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I had often wondered what Alice Springs was really like ..... a small hot and dry one horse town in the middle of a desert? Maybe very much isolated from the rest of Australia? Was it really worth visiting? In fact Alice Springs is a reasonable sized town with good road and air links. There is some pleasant greenery and parkland and it even rained on the day we arrived! There are several shops to visit that sell aboriginal art and crafts. Anzac Hill provides a panoramic view of Alice and the surrounding MacDonnell hills. Alice turned out to be a great base to explore the Red Centre of Australia and the Old Telegraph Station and Olive Pink's Botanic gardens are well worth a visit. The Old Telegraph Station opened in 1872 and an overland telegraph ... read more
Alice Springs 1
Alice Springs 2
Old Telegraph Station  1

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs March 23rd 2014

Early in the morning I walked to shopping centre. I stopped at Botanic Garden, but it opens primal at 8 am. It took half an hour to reach centrum. Back at hotel after breakfast we started our tour again. We visited the old telegraph station. Next stop was Alice Springs airport. We flight to Adelaide. We made a short sightseeing tour and subsequently we visited a opal mine museum.... read more
Opal mine museum - dressing
Old telegraph station
Colored wall

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs March 22nd 2014

We were picked up early in the morning for a round flight to Ayers Rock and the Olgas. It was a little plane with six passengers and a pilot. It was a fascinating flight. Back at our hotel we ate breakfast and checked out. Next stop Ayers Rock. We made two walking stops and watched the huge holy hill from close to. Next stop culture centre next to Ayers Rock. Next target Alice Springs. On our way to Alice Springs we made just toilet stops.... read more
Flight above Red Centre - Ayers Rock
Flight above Red Centre -The Olgas
Detail Ayers Rock

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs February 12th 2014

Tuesday continued..........went off to Kaka Tjuta/The Olgas, impressive "domes" not to far from Uluru. Because of the temperature, The Valley of the Winds walk was only open up to the first lookout point (more than 36 degrees and the National Park Rangers limit the distances you are allowed to go). So we did that and then another walk into the Walpa Gorge. In the Valley of the Winds it wasn't windy...........but on the way back it poured and we got soaked. Fortunately the temperature only dropped 10 degrees, to 30! But it cleared up and we carried on with the 2nd walk. It rained a bit more after when we reached the sunset viewing area, but as the wine was opened by then, nobody bothered! - pics attached. Wednesdsy........up at 03.30 to head off to the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs February 9th 2014

In Alice Springs now, 1.5 hours ahead of Perth - I suppose that I'll get this lost time back, though. 37 degrees....... but rain forecast for Tuesday! Fairly uneventful day........drove to airport.......left my glasses in the hire car, but remembered in time to retrieve them........Boeing 717 flight to Alice Springs..........shuttle bus to the Chifley hotel. Which, fortunately, has a pool! After a bit of relaxation, we wandered into the town - wasn't greatly impressed as Sunday appears to be early closing day........or maybe a non-opening day. Highlight of the day was having deep-fried banana and Mars Bar - the "traditional" Scottish dish that I'd never seen on a menu till I got to Oz!! 06.35 pick-up tomorrow to do Uluru etc. over 3 days, 2 nights. For the first time since we left, I'll probably be ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs November 14th 2013

Whew! We made it back from our 3-day camping tour to Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), and Kings Canyon and we haven't succumbed to the heat! It's only spring here - summer doesn't officially start until December 20/21 but let me tell you, this heat - especially in the Uluru/Kata Tjuta/Kings Canyon area - is incredible. Something about the sun is much more intense (or else it's because there's a lot less shade) but you have to drink lots of water and wear proper head gear or else. The trip from the Alice (as they call it here) to Uluru is over 500km, so our busload was picked up from our various hotels and we left at about 6:30 am on Tuesday. We had several stops on the way out including one at a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs November 6th 2013

Soon after school term resumed I flew up to Alice Springs for my tour with WayOutback. The local Shuttlebus dropped me at Alice Lodge Backpackers, who had booked my tour, and were extremely helpful. After I got settled into a comfy little dorm I met up with a lovely 5W member who took me to her home for lunch. I discovered there was an Aboriginal festival happening that weekend, which I sadly missed; still she took me to a gallery to view some gorgeous paintings by local people. Later I walked into town searching for food for supper, passing several groups of Aboriginal people clustered along the dry river banks. The following morning I woke far too early, having forgotten to alter my phone clock... Melbourne time change to daylight savings, which doesn't happen in Northern ... read more
I was there!
Sunset at the rock
Sunrise fromKata Tjuta

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs October 15th 2013

As we headed west on the 17thSept we had no idea we would be gracing the town of Alice again so soon, but here we are updating another blog from the centre! Of course, there is a story behind the backtracking, but first we’ll fill you in on our big adventure out & back again…. The first couple of nights away saw the usual “restless rangas” as we got walked all over, meowed at, our slightly stressed rangas battling to get used to the whole bus idea again. But they were little champs at settled back into the routine of walking on leashes & being confronted with a new camp every night within a couple of days. I think we all forgot how cramped the little bus bed is on a two-cat night!! Out into the ... read more
Happy Hour Old Andado
Hittin the road
Mt Connor

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs October 13th 2013

The red centre of Australia is not an easy place for neither man nor creature to live. Water is a major issue, and unreliably seasonal out here. A supply of food is difficult as well which is why our Aboriginal people wandered from place to place throughout the seasons. Reptiles seem to have survived here, and the variety is quite large, both snakes and four legged reptiles in quite a variety of breeds. The Alice Springs Reptile centre, right in town, has quite a variety of snakes, lizards, skinks and geckos, all native to the red centre. The great thing is you get to learn how to handle the non-venomous lizards, and how to not touch the venomous snakes. You do get a chance to wear an olive python, and most guests did do that. They ... read more
Thorny Devil 1
Thorny Devil 2
Small frilly lizard

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs October 4th 2013

From Yulara, it was on to Alice Springs via Kings Canyon and the West MacDonald Ranges. Kings Creek Station was our next stop, our base while exploring Kings Canyon. We were again up early to do the canyon walk, luckily for us it was a nice cool day. The walk up the canyon is steep and long with lots of steps, but once at the top the walk is amazing. There is a fantastic view down into the canyon and the magnificent colour of the walls. Once at the end of the canyon we walk down to the Garden of Eden water hole, it is a great place to have a rest an enjoy the birds flying around the waterhole. The following day, we met some of the locals at the station, the calf used to ... read more
Calf that roams the station
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon

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