the photos that didn't have chance to put on there!!!!! Great fun but hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... read more
me and Sam
oil fields
oil fieldsand jess

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Windorah September 3rd 2005

So let me fill you in with the last month!!!! Jesus time passes quickly. So car had to be fixed so local bar gave me and jess work as they had been too busy therefore started work in the pub and guess what still here!!! Tried to leave last week and couldn't as car broke down again so came back to the pub! So the town of 60 people has been home and obviously celebrated birthday y'day with all the locals which was good fun! So what else have I done.... been up in a helicopter! Went mustering in a helicopter where you have to find all cattle in huge area running wild (I mean huge) and get them to go to their pen with just aid of helicopter... the pilot was amazing! would near enough ... read more
Windorah Pub
Ian Jess


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Windorah August 28th 2005

Yabbi races and where car got broken down first.... read more
and they are off
the girls

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Windorah June 28th 1987

June 28, Sunday. Left Birdsville around 9:00 this morning, following three 4-wheel drive vehicles, all towing caravans. As it turned out the first part of the trip across Sturts Stony Desert to Batoota was fairly easy with only a couple of rough spots to negotiate and we made fairly good time. The next part of the trip got a lot harder but following the others gave me more confidence to attack the harder parts. In the back of my mind I knew if I got stuck they would tow me out. Of course it eventually happened, one wet spot was taken a little too fast and drowned the engine. Had to get towed out a least twice more before we saw the Windorah sign. The road into town was sealed but I felt a bad-shaking sensation ... read more

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