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December 11th 2011
Published: December 11th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

I woke up this morning wondering why on earth it was raining when it was no longer monsoon season. I then wondered how my mattress made of foam and some form of twigs had become so cozy, squishy and lovely. Then I remembered I was back home!

No one warned me about post-India depression, but its hit me like a brick! I managed to sleep quite soundly on the plane from Mumbai to Singapore, it was a mix of waking up drooling and constant head nods but still better than my usual sleep patterns on planes. But taking off from Singapore to Sydney I was overwhelmed with a huge amount of sadness, I can't explain it (I definitely couldn't explain it to the stewardess that was trying to comfort me hah!) but I couldn't stop wailing like a mad woman!

So I landed in Sydney and met Mumma. Poor Mum has seen me through the whole experience and what does she get in return, a very sad Sally that's threatening to jump back on the plane! BUT she and Pete were lovely and supportive despite me walking through the door and announcing that I couldn't be home and running out again!

I trained with my brother yesterday, it was awesome! He didn't push me which was a nice introduction back into the world of exercise! I've managed to gain an impressive (at least) 5kgs since being away (pretty sure I can blame the beer, mojitos and banoffee for that) so am looking forward to being a bit more physically active now that I'm home! I also got to see Dad who filled me in on the realities of his heart problems which were worse than the stories I got told. But he's now all pacemakered up, 20kgs lighter and has a new colour to his skin that I haven't seen before, well not in a long time!

This still doesn't feel real and I'm pretty unconvinced that I went to India at all (except for the photo evidence). I had the time of my life and despite the difficult parts I've never laughed so hard, cried so much and felt so happy to be alive! I have met amazing people who will be friends for life (after I said 'bye' to Esme, Clive this guy that got so drunk, and whatever else, he played imaginary golf for 6 hours, came up to me and said 'Sally I'm a pretty perceptive guy, yeah, and today I can see you've lost a soul mate, yeah', he was so right!).

So recently single, recently graduated and recently home a new adventure begins! And so do the savings.

So here's a little Dr Seuss motivation for my last blog:

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go


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