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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra July 1st 2014

Etant de repos, je me suis dis que j'allais explorer un peu les alentours. Dail nous avait parlé de la petite ville de Caloundra pas loin d'ici près de l'océan. Je n'avais pas réaliser que j'étais si près de la côte. Je suis donc partie avec mon collègue Zach qui était aussi en repos. Après 1h de train et bus, nous voilà arrivés à Caloundra. Il faisait beau mais beaucoup de vent donc pas de baignade pour nous car il faisait trop froid! On a seulement marché sur la plage et ça nous à suffit. On était surtout venu pour changer d'air et voir autre chose. On a quand même vu un "Sea Eagle" (aigle de mer ! Je ne sais pas la traduction exacte) et des perroquets. Les paysages étaient magnifiques avec l'eau turquoise et ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra April 26th 2013

You know some people travel for food, some for festivals. Photography is a key part of our adventures. Something that has always intrigued me in our travels, has been the diversity of doors and porticoes that people have crafted to separate themselves from the crowd, from their subjects, or from the elements. Alternatively to glorify the occupants of the dwelling, palace or graveyard. Here are some of the photos I have collected over years of travel, along with some from my family's archive. This is sent from Caloundra, because that is where we are holidaying prior to our next adventure in Southern India. Basically more time than normal for blogging and uploading. The collection is likely to grow!... read more
Sucre, Bolivia
Wrecked ferry, Tangalooma, Queensland
Don Khong, Lao PDR

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra March 11th 2013

Revisited one of our favourite East Coast hangouts, Coochin Creek, Beerburrum State forest, 20 k south of Caloundra on the sunny coast of QLD. we love it for the creek by the bush, the creek is an Estuarine river, in a bushland riparian zone. We love the fish and the muddies, but on this visit, we met some absolutely wonderfully inspiring people. Those of you, who know us well, know that we are not big social butterflies, we like to be chameleons and blend insignificantly, into the camping populous. First up meet Steve and Talitha, who rocked up in a homemade customised camper trailer,they had been high renting a house for years, had enough, time to hit the road and for them, this was camp one. Steve the pragmatic one, had everything set up for serious ... read more
Talitha, Steve & Mitch
sea eagle in dusk flight

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra November 16th 2012

Just south of Caloundra on the busy Brute Highway, one exits the madness at Roys road and follows the meandering road through state pine forests, to Coochin Creek camp ground. The camp is set in bushland forest with the best composting drop toilets we have ever encountered, no smell, one sits high up on the throne and marvels at the long drop to pooville, where ironically in a state forest camp ground homage to the poo gods is completed with a sacrificial deposit of wood shavings i presume from the forest to complete the composting process. Good to see with a little ingenuity nature is allowed to take its course in a win win for all things, as the completed compost is then used as clean fertilizer. If one is into fishing, this is, woops was ... read more
rivers meet at Coochin creek
sleepy carpet snake
i ate too much

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra November 9th 2012

Just west of Caloundra, nestled alongside a majestic sub tropical National Park, is Landsborough rest area, we have stayed here a few times and are often intrigued by the diversity of vehicles and their inhabitants, all taking a break from their long journeys up or down the green coastal fringe of this wide brown land. Luxury Winnebagos roll in, with everything including the kitchen sink, upmarket back packers in their juicy lucy / wicked /space campervans, 4wd's with fold down tents mounted on the roof,and every other conglomerate of freedom machines converging at this rest area, bed down for the nights rest. Nestled between the sub tropical rainforest National Park and the busy 4 lane madness of the Steve Irwin Way, ( I feel the "way" is a bit busier than Steves way),however we found it ... read more
tricolor sentinels
basho and the strangler fig
forest spider web


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra October 17th 2012

The next day we took a trip up to the sunshine coast. We were going to camp at Dicky Beach. Somehow after about a 2 and a half hour trip we miraculously found the campsite. We had to take two trains and a 30 minute bus ride to get there, thank god it was free due to the amazing go cards (free transportation for the rest the week after 9 rides). As soon as we found the sight we hit the beach. Let me tell you though, the Sunshine Coast is very deceiving in their name. Because there was almost total cloud cover from about 5 pm Saturday till we left on Monday. Saturday was a lot of fun. The beach was beautiful though, there was a small shipwreck on the sand and tidal pools right ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra July 13th 2012

To follow my new rule of not blogging in retrospect, I will not cover these days in great detail. However I will make a wee note on Walking tours. If you have ever been skeptical of walking tours, so was I. But let me convince you of their worth... On my second day in Brisbane I decided to do the walking tour of Brisbane detailed in the 2009 Australia Lonely Planet guidebook. It took me eight hours all up, and that was without spending time at the Queensland Museum or Gallery of Modern Art. Even on a grey and rainy day, it was a great way to see the city. Walking tours allow you to take a back seat and mosey your way through a city. Take your time, talk to people along the way, ... read more
First stop: Springbrook national parl
Just dont...
...slip down this waterfall.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra June 1st 2012

Bribie Island is a cool little place where you really feel like you’re on an island, but everything you need is there. We stayed in the township of Woorim on the east coast. I wasn’t feeling so well so had a day of chilling out in the van. When I was ready to get active again the next day, it started pouring and didn’t stop for a couple of days. Much to my annoyance I pulled a muscle in my back (not sure how since we didn’t do anything!) so we spent lots of time in the van, reading and chilling. Before leaving Bribie Island, we went for a drive around the island.Sadly most of the terrain is accessible for 4WD vehicles only, so our explorations were a bit limited. On Sunday we headed to Caloundra, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra November 25th 2010

It's a weird thing to do - load your belongings into a large tin container and drag it behind you as you drive around another country. But when the country is as big as Australia, it’s the best way of seeing it as a traveler rather than a tourist. Over the last two and a half years we’ve tried to avoid being tourists. We wanted to see Australia and meet Australians, rather than be herded around by hyperbolic money-making businesses. While some of our best experiences have been on tours when that was the only way to get there, e.g. the Bungle Bungles, Undara Lava Tubes and Lake Eyre in flood, we’ve got a greater sense of satisfaction by getting out into the bush ourselves and being more Dora the Explorer than I ever imagined. ... read more
Jetty on the Esplanade
Mount Morgan gold mine

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra November 18th 2010

Following are some of my old Pics. Apologies for the quality as most are photos of photos (yes Virginia, in the old days we only had film inside the camera). In most cases there are good quality pictures of the mushrooms and even some of the people next to them, but I like these sort of snaps. I also like the looks on the faces of people when first asked to pose with a fungi. Good sports all of them.... read more
Blackdown Tablelands
Forest Glen

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