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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City » Inn The Tropics October 3rd 2011

Darwin, Kakadu nationalpark og Cairns Vi havde efterhånden fløjet en del gange og var blevet vænnet til systemet som de fleste lufthavne har. Men vi var dog ikke forberedt på at blive ført gennem en indonesisk lufthavn. Først skulle man have et bevis på at man skulle flyve den dag, for at blive lukket ind i lufthavnen. Det skulle sikkert forhindre de lokale i at komme ind og irritere de ventende passagerer, men lidt absurd var det dog alligevel. Efter vi var kommet ind, begyndte de ellers på vores baggage. Jeg har ikke rigtig tal på hvor mange gange vores baggage blev checket og hvor mange klistermærker med ”checked” vi havde tilsidst. Men vi kom med flyet mod Darwin og landede kl. 3 om natten og kunne ligesom de sidste 4 flyvninger ikke se hvor vi ... read more
Indgang til Kakadu
Vores guider!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City August 29th 2011

On Saturday 27th the journey to Cairns was to prove quite an experience. We left quite early because we wanted to call in at Youngaburra in the hope of seeing the elusive platypus. There’s a very good viewing platform – much like a bird hide – at Youngaburra but our attempts yesterday were fruitless because it was the wrong time of day. We were confident that this morning would be different but we hadn’t bargained for one thing – Youngaburra markets! They’re quite famous in these parts and very, very popular. This resulted in vehicles being parked on every conceivable piece of spare ground in and around the town so the chances of parking a car and caravan were NIL! We meandered through the small town very slowly in case an opportunity presented itself but we ... read more
High on the Tablelands with lovely open countryside
Warning of the road ahead
which was narrow, steep and full of sharp bends.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City August 25th 2011

Life has been splendid. It has felt amazing to be settled in one place for longer than a day and to be able to integrate into the local culture. I quit the first job I got. I began receiving big, fat whiffs of deja vous; an employer who has absolutely no respect for their employees. Its been so long since I’ve been told, “Do not lean against the wall” or after commenting on how busy the lunch rush was my ‘boss’ would respond “be thankful, it pays your wage” or being paid far less than any other restaurant in the city just because Im a backpaker and therefore “disposable”. The straw that broke the camels back was when after a really long, busy night I was closing the sliding glass doors, perhaps a bit too ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City August 23rd 2011

Heute Morgen fuhren wir die restlichen Kilometer nach Cairns, da unsere Reise an der Ostküste morgen endet. Hier holten wir und zuerst im Visitor Center eine Townmap und ließen uns den Weg zum Abgabeort unseres Spaceships einzeichnen. Danach entschlossen wir uns einen letzten Berg zu erklimmen, welcher aussah wie eine Pyramide. Mit 922 Metern ist die Walsh Pyramide eine der höchsten natürlichen Pyramiden der Welt. Wie der Zufall es so wollte, trafen wir auch hier wieder 2 deutsche Mädels, die in Australien Work and Travel für 6 Monate machen. Der Wanderweg war mit dem Schwierigkeitsgrad „schwer“ ausgezeichnet und einer Zeit von 5-6 Stunden angegeben. Auch ausreichend Wasser und ein Erste Hilfe Set sollte man mitführen. Um Gewicht zu sparen ;-), ließen wir beides im Auto zurück. Sehr steil ging es von Anfang an bergauf. Über große ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City August 12th 2011

My next Australia blog (aka massive essay..... :9 ) is here! This one is just going to be about my time in the Cairns area, as I have so much to write about Queensland that I could never fit it all into one blog. It would cause me to breakdown! I was shattered when I eventually arrived in Cairns, after having my flights screwed around. Rocked up to my hostel at 9.30am, not having slept at all. I was allowed to dump my stuff but couldn't check into my room until 2pm, so had a whole lot of time to waste when all i really wanted to do was sleep. I headed on down to the Lagoon, which was basically this swimming pool with salt water in it, and found a nice tree to sit under. ... read more
Whale Breeching
Me holding a Koala!
Me and a wombat


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City August 11th 2011

A very quick blog entry today as I'm going out in a minute. Flew up from Melbourne today, where we spent the last couple of days in the Yara valley - lots of vineyards and wineries, so had to do a bit of sampling of course! Also saw some kangaroos hopping about and was woken up by wild cockatoos shouting outside the window. The down side was that it was very cold and raining - just like home in fact! But here in Cairns it's warm and sunny again - 28 degrees, although it's 7.30pm now ( 10 am in England I think) Going to Port Douglas tomorrow and taking a trip to the barrier reef. I have heard briefly about some riots in the UK - saw something on the front of a paper in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City August 7th 2011

Hi everyone, Realised it was forever since I did a blog entry and as it will be a year since I left home in a few days I thought it would be good to do an update. I am now living in a hostel in Cairns working on the reception and travel desk, it is pretty fun as you get to meet lots of new people all the time and to go on trips for free to try them out. Went on a tour of some great waterfalls around the atherton tablelands and rainforest last weekend and going out snorkelling on the great barrier reef for the second time tomorrow on a luxury boat. Also went to the launch new boat on Friday night and got to meet loads of people, free champagne and food and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City July 31st 2011

Charters Towers, Cairns to Lakelands 25th July we headed off with Margy feeling sick, not good. We stopped at Balgal Beach, (No 37 Camps Book 6) a beautiful free spot, but it was full. We pushed on & we travelled through Cardwell & I got a shock, there were still houses with no roofs from Cyclone Yasi. The vegetation was still struggling & trees were still lying over. My heart went out to them. We pushed on passing sugar cane & Bananas coming good & we stopped at Kennedy’s Store, free camp if you bought something from the store (No 29 Camps Book 6). 26th July we pushed on to Cairns Coconut Resort Caravan Park which is a great park. We set up & left Marg laying down feeling awful & went shopping to get a ... read more
1b  25-7-11 Balgal Beach
1c  25-7-11 Balgal Beach
2a 26-7-11 Cyclone Yasi Damage North of Cardwell

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City July 26th 2011

After leaving Flying Fish Point we travelled just a short distance to a place called Fishery Falls which is a very small town 35km south of Cairns. We had been told this caravan park was really nice so we thought we would stay a couple of nights before venturing onto Cairns. It was a nice park with lovely gardens, set behind the hotel and that was the whole of the town with just a few other houses. A lot of people stay at this park and travel to Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands as it is so peaceful. They have a Happy Hour every Friday evening and they have a raffle with about 6 prizes and Trevor and I were lucky enough to win the 2nd highest prize of $30 so we were very pleased. The ... read more
Chillagoe Caves
Creek 1
Creek 2

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City July 23rd 2011

My flight is at 6:20 AM, the shuttle is at 4:50 and my alarm is set for 3:30. I am more than ready to leave Darwin. The city is noisy and busy. I like more of the outback towns of Alice Springs where it is more small town atmosphere. I make it to the airport 30 minutes before the flight and just to the boarding gate as they begin to board. First time on the no frills Jet Star. Trust me it is very budget. They don;t even have signs directing you to the plane. The walkway and steps lead to the outside and 2 planes are sitting there. I had to ask a ground crew member which plane was going to Cairns. He had to ask someone. Now I am a little worried about the ... read more
Awesome Lagoon
The lagoon beach side

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