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March 3rd 2007
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Yesterday was Sydney's Mardi Gras parade and the afterparty. It is now 940 am Sunday and I still have not been to bed. It was such an amazing experience. Thousands and thousands of people partying and partying and partying. Almost everybody was dressed up in some sort of costume. Some of my favourites were the stewardesses and all the female cops. The floats were fabulous. The people were great. I met up with a bunch of people. Mostly couchsurfers, but I also met up with my friend Matt . The CSers at the arfterparty were Susanna, Michelle, and Simone. We had problems trying to meet up with anyone else.

Unfortunately, they dont allow cameras in the afterparty. So no photos of it. But I will post a link to my parade photos after I get home.

Last Thursday, I organised a couchsurfing meet in The Rocks area of Sydney. About 14 people showed up for it. That is a great amount for a last-minute planned get-together. I met some cool people that night. Including Ethan, a cute, little Asian, flambouyant guy. Also met Nick, a very cute boy from New Jersey. I have been trying to meet Nick somewhere along the coast the past few weeks. We finally met and then just kept teasing each other about being from NJ. I wanted to hook Nick up with Matt. But I never was able to find Nick at Mardi Gras to introduce them.

Friday night, Sarah had a dinner party. She is my CS host, which means she is letting me stay at her house free of charge during my visit. In return, I leave her a good reference and then someone will more likely host her on her travels. She is a really, sweet girl. The first day I arrived, she gave me a tour around the eastern beaches and showed me places not in the travel guide books. She showed me the locals way. She kept apologising for not being able to spend more time with me. I told her she has already spent more time with me in one day that most of my hosts spent over a few days. She also was hosting another American the day after I arrived. So she had a dinner in our honour. Twelve people arrived for dinner. We drank lots of wine and rum and had lots of great food. Sarah put a surfboard on some crates to use as out serving table. We all joked and laughed and took many photos. I will post them soon.

Oh, also on Thursday I spent the afternoon at Bondi Beach with Amy. I first met Amy back in Nelson, NZ at the Couchsurfing collective. She is a sweetheart. We spent a long time sitting on my blanket on the beach. We talked about the rest of our travels since we last saw each other. We then went into the city. I picked up my tickets for Mardi Gras afterparty. We walked around more. She wanted to stop in a comic book store. We did. (I saw an original Transformers Bumble Bee for $95.) I recognised a guy at the counter paying for some comics. It was Matt, the guy I hung out with during my Uluru camping trip. He has a creative (aka bullshit) mind like I do and the same sense of humour. We chatted some and he seemed just as excited to see me as I him. We made plans to find each other at Mardi Gras.

I should go sleep. I will be back in Philly within 48 hours. Hard to believe this trip is finally ending. I will update the old blogs sometime this week.

Thanks everyone for reading it. I will let you know each time I add an old one.


4th March 2007

Coming Home
I'm glad you had so much fun.....can't wait to hear fun stories....all that stuff you didn't have time to write. xoxoxo
5th March 2007

I wish i was there!!
I loved the post card u sent me as well... let me know when u get back and feel like meeting up my world travelr friend

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