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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach July 26th 2013

We had planned, as usual, to leave early on the Monday morning and get there early to have a look around before checking in. However, over the last few weeks, we had started to hear a grinding sound coming from Sheila’s front passenger tyre which had gradually got worse and worse. We suspected the brake pad had worn down and Craig had a quick look under the car and confirmed that the brake pad had pretty much worn away to nothing and had started eroding away the brake disc. It was annoying knowing that we would be selling the car within the next couple of weeks that we might now have to spend money on it, but we figured it was better to be safe than sorry knowing that we would still be using it for ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach November 21st 2012

From Cairns we hopped on a 2 hour bus to mission beach at 7:25am... Mission beach is a very big place and we had met some people in Cairns that reccomended we stay at scottys beach house if we wanted to party or Mission beach retreat if we wanted to chill. We were good boys and decided to stay at mission beach retreat which was a great decision. We were in the middle of nowhere in a town that seemed like it had about 7 people living in it. It was really nice to relax (and not drink anything!). The beach was the closest thing to paradise that I have ever seen and it went on for miles, for the first time in my life I had felt warm sea which was really weird and also ... read more
Photo 8
Crab balls

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach November 17th 2012

Since living in Cairns, we have always wanted to visit the popular Mission Beach. To celebrate Brad's birthday, we booked a couple of nights staying at a B&B in Wongaling Beach (just South of Mission Beach). We found out long after booking this accommodation that the total solar eclipse was to happen in Cairns while we were down there, and Mission Beach was expected to only see a partial eclipse. Ahhh the irony of actually living in Cairns where the total solar eclipse was happening, but accidentally planning a trip to take us out of the total eclipse zone for that particular day. We arrived at our accommodation at about 7pm, having left after work from Cairns. The place is called Boutique Bungalows, and I couldn't recommend this place highly enough to anyone planning a trip ... read more
A not so total solar eclipse...
Boutique Bungalows
Baby wallaby!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach November 10th 2012

Mission Beach Nov 2012 Our trip down to Mission Beach from Flying Fish Point was uneventful and filled with anticipation. As we had traversed this stretch a few time to explore the beaches and bays, our thoughts were mostly with Matt and Penny who we would be picking up from Cairns airport in a couple of days time. Mission Beach is an unspoilt spot on the coast where nature takes centre stage. With its long unspoilt beaches, deserted islands and white-water rivers fringed by the rainforest this was going to be a great week. Mission Beach has 14 kilometres of sandy beaches, so it was easy to find a quiet place to relax and swim in the Coral Sea which was really warm here. Jackie loved walking along the beach and quickly acquired a new hunting ... read more
Mission Beach
They have arrived !
Start as you intend to finish..

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach October 23rd 2012

Today we drove into Mission Beach which is less than 10 mins from where we are staying in Wongaling. We wondered around, went to the tourist information centre to pick up some leaflets and then went to a cafe to have a coffee and a milkshake. After that we decided to hire a kayak each and go in the sea. We rowed really far over to some rocks to try and spot some Turtles, we think we saw some small ones but aren't to sure! It was hard work rowing in the sea but really good fun! We went back to the campsite to plan the rest of our trip. We booked a quad bike tour for Thursday, can't wait! We've also booked wake boarding for next week in Cairns!... read more


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach September 30th 2012

Amazingly we stopped at Tully. on the way to Cairns and found we were just in time to join the sugar mill tour which was really interesting even if it did smell of molasses the whole way around! Discovered that it rains in Tully more than any other place in Australia and guess what it rained for a few minutes while we were there! Our first rain! Have just spent 3 wonderful days at Mission Beach The coast here is just beautiful with the beach 14kms long so we got out the bikes and road along the sand which was really good fun. Later we jumped quickly in and out of the water just to cool down as many locals said that the stingers have not arrived yet. Local Sunday market was on today with lots ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach September 13th 2012

Our next stop was Mission Beach, a very chilled out area that’s made up of five small beachside settlements. Upon our arrival, we went for a little drive to discover the area and promptly decided to stay put at Mission Bay Skydivers. This place is ace! The dropzone has teamed up with the backpacker’s hostel and together they call themselves a “skydiving resort”. And that’s essentially what they are! You don’t have to be up for throwing yourself out of a plane to stay there though – the caravan park is very affordable and we learnt that lot of people who plan to stay for just a couple of nights end up staying for six months! There are even homegrown salad vegetables and herbs that you can help yourself to, so I didn’t waste any time ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach June 11th 2012

Today was jump day!! We woke up at the crack of dawn not knowing what to expect! After a safetly briefing and harness check we were in the plane ascending to 14,000ft with no chance to back out! At this point Paul realised what he had gotten himself into and was starting to feel nervous where as Rachel could not stop grinning (wait till you see the DVD). Rach was the first to jump and Paul was first to land. We travelled over 200kph (approx 140mph) on the free fall which lasted over 60 seconds, it seemed much longer! Once the parachute was deployed we were able to admire the Great Barrier Reef below us! Rachel's instructor let her fly the parachute, he clearly didn't know what she's like! We landed safely on Mission Beach. (You ... read more
Paul on the way down...
Relax at last...
Best fun ever!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach June 10th 2012

Réveil sous la chaleur tropicale à Cardwell, il n'est que 7h mais le soleil tape déjà fort, on ne va pas s'en plaindre! On scrute le littoral, qui n'est pas terrible, on ne voit que des branches mortes pas de crocodiles..La Forest Drive, route de 26km qui soi-disant mène à des piscines naturelles et des rivières, ne correspond pas du tout au descriptif. La route, en plus d'être très mal indiquée est complètement inintéressante, du coup on part plus vite que prévu de Cardwell, où ma foi il n'y pas grand-chose à faire. Sur la route on s'arrête à un "driver reviver" ou stop de survie pour les conducteurs, où le café et les biscuits sont offerts. En plus les bénévoles sont très sympas, pour 2$ on a droit à des fruits locaux: mandarines (vertes, comme ... read more
The Big Golden Gumboot
L'usine de sucre de canne
1er panneau signalant les cassowaries

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach May 11th 2012

Arrived in Mission Beach Wednesday afternoon, chilled out for a couple of hours, and booked some stuff for Cairns and then watched a film in the evening. On Thursday morning we went white water rafting!! It was such good fun. We did up to grade 4 rapids and got nice and soaked. We had a chance to float along the river too, outside of the raft, which was pretty cool. We had 2 French guys in our raft and a French instructor so they kept speaking French all the bloody time!! Luckily we also had the river medic in our boat (and even more luckily didn't need him!!) who was Australian, so there was someone speaking English to us, and he was a really funny guy, he decied he couldn't say Anwen so nicknamed her "Annie" ... read more

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