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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef August 24th 2009

On Monday, we went out to the Great Barrier Reef on the 'Silversonic' - a boat Tim chose because he liked the name. It took more than an hour to get to the outer reef and on the way we saw a humpback whale breaching on the horizon. We snorkelled three sites on Agincourt Reef. The weather was warm but a bit cloudy so the coral was not quite as brightly coloured as we had expected but we had great time exploring the underwater world and the visibility was excellent which is the main thing. Em actually found Nemo hiding in an anemone (i.e. a clown fish). Tim dived down and swam underwater with a turtle, which could have been any one of the six species, but we think it was a hawksbill. Some people in ... read more
On The Innlet
Great Barrier Reef

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef August 23rd 2009

Man, I really should write this more often. I mean to, I write reminders everywhere and try to make mental notes that I immediately forget, berating myself for writing a boring blog because I can’t remember what I did since I last wrote. Anyway, I left you on Orpheus island, the James Cook Uni research station on the Great Barrier Reef. Not a bad place to study. I think it’s a cunning ruse at it’s the only way they are going to get us to do statistics. Well, we learnt the stats in a classroom then went there to count fish and stuff. This sounds simple, and indeed it should have been but I did not as well as this module as I did on the others. The 6 month mark has been and gone and ... read more
The view from the Orpheus research station
The Orpheus 09 gang
Thalia and I hard at study

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef July 29th 2009

We are well settled in and have met most of the locals (people who come here from Vic, Tas & NSW every year) and even one from Balnarring who recognised the car. It is their home away from home. After seeking help from the Ultimate website on where to find the parts needed to fix the camper, we headed into Smithfield and found them, fantastic. Continued on to Cairns to look around and booked a cruise with Quicksilver to the Outer Barrier Reef for Tuesday. Hopefully the weather stays good and not too rough for the crossing. Bought the kids some RipCurl thongs after much nagging and sick of seeing their feet sweat in the ones we bought in NT. They are now happy as they can be; still fighting with each other and we have ... read more
Daintree NP - view from boat
Coral at Great Barrier Reef
Coral at Great Barrier Reef

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef July 28th 2009

Today starts early as we have to drive to Cairns to catch the boat to Green Island and the Great Barrier Reef - well some of it anyway! We were well stocked with water, crisps, sun lotion and swimming kit. We boarded the catameran that was to take us out to Green Island, about an hours journey. It was smooth sailing most of the way until we got clear of the headland and then it got a bit choppy, but most of us had taken sea sickness pills and we were all fine. On the journey out you can book various things - we'd gone for the whole package which included snorkel hire, a ride on the semi-submarine and a buffet lunch. I made enquiries about doing a scuba dive there, and after showing my PADI ... read more
The Semi Sub
A giant clam
Some fish

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef July 28th 2009

On Tuesday we went on Quicksilver to the outer reef, called Agincourt. On the boat it was hard to walk around because you went from side to side. I got a drink, when I was walking with it, I had to grab onto to everything so I did not spill it. When we got to the activity platform you could have lunch on the boat. After I finished my lunch I went and had a look at the underwater observatory. It was rocky on the way back. ... read more
Quicksilver semi submarine
Some fish I saw
A big groper


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef July 28th 2009

Drove to Port Douglas for the market on Sunday morning. I spotted Steve & Jenni (our friends from the Craft Markets). We had a chat then we left to go to Palm Cove to get a camp site. For tea, we had a roast at the Life Saving Club. Mum was happy to have a roast for tea for a change. Went to Cairns in the morning to book our cruise to the Great Barrier Reef on Quicksilver. Came back to camp and Steve & Jenni rocked up to see us. We had a long chat with them, then Kate & I went with them to have a swim in the pool at their resort. The pool was huge, so was the beach ball. There was a beach pool, spa and a heated pool. We stayed ... read more
Quicksilver semi submarine
Reef shark
Some fish I saw

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef July 27th 2009

Day 92 - Eddy Reef, The Great Barrier Reef Another night’s broken sleep as a result of Dar waking up with the continuous door sliding from the Wicked camper behind us and me waking up in the middle of a ‘dream’ about swimming with crocodiles! We’ve both got our fingers crossed for blue sky today as we’re off to the Great Barrier Reef with the Calypso crew! It’s looking good when we’re picked up from the campsite by Jackie, one of our guides for the day. We’ve got a few other people to collect before we meet the boat and the rest of the team, two of which come from a Backpackers hostel in Mission Beach and we’d estimate they had a ‘good night’ last night! The young girl went straight to sleep for the rest ... read more
Beautiful Dunk Island
The only way to get a photograph of these little ones is when they're sitting still and that doesn't happen often
On arrival at Eddy Reef

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef April 28th 2009

As I wrote in the previous entry, this is my trip to Heron Island; the second half of my mid-semester break. This island was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to! Day 1: On the same evening in which I returned from Fraser Island, I left for Heron Island that very night, about 4 hours later. At about 11:30pm on the night of April 13th, we were scheduled to depart Brisbane. However, due to 5 guys not thinking we were leaving the following day, we didn't get to leave until about 12:15am as we were waiting for the 5 guys to get on the bus. The bus was very full, about every seat was taking. It definitely was not the most comfortable of rides up to Gladstone. I'm sure everyone's legs were cramped ... read more
Beach time!
Gorgeous sunset!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef April 22nd 2009

After Sydney, I flew up the Northeast coast to Cairns. This is the main jump of spot for the diving on the Great Barrier Reef. I signed up for a 5 day dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef and some outer reefs. During this trip I saw all kinds of beautiful coral, giant clams the size of a large barrel, tons of fish, eels, turtles and sharks. Grouper between 300 and 400 lbs and the sharks ranged from 1 to 3 meters. Large enough to be quite intimidating, especially during the shark feeding we witnessed. Just check out the pictures to see what I mean. I then had a few days to burn before I headed down south with some friends I met to dive a famous wreck, the Yongala. I rented a car and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef April 19th 2009

"G'day mate, what can I do foy you?" "I'd like to learn to dive please." "No worries mate." And so that's how I obtained my SSI Open Water certificate. Well, nearly. I walked into the CDC shop on Tuesday to see about learning to dive and getting to see the Great Barrier Reef before it all goes the way of Betamax. With the Oz experience buses only leaving Cairns at the start of the week and being full, I needed something to occupy myself with for at least 4 or 5 days. Naturally when in Cairns one goes SCUBA. So I signed myself onto the CDC 4 Open Water Course, involving 2 days in the pool to practice, a theory test and 2 days 1 night out on the reef. The course started the very next ... read more
Praise be our tanks
Sunset on the Explorer
Dive Buddies

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