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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darling Harbour July 27th 2014

Wow, was für ein tolles Wochenende!! Leider passiert hier unter der Woche nicht so viel weil ich meistens nach der Arbeit ziemlich kaputt bin und weil es so früh dunkel wird... manchmal gehen wir noch was trinken oder was essen aber arg viel mehr passiert unter der Woche nicht.... DESHALB muss ich meine Wochenenden so gut es geht ausnutzen!!! Also sind wir gestern - da eigentlich Regen angesagt war - ins Sea Life gegangen, war wirklich mega cool dort und viiiiiiiel größer als z.B. in Konstanz :) Und das Wetter war dann doch garnicht so schlecht und daher haben wir den Rest des Tages im Darling Harbour verbracht. Anschließend sind wir zu Pizza Hut und haben uns am Buffet den Bauch rand voll geschlagen :D Folgich konnten wir abends nur noch Filme schauen... Und heute war ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney July 19th 2014

FACES OF THE PHILIPPINES...Meeting Liliram's Extended Family. I've travelled the world enjoying the hospitality this great planet offers...enjoying smiles and meals with peoples of the four "Cs"...various countries, creeds, colours and cultures. And it often strikes me...we don't really know the soul of the four "Cs"...until they embrace us with hospitality...welcome us into their family...their way. We welcome people from around the world into our's our way. Recently Denise and I were embraced with Filippino hospitality...and it blew us away. Welcome to the world of Liliram's extended family...gathered together to honour a better excuse for a get-together. No better excuse for me to share my portraits of these beautiful people...smiles and love for each other aplenty. ****** Lili we know as Liliram...lives in the Philippines..... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks July 18th 2014

Hello! I have now been sat in sunny Lincolnshire for a week and a half but I am only just getting around to writing about my lovely holiday in Australia! So here goes.... The Friday was the last day at school and after vowing I was going home to pack, I actually went out for dinner and drinks with the girls. This was the last time I would see many of these people for a while (they are leaving Korea for good) so after stuffing our faces and having a few alcoholic beverages, things got emotional. I eventually left, after putting it off for a few hours, and went home to pack around 10pm. I finished around 2am and went to bed, then getting up at 4.20am to leave at 5.20am to catch the airport bus. ... read more
Melbourne City Centre or 'CBD'
Katharine getting excited about the croc!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney July 17th 2014

King Street, Newtown Newtown is the hands-down boho capital of Sydney. If Newtown isn’t alternative enough for you, not musical or artsy enough, then take the first bus or plane out of the Harbour City – because this is as good as it gets. There are many cool places to eat, listen to music, drink coffee and a range of other things in Newtown. But I won’t name them all here, because first up it deserves to stand on this list alone. Just stopping by King Street and walking past the cafes, shops and bars is cool enough to start. See a bookstore that looks interesting? Step in. Smell some nice food? Grab a bite. Hear some chill music? Sit down and have a listen. If I’m bored or whatnot, King Street has often been my ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney July 16th 2014

Welcome to the first instalment of my multi-part series, Kris's Alternative (Bohemian) Guide to Sydney! I've lived in Sydney all my life. While the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach are all beautiful, there are people like me we want a bit more. We want something alternative. Something artsy. A place where records hang from the ceilings, or paintings adorn the walls. We want something "boho". When I visited Berlin, I did the Alternative Berlin Tour ( and thoroughly enjoyed soaking up what the art-driven city had to offer in its underground. Whilst I don't think Sydney can quite live up to Berlin in its creativity, there is certainly more than meets the eye if you're willing to peer inside under the the surface, and explore beyond the more obvious spots found in ... read more
White Rabbit


Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney July 14th 2014

Die Zeit vergeht sooo schnell hier.... jetzt ist schon das dritte Wochenende vorbei. Samstag bin ich mit der Fähre nach Manly Beach gefahren J ein wirklich schöner und ungewöhnlicher Strand. Hier gibt es keine Palmen sondern Nadelbäume!! :D Trotz Wind war es angenehm warm und man konnte es den ganzen Tag dort aushalten J Sonntag sind wir dann zum Taronga Zoo gefahren. Wirklich toll die vielen australischen Tiere zu sehen! Leider darf man zurzeit die Koalas und Kängurus nicht anfassen... naja besser so für die armen Tierchen J Uuuund zu allerletzt heute morgen das WM-Finale!!!!! Wecker klingelte um 4 und ich habe mich mit einer Amerikanerin (Kelli) getroffen, um Chocolatechip-Banana-Blueberry-Pancakes zu machen ( Olee ole Teresa... read more
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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Coogee July 8th 2014

G'day! Apologies for the radio silence, my laptop died a sudden death and quite a few people tried quite a few things to revive it but to no avail, so i splashed out on a new one, buckling to the peer pressure of my relatives. Since my last blog I've been working i don't really have much time for sightseeing . I did manage to go for a daytrip to the Blue Mountains in the outskirts of Sydney a few weeks ago. We caught the train from Central Station to Katoomba where the Blue Mountains National Park is. Stepping off the train it was noticeable how different the difference in temperature to sydney- it was freezing! The views were spectacular and a two hour walk around whats known as ' the three sisters' mainly consisting of ... read more
Say Cheese
vivid sydney

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Kings Cross July 5th 2014

Soo.. die erste Woche habe ich nun schon hinter mir und nach einem verspäteten Jetlag, den ersten paar Tagen bei meinem Praktikum und Public Viewing im Casino, habe ich mich mittlerweile ganz gut eingelebt :)Am Donnerstag habe ich mich mit ein paar anderen Praktikanten der Agentur zum Schnitzel und Eis essen getroffen und kann sagen, dass ich mittlerweile relativ viele coole Leute kennen lernen durfte :) Gestern Abend war ich dann mit ein paar Leuten erst in einer Bar und anschließend waren wir in einem ziemlich noblem Casino und haben dort nachts um 2 Fußball geschaut (-'Schlaaand). Leider war es sehr schwer danach ein Taxi zu bekommen um zurück nach Hause zu fahren... Züge fahren ab einer bestimmten Uhrzeit nichtmehr .... aber so ist das nunmal in Sydney ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Kings Cross June 30th 2014

...... nachdem ich die ersten paar Tage hier in Sydney hinter mir habe, komme ich endlich mal dazu euch zu erzählen, was ich bisher erlebt habe :) Natürlich fing alles sehr chaotisch an - wie könnte es anders sein?- - turbulenter Flug - verpeilter Taxifahrer ("kennst du den Weg?") - vertauschte Zimmer Am ersten Tag hab ich dann nur die wichtigsten Sachen erledigt, wie einkaufen, Bahnticket holen etc. und abends hab ich gleich die ersten Roomies kennengelernt, wovon 4 deutsch sind, 16 amerikanisch und dann noch einzelne spanisch, indisch, französisch ..... Gestern bin ich dann mit ein paar von ihnen zum Bondi Beach gefahren und wir haben dann noch geschaut wo mein Praktikum stattfindet (ganz in der Nähe vom Opera House :))))) ), anschließend waren wir noch in einem Pub etwas Bier trinken (um 6 is ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney June 28th 2014

When I had got my June roster in May I wrote to my two friends from back home, Saara and Raonaid, who I usually meet when I go to Sydney to tell them I was coming back over at the end of June. Raonaid replied stating that she hoped it was on the last weekend of the month as that would be her last weekend in Sydney after three years here as she is off to New Zealand. And lone behold that was the weekend I was due to arrive. So perfect, like fate. So arrived early morning again and had a sleep til early afternoon. I was meant to go out earlier to meet Saara for a walk but we both slept too late. Once I left the hotel I quickly popped over to Paddys ... read more
Good old Paddys Market
Wee wintery tree
Ice rink at Darling Harbour

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