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September 27th 2006
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Whaaaaaale!  Whaaaaaale!  Whaaaaaale!

A baby whale breaching
Hervey Bay is famous for migrating Humpback whales at this time of year - about 3000 come and just hang out in the area on their way south, so spent the most amazing day on a whale watching trip.

Saw a mother and baby whale - the mother lying on its back, flapping its huge fins up and down, while the baby breached (leaped out of the air) about 20 times in a row - absolutely amazing. We then even got to see a dead whale that had died the day before, and was being feasted upon by about 8 huuuuge 3m tiger sharks - the sharks were coming right out of the water and chomping on the whale flesh - was definitely something you wouldn't ever get to see unless it was on a nature program!

And now I have my photos back!

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