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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island January 20th 2013

What a day - all 20 hours of it! We had a 6am start to jump on our pickup for the Fraser Island tour and we got the first ferry across to the island. We were greeted at the other side by a resident female dingo. Approximately 200 of these live wild on the island and even though they look like dogs, they can be pretty vicious and are actually Asian wolves. Our first stop on the island tour was to Central Station in the subtropical rainforest, once the base for the logging workers. The 75 mile beach on the island is the highway and we had a pretty bumpy ride as we raced along the shore - infact the tracks all over the island are sand, so the bumpy feeling was constant throughout the day. ... read more
Our sand dune buggy!
The rainforest creek
Maheno shipwreck

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island January 7th 2013

Fraser Island has been on our bucket list for the past 15 years, we kept saying one day we will do it. Father time waits for no one and the years rolled by. Beautifully there comes a time in our precious given days when we grab the stuff of impulse and high adventure to find ourselves, up on the way on the open road, with magic at our fingers, such was this beautiful day when bilbo and basho drove to Hervey Bay, booked passage with Unique Fraser, a small but highly recommended little 4wd adventure company. Two fully loaded 4wds, packed with great driver guides, a beautiful indigenous guide "Nova", a deli of great food, bubbly, beer and much cheer from the touros of the day including bilbo and basho. Our 4wd's boarded the ferry at ... read more
dazz & hans on ferry
nova tess dazz spirit tree
tess on post @ l. mackenzie

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island November 26th 2012

Saturday - 24 November - bus to Mooloolaba, quiet little town with a great name. Hostel did free BBQ, excellent!! Sunday - 25 November - bus to Noosa, stayed in a Nomads, the hostels get worse the further north i go, this one was a 16 bed dorm room with no air conditioning meaning the door was left open constantly for petty pilferers to help themselves to your stuff....not mine luckily as I'd locked it away and security tied it too the bed frame!! I spent the afternoon doing several of the costal walks and walking through the National Park to the Laguna Lookout which was spectacular. Noosa was nice and stylish but dare i say it just another town with a great beach. One good thing about the hostel is that it had a bar ... read more
Fraser Island (12)
Fraser Island (1)
Fraser Island (8)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island November 23rd 2012

After leaving Brisbane we caught the greyhound to a tiny little place called Rainbow Beach. Our chief reason for visiting Rainbow was that our camping trip to the largest sand island- Fraser Island- left from there. However, we also had our first surf lesson booked. Gwenda and I were panicking big time about surfing because we thought it would be really hard and we'd end up just shivering in the sea for hours. When we got there our instructor was nice but he seemed friendly but not overly enthusiastic about teaching us novices. We had to practice standing up on our boards on the beach for a while then we were straight in the sea. My first few attempts were terrible but I managed to stand up which I was pretty happy about- before I landed ... read more
Me behind the wheel
'Bros and Babes Team'
Shipwreck on Fraser

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island November 3rd 2012

Ian has reprimanded me for not including a very important phrase we learned from our surf instructors: "Yuuuuuu!!!", followed by a hang-ten, is supposed to accompany every wave you catch. Never forget. We decided to tour Fraser Island (, which is a pretty awesome place. The weather was not particularly great for it, but it's one of the Top 10 Places to See in Australia, so we had to hit it up. More on that after a quick story... On our drive out to the ferry that leads to Fraser Island, Alison and I were discussing with Ceanna and Ian how we had not yet seen a kangaroo. They had definitely seen wallabys, but not a roo. Not five minutes later, whilst following a massive garbage truck, we watched a kangaroo hop across the road and ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island October 19th 2012

19thOctober 2012, Last day on Fraser Island. We had a leisurely breakfast of bacon and eggs and departed Dilli Village around 12:30pm (high tide was at 10:30am). The tide was on its way out and the sand was still a bit soft, but Pedro, Taylor and Scoobey handled the beach without any issues. Boarded the Barge and headed back towards Inskip Point and Rainbow Beach. We had an amazing time on Fraser Island and can’t wait to do it again. We had lunch at Rainbow Beach with Stef, Ange, George and Olly. We said our goodbyes (Bye Olly!!, we miss you) and headed towards Bundaberg. Arrived at Sharon Gorge Reserve about 7pm for dinner and set up our tents.... read more
The Barge
The Barge

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island October 18th 2012

18thOctober 2012, Headed off on the beach around 11am, unfortunately the tide was still high and very soft. Stef didn’t want to risk Angie’s new Subaru AWD (aka Scoobie), so we decided to head to Eurong via the inland Rainforest. We stopped again at Lake Birrabeen for another swim and a play in the sand before headed to Eurong so Stef could refuel Scoobie. We then headed north towards Indian Head. On the way, we stopped at Eli Creek and the ship wreck. Maheno was blown ashore during a cyclone in 1935.... read more
Georgia and Alyssa
Lake Boomanjin
Scooby Doo

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island October 17th 2012

17thOctober 2012, Departed Dilli Village and headed north to Eurong via the beach just after high tide. The sand was really soft and there were some water crossings. Pedro had no problems getting through to Eurong with the tyre pressures at 15psi. We headed inland to Lake Mackenzie via the Rainforest. We stopped along the way while the girls swung on some vines (reminded them when they swung on some vines near Rainbow Beach, many years ago). We had lunch at Lake Mackenzie and had a swim. Wow, what a beautiful lake. Left Lake Mackenzie and headed towards King Fisher bay. Half way to King Fisher Bay we met Benny and Georgie. They were unfortunately bogged in the sand (something was wrong with their 4WD system). Daniel finally got to use his recovery gear. We used ... read more
Lake Mackenzie
The Lake Mackenzie Monster

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island October 16th 2012

16TH October 2012, Had a beautiful breakfast of pancakes and homemade apple sauce with fresh cream. After a friendly visit from the Dilli goanna, we headed off four wheel driving around Fraser Island. We drove along the sandy paths to the picturesque Lake Birrabeena. The lake was totally isolated, not many tour groups come here and the water was fresh and warm. Headed to Eurong and looked around for a little while before heading back on the beach, back to Dilli Village. We had Italian spaghetti meatballs for dinner and scones for dessert by the fireplace. The nights were cool and the days fairly hot.... read more
Dilli Village
Lake Birrabeen

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island October 15th 2012

15TH October 2012, Departed the Nicoll manor by 5.59am (Your bet next Aunty Timah!) Arrived at Rainbow Beach about 11am and purchased permits and barge fare to Fraser Island. Drove to Inskip Point where we deflated our tyres. Caught the barge after having a chat to a few locals and due to the low tide, we decided to drive along the beach to Dilli Village. Took us about half an hour, which was pretty good. Pedro had no problems with Taylor tagging along. Not many people at Dilli Village, so more room for us to spread out.... read more
Rainbow Beach
The Barge

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