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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Aspley February 4th 2009

I have finally finished my book...for all of you who have been following the storyline Matt ended up being the murderer, He was shot at the end by his sister Cherry and Avery and Hunter drove off into the distance together complete with dog and puppies. Today, after having a quick waffle to Terri the T...I took the now shorter stroll to the nearby bus stop and went into the city to see what I could find today. There was a street magician called Steve London (quirky huh) who was bamboozling passers by with his novelty tricks, a bloke with a violin playing every tune I didn’t recognise and an aborigine sitting in the middle of the precinct, banging two boomerangs together and singing very loudly...last I saw of him, he was getting dragged away by ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Aspley February 3rd 2009

Something truly bizarre happened this morning, I slept in until ten o' by the time I was breakfasted, showered and shaved it was pretty much half past eleven!! For the first time since arriving in Brisbane, I jumped on the 353 into the City from the stop literally just over the road...why I have been trekking half way across the district to the 345 route for no obvious reason is now worrying me!! I had a good wander in town today taking in Queens Plaza shopping mall, Mick O'Malleys Irish Bar (where I encountered a very strange individual called Francis who wore the 'I've done it all' t-shirt) and then once I had escaped his clutches using my 'Escape from Colditz tunnel card', I scaled the steps of the strike ten pin bowling alley and partook ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Aspley February 1st 2009

I was awoken early at 4.30am from my slumber by the sound of giggling girls before a car started up and pulled away. Having finally drifted back off to sleep, I was then interrupted for the second time by the now all too familiar sound of the bird's everyday 'dawn chorus' outside my bedroom window. Having been disturbed twice, I gave up on the idea of sleeping and reached under my bed for my book and caught up with the continued antics of Avery and Hunter, whom it appears she is sleeping with now! I have now come to the conclusion that I am a jinx on the Australian Cricket Team...having watched them play five times now, they have lost each and every time! I really can't recall breaking any mirrors, walking under any ladders or ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Aspley January 29th 2009

It's Thursday...and I think today is the first of my travels where I have actually made a mental note of what day it is. The morning came and went without anything of note happening and it wasn't until mid-afternoon that the first newsworthy event occurred...a bell ringing!! For a short moment, I was pretty excited thinking it was a rag and bone man complete with horse and cart...I haven't seen one of those since I was a kid...imagine my disappointment when I realised what the source of this noise ice cream van!! Don't ice cream vans normally play jolly musical ditties? The lack of jolly musical ditties worries me!!! I also checked into my bank today to check on the fluidity of funds, so far so good!!! I also took a short stroll up to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Aspley January 27th 2009

I surfaced eventually at 10am, Mike had gone off to work and Ella stayed out for the night so all was quiet in the house apart from the sound of the rain falling down outside and the birds singing in harmony with each other. I had the usual toast and coffee for breakfast before spending pretty much most of the day devising a game plan for the next few weeks and downloading my camera to the laptop...taking a break to have lunch and waffle to Cari in Florida who is 15 hours behind Oz time...that's insane!!! Ella cooked dinner once again tonight, stir fry chicken and rice which was very yummy before I settled down for the evening with Dr Who and Australian Open Tennis!!!... read more


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Aspley January 23rd 2009

Seven hours after the event, I still haven't got the slightest clue as to what that film was about last night...this worries me!! After saying my goodbyes to Tracy, Andy and Byron...the airport shuttle bus arrived and I plonked my case in the trailer and clambered in. It wasn’t until we reached the next collection point that the driver realised that he failed to shut the trailer door and my case was half hanging out, he informed me of this fact when he got back into the driver's seat. I am sure the Australian customs officers have me down as either a drug trafficker or terrorist as my day continued with being 'randomly selected (yeah rite)' for their explosive/ illegal substance screening process which involved having my bag searched and the contents, plus pockets, shoelaces and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Aspley July 11th 2008

Hello all, Well we are down to our final 24 hours, cutlery gone, bedding gone, clothing gone, furniture gone and tonight we will dine out and take in a movie to fill in some hours. Lynne has to cull some more stuff from her pack, her pile of "stuff to pack" seems to have grown somewhat over the last week. All the essential tablets packed. Stuff to block you up and stuff to stop you from getting Malaria. Stuff to stop you sneezing, stuff to stop you puking, Oxy tabs for high altitudes and the list goes on. I think at this point we realize that Australia is an amazing country and so free from some of the more common ailments which most other countries deal with on a day to day basis but Australians never ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Aspley July 6th 2008

It was a lovely Saturday morning and we have planned the garage sale for weeks. This was it! The time to shed all of the stuff which was hanging around which you can't really put on E-bay and sell quick enough, although we would have received a better price through E-bay, I'll bet. However we needed to off load some stuff quick so it was time to do it! The ad was placed for the sale to be from 7am-12 noon. Not complicated, we thought, but we had been warned! THEY WOULD COME! Who are they? They are the people with no sense of time, Day, morning, a little after the listings get out at 2am, it doesn't matter. We had set our alarm for 5:30am so we could get up have a leisurely breakfast, tie ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Aspley July 2nd 2008

Sale - sale - sale... selling everything before you go is hard work. EBay is great and fun too. We have no powered wheels anymore since I finished work on the 27th June and now we walk everywhere “buns of steel”. The bedroom setting is gone that was a biggy but not as huge as selling our coffee machine! I can get by without my....razors, I can get by without my....television and I can get by without my car but to have to wait until 9am for a morning coffee and worse trying to find a good coffee shop is even harder. Anyhow, the house is now 2/3rds empty bags are packed and repacked to make sure we have the essentials covered and we are under the weight limits Only 10 days left until we fly ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Aspley May 26th 2008

A huge hello to everyone reading this, we are nearly there. 12th July we fly to Costa Rica for the beginning of our big adventure. If you are heading out at the same time send us a note and maybe we can catch up and ward off boredom on the plane. Excited noooooo! not us! ... read more

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