Photos from Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia, Oceania

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Welcome to Fraser
Two men and a half car
75 Mile Beach
Patchwork Family;-)
Lake McKenzie
Out of the Mahona Wreck
My beloved ones
Schlafplatz in Pialba
Mirco und Ich
This close!
Our two inquistive whales
What a thrill!
Almost close enough to touch
Betty and me
Warning Sign!
Lake Wabby
The sand dunes
Lake McKenzie
The different colors of sand
The island and beach from the top of Indian head cliff
The cliff pools
The ship wreck
The big trees in Fraser Island
The koala posing for a photo!
Kangaroo Feeding
The Woombat - such a cute little guy!
The kangaroo skewers
The sun reflecting off the old post office
Downtown Brisbane
Kevin the Fruit-Bat
Camp Poo
Are you looking at me?
Cooking in the mud
Red-necked wallaby
Emily diving for frogs
Odd growth #2
Mt Warning
Danger - FAST animal
Photo 2
Po lewej ogonek, po prawej fontanna :)
Pięknie było...
Wieloryb widziany od paszczy
Pożegnalne machnięcie ogonem
Cztery wieloryby
A oto i "hump" - od tego czegoś na grzbiecie pochodzi nazwa wieloryba
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