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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas October 30th 2013

Today is wednesday, so it's been about a week since my last entry and we have been generally relaxing on the river. One day we took a dinghy ride along the smaller creeks late one afternoon. There's a fake paddle boat called the "Lady Douglas" that passes us once or twice a day carrying tourists - a trip they advertise as crocodile spotting. Its been a running joke that they probably never see one as we haven't. However as we slowly made our way down the ever narrowing mangrove line creek Naomi let out a gasp as she spotted one on the bank. I turned to see it scramble over the mangrove roots heading straight towards us and disappear under the water! Under Naomi's panicked instructions I gunned the engine and we did a rapid about ... read more
Alex at the playground
Mossman Gorge
hunting for crocs

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas October 24th 2013

Well our plans have come to another halt. We were just about to fire up the engine on wednesday to leave the inlet for the Low Isles. I did my usual engine checks and found the radiator tank bone dry. Poured in a glass of water and the dripping that eventuated lead me to the puddle of coolant on the engine bay floor. Seemed to be leaking from the water pump and learnt from a little reading that the seals commonly fail. Spent the rest of the afternoon with my head in the engine bay taking out the pump, with Naomi helping to retrieve the last hard to access bolt with her thinner fingers. Spoke to the local mechanic about repairing it but since he said he couldn't look at it until tuesday he suggested buying ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas October 22nd 2013

Woke to a dreary morning at Double Island and sailed off the anchor at about 8:30 in light winds. In fact as the winds fluctuated and lulled it became quite frustrating as it would leave us with sails flapping, and I cursed the wind gods. Fortunately after about an hour the wind picked up to about 10 knots and the clouds slowly cleared. This had us sailing north at about 3.5 to 4 knots, not very fast but very pleasant and at around 3pm we came around the west side of the Low Isles in bright sunshine. This was good timing as the large day-trip tour boats were just leaving. The Low Isles are made up a mangrove wooded flat island and also a picture perfect coral quay complete with idyllic red and white lighthouse. The ... read more
Naomi reads up on the Low Isles
On Low Isle
On Woody Isle

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas September 4th 2013

Stopes ??? Chimneys, Adits, scree and a cemetery and a two foot gauge railway. Woke up and started to pack up, have brekky and get ready for our day and our eventual arrival at my brother Brian and his wife Vicki's home at Trinity Beach just north of Cairns. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas June 23rd 2013

Dickie beach - our first stop on our queensland adventure! We arrived a few days before the parentals and settled nicely into our first campsite. Every morning we were awoken by the dawn chorus of what would appear to be a thousand turkeys, kookaburras and some sort of crow! This was usually 5 or 6 in the morning! Happy camping (thumbs up camping friends). The weather was a bit drizzly but this didnt stop us heading to the beach of course and finding lots of sea slugs in a rock pool! I had to dare Jonny to touch one, only to be told later they are quite poisonous - oopsie!! (Jonny is still alive for those wondering). We also had a nightly visit from a friendly possum - happy to eat carrot out of Jana's hand! ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas April 13th 2013

Testing, first time!! Port Douglas was a sunny gorgeous little town in Tropical North Queensland. With a main street lined with plenty of botique shops and a large selection of restaurants it makes for a lively little town. We decided to take out some pontoon boats amongst the crocodiles that decided to remain anonymous but was still a lot of fun and we ended up catching tea. The Quicksilver diving on the great barrier reef was amazing once i finally got up the courage to get in open water! made for a great day out. Brent and I had a fantastic time and would love to back in about 5 years time.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas March 30th 2013

We flew into Cairns and made our way up to Port Douglas where we spent the next four nights. The climate was noticeably more humid in this tropical region and the weather constantly fluctuated between rain and sun, but remained very hot throughout. We arrived around 9pm, so had to wander down the road in the dark to find a convenience store to buy dinner. On the way there, there were numerous rustles coming from the bushes which kept making Mark jump into Hazel's arms in a cartoon fashion. We saw a few toads, but nothing more theatening and were glad of the Shell torch Joanna had donated to light the way. We discovered later, whilst on our Daintree tour, that Crocodiles are actually rare in the town and that the nocturnal snakes are likely to ... read more
Cape Tribulation - can you tell what it is yet
Daintree River - one year old croc
Cape Tribulation - best photo of the wild Cassowary

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas March 27th 2013

After a humid night of torrential rain interspersed with the sound of surf crashing on the beach, we woke to a partially sunny day at had the traditional Aussie brekkie and decided to go up the coast to Port Douglas. After a quick wander near the restored Old Courthouse, In a hot 30 degrees we wandered up the steep hill to Flagstaff Hill lookout and was dripping by the time we reached it. We were ready for a drink and a snack. We came across the same grill chain Rattle and Hum as in Cairns so shared a pizza and cola. Then wandered round the stunning Four Mile beach with its sand bubbler crab trails and patterns, then back along the Esplanade. By 14:00 it was time for coffee (no cake this time) then a bit ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas March 23rd 2013

Late night arrival from Darwin to Cairns, and an hour drive from Cairns to Port Douglas. Had a four night stay in Port Douglas, and really enjoyed it. Lovely tropical weather, and easy access by boat to the amazing Great Barrier Reef. We had to wear lycra suits to snorkle in to avoid jellyfish stings. I have tried to limit the number of snorkling pictures from the hundreds we took - the coral and fish were really amazing, as fantastic as everyone says. Went to see more cute wildlife locally. Flew from Cairns to Brisbane on Friday for a three night stop before heading back to Sydney from where we go back to UK....... read more
Wallaby with Joey in pouch
Hand feeding wallaby

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas January 30th 2013

We seem to be on the track for smaller planes as when we board the plane at the Hamilton Island airport for Cairns, we notice these big long spokes hanging off the engine - it's a Bombadier prop jet. The flight up the Queensland coast is gorgeous and the benefit of the plane is that it flies at a lower altitude so we can see the reefs poking up through the aquamarine sea below us. We had chatted with a Qantas flight attendant aboard the hop on hop off bus in Singapore and he recommended window seats on the left side of the plane so, taking his advice, we had a breathtaking flight. All this in preparation for our next breathtaking experience - driving on the other side of the road. The very nice Aussie at ... read more
Leona and Bob
Frangipani B&B
Boyd's Forest Dragon

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