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March 21st 2009
Published: March 24th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

What a great trip over to the island. I had a fabulous group and the timeof my life. Grandma put those young bitches to bed eveynight!!!!!

The trip strated out rocky when we barly got a mile away from the bagrge and we had beeen stuck three times and the last took 30 people to push us out. The 4X4 was pooched. Called the shop and as a group spent 2 hours starnded on the beach with the high tide moving in on us. It was a good reason for us to bound since the other two groups had left us for dead. Spent the rest of the day getting lost and trying to make up time. Got back to camp witht he most primitive camping gear possible. Good thing I had camped before as i was the only ones. The three silver spoons with nannies from england were having to adjust quickly. We where the fun group and hosted the party that night with a game of I've never ever. The 10 years of all my friends sex stories came in handy that night since I've never ever did anything naughtly I used all Fornwalds stories to look experienced and cool.........ha, ha,ha. Love ya Babe!

Great group again.... Set off the next day fo the most gorgeous lake ever... Lake McKenzie. Water like glass and crystal clear blue. Our group stuck together pretty closley. This is where every one needs to sit down and take a deep breath. the group decided to go for a swin with no life jackets, boats or life savers...... which would of been fine if it wasn't across the Fricken lake. Not wanting to be left behid. I swam a 1/2 a km acorss lake McKenzie to the other side. I did this without telling my group that i am afraid of water and do not know how to swim. It was the most physically and mentally demanding thing that I have ever done. I got half way and did not think that i could go any further. One of the silver spoons, Elizabeth, who is 19 years old, stayed with me and coached me across. She helped me when i was tired and prevented me from panicing. Once I could reach the bottom I coalapsed on the shore trying to catch my breath......... Then in good candy fashion I barffed in the bushes. It was not untill I reached the other side that I told them my fear. The group renamed the lake "Lack Candace" because I couquered my fear. That moment Proved to me that I am stornger than I think and with an iron will I can over come anything!!!!!! There was no fucking way I was swimming back so I walked around the edge of the beach to catch up with my team... If I can do that, I can dive and will do so at the great Barrier reef.

That night grandma ( that is actually what my team nicknamed me) got a reall good party on and but all thoose young bitches to bed again. i woke up feeling like a 60 year old womem. I ached and pained from pushing myself and sleeping on the ground. I have a new respect for Elizabth from the Silverspoons. She is more mature and together than the other two. At one point after i had cooked supper, the posh girls had not helped clean up again and left ther dishes for me to pick up. i actually went to the tent called them out and reminded them that I was not there nanny and that i was not going to clean up after them for the next 3 days. The rest of the group was surprised that I was ballsy enought to do that in front of everyone. They are not deliberitly doing it, they just have no common sense. No point every one bitching about it, if you are not going to do anything about it.

Overall one of my most favorite memories from this trip.

Having the time of my life, wish all is well back home in Canada!!!!!

Love from Candy



24th March 2009

Hey girl! Nice work of the swim and the surf!!! And nice work on the barfing too!! Love it. Sounds like you are having the trip of a lifetime. I am so thrilled for you! You are missing sweet tweet here. Hard to beleive I know but nothing is new in REgina! Life is good though - no complaints! Hugs and love... Robin
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25th March 2009

Way to go Grandma!!
Way to take charge Grandma!! I am so glad you are having a great time! Dan wants to know- are you one for /09 yet???
From Blog: Fraser Island
25th March 2009

Got ski's with your name on them!
Hey!! I'm so proud of you, big swimmer!!! We're getting special water ski's so you can conquer them this summer too. Glad to hear you are having a blast, sounds breathtaking. Just curious...change your ticket to stay longer yet....???? take care
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30th March 2009

That's the Candace I know
Way to go Candace! Glad you conquered your swimming fear - and capped it all off with your signature upchuck in the bushes.
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