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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay June 16th 2011

After my last entry that was an ode to my best feline friend, I think it's time to update the travels and focus on the journey that continues even with grief still in my heart. I’m now in Hervey Bay, 2hours north of Maroochydore and it’s a picture perfect place to be. Unfair as it is to all those south of this sanctuary I am in, where the sun shines and the birds sing as life goes at a glacial pace, I feel blessed that I am soaking up this weather as some of you freeze your butts off enduring the winter blues. Like many other beach-side destinations I have spent time in, my mornings and late arvos here are spent exercising on the beach as my thoughts run wild with ideas and concepts that excite ... read more
sunrise at Rainbow Beach
Brekky at Rainbow Beach
Steve at Brunswick Head

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay April 29th 2011

A week before Lucy arrived to catch up on...Tom managed to survive his few days working although a wee reality check for both of us about how hard it is gonna be to go back to work for proper when all this gallivanting is out of our systems. I managed a few days of beach time while Tom was hard at work, I'd like to say I felt bad but...well didn't feel bad but it did feel weird being on my own for a day or two. We did also manage to hook up with Sasha and Olly again which was completely unexpected but really great, defiantly taking stalking to a new level entering Oz about a month early for just one more drink with Tom and Anna...bless!!! As you can see from the photos we ... read more
Tom admiring the sharks
Tom and his stalker Olly
Me and my lovely Lucy lou

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay March 9th 2011

Well, my departure from Fiji was uneventful, which is always nice. I forgot to mention on my last Fiji blog that I've had the first causualty of the trip. After many years with me and traveling to many countries, my watch has died. The band broke and the alarm stopped working so I am not armed with a new watch that I got for a pretty good price. Now, I can tell time and wake up for all the activities in Australia! My flight landed in Brisbane at 10:30 PM. Through a friend of mine, I had connected with a friend of his and ended up with a place to stay and tour guide of Brisbane. I hopped in a taxi and had a very nice 30 min drive or so to Jason's (the friend of ... read more
The sun reflecting off the old post office
The kangaroo skewers
The Woombat - such a cute little guy!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay March 9th 2011

We left Brisbane after dropping Dad and Sophie at work at the transit centre and Fortitude Valley. We got onto the highway for the first part of the journey to get us out of the city and the suburbs. Once we were out of the city area, we dropped off the highway and started driving on the smaller back roads which go through the bush. We drove along a road (I use the term road loosely) which went through the rainforest which was lovely, it was a long and winding road, but a lovely one nevertheless. We didn't see any wildlife along this road to our disappointment, but our spirits were lifted when we got to the next gravel road and we saw kingfishers sitting in the trees and white egrets standing amongst the cattle in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay February 11th 2011

Spent way to long in Hervey Bay 9 days in total. The hostel was nice to chill out in and the fact it had satelite tv was a bonus so I could watch Utd (poor game). Also it was nice and cheap at 20 dollars a night and the 3rd free. Hervey Bay is quite a quiet place, not much happening. My days consisted of going to the beach, internet, watching some movies and cooking food. I did venture out one night to play poker again. It was free, so that's why I entered and their were 6 tables with people constantly buying back in, so the game took all night. 4 hours later I managed to survive to the last table and finished 4th just outside the money zone. Would have been nice to pay ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay January 16th 2011

Half of the state of Queensland is underwater, it is freak flooding and lives have been lost, very sad. We are camping out in the little van; the rain is relentless and is pounding down upon us and we have sprung a leak, or to be precise, a few leaks. A dribble soon becomes a steady flow. The small town we are in is called and is in the mountains not far from Brisbane. It is a lovely little place and has a strong community feel. The library is buzzing and here I can buy second hand books from the sale table for the equivalent of 30p as well as browse the internet for free. There are lots of nice cafes including an arts bar where older and younger people come together to listen to live ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay January 3rd 2011

If you know the Nanny McPhee stories and films by Emma Thompson you’ll have seen two rather posh, well-dressed evacuees getting out of their chauffeur-driven limousine into a muck-filled farmyard and exclaim that they have landed in the land of poo … ‘Hello, poo-people’ is the greeting offered by the boy to the children of the farm … So it must have looked to the hardened Aussie campers (with their set-ups the size of a small cul de sac in Wincanton) when we disembarked from the Spaceship© having arrived at our ‘rainforest-experience’ campsite near Mt Warning – squelch … yuk. Due to it being school holidays and peak season; this was the closest campsite to Byron Bay I could find back in October through Google. It looked great; sunny, verdant pastures full of strong, healthy looking ... read more
Mt Warning
Odd growth #2
Emily diving for frogs

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay January 3rd 2011

The original plan in coming to Hervey Bay was to spend a day going on a 4WD safari on the world's largest sand island, Fraser Island. Given our changing travel plans and the floods further north, we decided instead to rush up the coast past the flooded Bundaberg and to aim for a snorkel on the barrier reef, staying overnight in 1770. Whilst waiting' we did get to spend some time on the beach, although again the brownness of the seawater revealed the scale of the flooding up the coast.... read more
Shark spotted off Hervey Bay
Mummy - look at this one!
Shell spiral - Hervey Bay

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay December 14th 2010

Hello everyone, Just thought we'd say hi and try and upload a few photo's for you from our latest adventure, sailing around the Whitsunday islands! We had an amazing time and it was such a great birthday for Abi. Whitehaven beach was amazing, the sand was pure white and snorkeling on the reef was also brilliant, seeing thousands of fish and sea turtles! We're still making our way down the east coast and enjoying the sunshine, although there was really bad flooding in some places here in the week delaying our bus! Hope everybody is well, will do a more informative blog soon, Missing you all, lots of love Abi and Simon xxxxxxxxx P.S thank you for my birthday messages, love Abi x x x x ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay November 21st 2010

We awoke in the bush early this morning in order to catch the bus to Hervey Bay! We were ever so slightly excited to be leaving Gagaju and after a long bus journey we arrived in Hervey Bay from where we would be heading out to Fraser Island. That evening we had our tour meeting and the 30 of us were divided into 4 cars! Our group of 8 was thankfully the best of the bunch and we were scared to high heaven by the Island briefing which involved a description of possibly every single thing that could kill us, car and animal!! We wrote our shopping list in the presence of a delightful little possum which kept jumping onto the table, making Elin run a mile, but we managed to complete our big brother style ... read more

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