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March 4th 2009
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Last couple days I was on the Oz Experience bus... I am really enjoying travelling this way. The guide was fantastic and I have been able to finally meet some new people. The road between Melbourne and Sydney is the one less traveled. The first day we stopped at a Vineyard outside of Lakes Enterance. The owner was this little old man and what a pervert.... we were instint freinds. $2.00 for 2 hours of wine tasting from his vinyard. i can guarantee that he did not make any money of off me. I am sure that i treid every wine at least 3 times and even sipped the port. The guide eventaully came back in to say " Candy mate, EVERYONE else is sitting on the bus waiting to leave... is it ok if we go now." To my shock I did not realize that I was the only one left...... Let me say he had GREAT WINE and walked out with a bottle in hand. Stayed in Lakes Enterance that night with my new bus freinds. Drank my wine out of a brown papper bag on the beach and watched the sun set. sounds romantic but it wasn't.

Next day, hiked the highest point in Australia .... Mount Koziosko. That night the shots flowed freely. I taught the girls form England how to line dance and yes.... Ang Lipka will be pround the "Waxer has gone international once more".......

The next couple days I killed time Jindabyne... a little resort town nestled in the snowy mountains. Great place. Very quite and secluded. It is only busy in the ski season. went to the beach to RNR. Fell asleep and burnt Everything@!!!!!!! my ass, my ears, my face and my whoohoo! This will make horse back riding interesting for the next couple days. Real smart Candace!!!!


12th March 2009

Not feeling sorry for you
Hi Candace, I am not feeling sorry for your sunburnt ass as right about now we are in a deep freeze experiencing record breaking - yes record breaking (-52) cold temperatures. So grin and bear the sunburn my dear as I saw 2 frost bitten ranchers today! Enjoy my deary while you can as you will be in Saskatchewan next winter joining us!

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