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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bramwell Junction July 5th 2012

7th June Having had a go at Palm Creek the night before and not wanting to damage the cruiser (anymore) or the camper trailer on it or Gunshot Creek on the southern part of the Overland Telegraph Line track, we instead took the Southern Bypass Road all the way up to where it crosses the OTL at Fruit Bat Falls. From here we took the track down to the falls, we had passed almost no-one on the Bypass Road and only a couple of cars coming up the Falls track, so we hoped we might have a quiet time to enjoy the falls. How wrong we were, the car park was filled with dozens of 4WD’s and close on 50 or so people, it was early in the morning and not yet very warm, so we ... read more
Termite mound Bramwell Junction
Campsite at Bramwell Junction
The beginning of the OTL!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bramwell Junction May 13th 2010

Before we leave Coen we go to visit Charlies goldmine, which belongs to an old Maltese chap who has been running a gold mine since the 1960's. He has made his house from old bottles and scap metal and has some cool metalic sculptures in his yard. He has loads of stories to tell and we will definetly camp overnight here on the way back down and do some panning for gold. This would be a great tourist place to attract lots more people to Coen, but the Government wont let him set it up as a business so if you go he just points where the river is and you go off and do some gold panning. Such a shame as if it got more publiciity it would be a brilliant thing to do on ... read more
I think he has a sense of humour
His home made home
Metal sculptures

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bramwell Junction October 5th 2009

DAY 332 The Darkness on Bramwell Station came quickly, as if a velvet cloak had been thrown over the top end of Queensland, and everything fell silent. Only the sponge eating horse and a handful of cows wandered around in the darkness still grazing, oh and the mob on Kangaroo’s, about 10 of them silently moved around and got closer to us. The generator had long since dozed off to sleep, and the only sound was a lone cow calling in to the darkness. I walked Caroline over to the loo, just so she didn’t trip over a lone Python out hunting or some other disaster. I commented to Caroline on how silent the Station was, except for the silly cow occasionally mooing and we walked back unzipped the door and got in to bed, the ... read more
First Thing I saw
Cows walking up the track
Bramwell Station

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bramwell Junction October 5th 2009

After driving some of the old Telegraph road, we didn't want to appear all blasé and cocky, but we thought we would post up some dedicated pictures of the Gun Shot Creek Crossing. I am an avid dirt Bike rider and this is the sort of terrain we would ride. Enduro or Dirt bike riders have their favourite places, for us it was always Wales, the “Monks trod” a five mile peat bog we used to ride over and other places like that, but enough about that back to the Gun Shot. I would imagine that here over in Australia, The Gun Shot, is one of those famous tracks, that if you navigate it you are elevated to hero status. Well we went to it and looking from North To South feel it would be absolutely ... read more
More Litter
Another Trophy

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