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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kings Canyon March 20th 2014

At night I opened the curtain a little bit. So I could see something outside. In the dust I opened the curtain completly and took photos of dust and later of sunrise. After breakfast in dining carriage we arrived in Alice Springs. There we visited the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctors Service). We saw a marketimg video about it and they have a mini museum and a sovenier shop. Next stop was on top of a hill next to RFDS. There is a war memorial and you can take a view about Alice Springs. Next stop was next to a supermarket. The last one for the next days? On our way we saw camels and twisters. Next stop somewhere in nowhere at a rest house. Next stop Kings Canyon. We followed a track to a lookout. There ... read more
Mesh for head
Kings Canyon

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kings Canyon October 8th 2013

It is hard to imagine Kings Canyon. This is a horseshoe shaped canyon, the highest wall peak 300 meters above the canyon floor, fascinating flora, rock formations, giant boulders that Marg had no show of lifting beside the path, and at the right time of year, full of bird life. This Kings Canyon is a little under 400ks from Uluru, and access is via a good sealed road suffering a little from damaged shoulders, but otherwise an easy drive north off the Lasseter Highway. I asked Marg what was missing on this road, and eventually the penny dropped as they say - despite crossing many creeks, there are no bridges, so this road could be challenging in the wet season. The land varies, some farmed but with an emphasis on arid pasture, other areas would not ... read more
Kings Canyon 02
Kings Canyon 03
Kings Canyon 04

Day 6 – Thursday July 5th – Uluru to Kings Canyon It has been a nice treat to stay for more than one night in the same place. The facilities at Ayers Rock Campground (apart from in the overflow section) are excellent. Despite the literally freezing temperatures the water was lovely and hot and the showers were top notch. Rested and almost clean (that red dust gets everywhere) we packed up the camper trailer after a leisurely breakfast prepared to hit the Red Centre Way again en route to Kings Canyon in the Watarrka National Park. However, we could not leave Ayers Rock resort without a camel ride for the kids and stopped off at Uluru Camel Tours for a quick encounter with some “ships of the desert”. Anna mounted on Lazy Daisy. Lazy ... read more
Camel ride
Kings Canyon rim walk
Kings Canyon rim

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kings Canyon January 10th 2012

Day 118, 07/01/12 Got picked up at 6am and off we went to Kings Canyon. A long drive and we arrived about 12noon and did a lovely walk around the top and stopped off for a swim half way around in a small waterhole, as it was a warm day I jumped in. We learnt a lot of the history about the Canyon including the Aboriginal stories and the scientific/evolution facts. The whole tour is in the middle of knowhere and you barely seen any cars on the one long road, just desert and shrubs for miles and miles on end - so guess where we slept that night? In a tiny opening about 1km away from the main road in the land with a tiny corrugated shelter and a space for a fire. You sleep ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kings Canyon December 1st 2011

Heading north we stop off to see Australia’s version of the Grand Canyon. Kings Canyon. We stayed at another Voyages Resort with camping which was as good as the Yulara one. We were warned at reception about the dingos and to not leave the dog on his own. Which we realised was no exaggeration when later that night when we were having dinner our van got surrounded by 3 dingos all howling and looking ready to try a piece of tasty blue cattle dog for dinner! We promptly shoved him in the van where he stayed till the sun came up! The creek walk into the canyon was easy and lovely. The big walk (Canyon Rim Walk) was too long for us to do so we were a bit cheeky and just did the first part ... read more
Kings Canyon
Lots of wildlife in the canyon
Steep climb up the canyon.


Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kings Canyon September 19th 2011

Several months ago, when this trip was still in the planning stages, the community of geo-bloggers were asked to describe geology that they find sexy. The topic wasn't meant to be about double-entendres (but lets face it, there are lots of those in geology), but about geological features that we get really excited about. I wrote about ripple marks, although there was also a brief mention of cross-bedded sandstone. Imagine my delight then, early this morning as we made the steep ascent on the start of the King's Canyon rim walk, when I started seeing cross-bedding and ripple marks. Our guide said that I should wait until we were at the top, and then I'd be really excited... Uluru() and Kata Tjuta () were amazing, but King's Canyon was spectacula... read more
Early  morning at Kings Canyon 4
Infamous gap
Sunlight and shadows

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kings Canyon September 1st 2011

We had to get up early again, no sleeping in for us! After breakfast we drove over to Kings Canyon. This wasn't the hardest hike but it was a long one and walking on the same kind of rock that I fell on so I opted not to do the hike at the top but the easy hike in the bottom of the canyon. It was still a really nice walk. Once everyone was back we all had lunch together and then it was time to go back and pack up the camp. Then it was time to make the long journey back to Alice Springs. On the way we stopped at a roadhouse that also sells aboriginal art so we could have a look. We got back into Alice Springs and then hopped straight into ... read more
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kings Canyon August 31st 2011

From Georgina-kids too busy playing so I thought I better take over for now! Apart for the ridiculous prices of everything (a can of coke $5 and petrol, $2.10 a litre), we loved KIngs Canyon. The caravan park is quite near the bottom of the Canyon. As this sun sets, the view was magnificent. We settled into a much quieter park. It had a very relaxed atmosphere, set amongst grasslands. We were advised by other travellers to put all the shoes in at night because the dingoes like them-didn't see any but they hang around. We decided to make (and it definitely was make) the kids do the Kings Canyon rim walk the next morning. It was a 6km, 2-3 hr walk up the side of the Canyon (a very steep start) and then a picturesque ... read more
The Canyon
Having a rest at the top
Fossilised sea ripples on the canyon floor

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kings Canyon August 24th 2011

Ayres Rock to Kings Canyon Resort(KCR) (3037 km to 3333 km ) with stop to see camels at Kings Creek Station(KCS).... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kings Canyon July 16th 2011

July 16th This pre dawn rising will take us to Kings Canyon. The park protects the rugged and scenic George Gill Range. This range contains a massive gorge, with red sandstone walls that rise over 100 metres to a plateau of rocky domes and other sandstone formations. The walk lead along the canyon rim and around the full length of the canyon. This walk is one of the best in Central Australia. It features the weathered sandstone domes called "The Lost City" and the to descend into a very sheltered valley with a permanent water hole, called "The Garden of Eden". After the hike we stop for a chance to buy snacks for the long travel on the Mereenie Road, a very bumpy dirt road, that was not driveable a few days ago as there were ... read more
I have to climb that!!
I made it up now all I have to do is climb around on the rocks
Gavin, our guide has had enough!!!

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