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March 12th 2007
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Mar 6. Spruik Bateman. Very quiet. Bloke rendevoused for flag said he'd put it up pole. Lunch at Water Garden Park. Australian coot, little grebe, chestnut teal, Pacific Black Duck ( not black).
Mar 7. Miscellaneous spruiking. Drove toward Ulladulla. Stopped Meroo N.P. Green headland stretching north toward Jervis Bay. No one around. Ulladulla met Alan who got flag. Clear cool day.
Mar 8. Again Ulladulla and surprizingly many stickers went out. Black Kite at surf spot. Today no waves, no surfers. A couple of divers. Some walkers (from England) loved flag.
Mar 9. Huskisson. Day on the one street. Here a microcosm of small, incredibly new Australia. The setting Jervis Bay. Green backdrop, white sand beach stretching around and around to vertical headland, naval and occasionally air force firing range of north arm forming the bay. Whale watch, tidal flow up river, down river. Four young girls frolicked off the dock, jumping, splashing, shreiking as they love to do. Sea eagle circling, cloudy, blue patches, RSL flag, Aussie and NSW flags. In the distance, private property spotted American flag. Someone's backyard. 'Husky Pub' beckoned long time traveller. Can words describe shallow surf, river mouth, ripples, currents, boats, multihulls, sail, power? Tide current. Infinite variation. Back currents, up drafts, lulls, vectors, blades of knee high grass, vans, caravans, crass materialism, consumption beyond excess, burning up our world. Then a bunch alight from a taxi, old woman wearing white veil, what can this be? She's got red roses. There's a guy with a black hat. Someone's got cigarette, bundy and coke. Hugs, family celebration. Seagulls gather. And I wonder. Having wandered lo these many months, stretching years, to this place like multiple others, yet now the centre of the UNIVERSE. Nowhere, everywhere, All of us, one of us. She'll be right mate.


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