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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay June 30th 2014

We woke early and decided, as Kingscliff is only one hour away, to ask at the caravan park office if we could delay our departure so we could try whale watching at the Cape Byron Lighthouse again. Luckily, they agreed and we jumped straight in the car and drove there. The roads were less crowded than last night and we managed to get up to the top ($7) car park and were guided to park right next to Ros and Arthur, who had also just arrived! The day was beautiful and sunny with a brisk wind that was a little cool – coats needed when out of the sun. We walked over to the fence and looked out over the clearest, bluest sea you could hope for. The first thing we spotted was a pod of ... read more
Dolphins at Cape Byron
Cape Byron Lighthouse
Sugar Cane Fields on the Road to Kingscliff

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay April 29th 2014

The bus arrived in Byron Bay early in the morning so we walked the 10 minutes to our hostel, Backpackers Inn. The hostel appealed to me straight away, it had a large social area, hammocks, volley ball net, swimming pool and you were actually allowed to drink your own alcohol (a huge rarity in Australia)! There was also a small path at the back of the garden which led straight to the beach in less than a minute and the beach was really nice. We finally checked into our room and met two Essex girls called Laura and Amy who both seemed like they had decent banter which is a massive bonus when you have to share a room with people all the time. We sorted our stuff out and then all jumped in the pool ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay March 15th 2014

Queen Mary Day 2 The sun rose over the ocean to start the day. What a sight to behold. While Phillip walked around the deck 4 times, Jennifer made her start to the day. Breakfast was held in the Britannia Restaurant. Jennifer had scrambled eggs and Phillip had a personalised omelette with English bacon. We returned to our room and after a while we both fell asleep for half an hour! Apparently many on board did the same. Had a little wander around the ship finding shops and the library – all of a sudden it was lunchtime! So back to the Brittania Restaurant and instead of sitting by ourselves, we joined a table with a couple from Perth, two sisters, one from Melbourne and the other from Merimbula in NSW. Also at the table were ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay March 11th 2014

Moj druhy australsky trip bol smerom zo Sydney po vychodnom pobrezi. Prva zastavka bola v Byron Bay. Krasne male mestecko mi v mnohom pripominalo nase "domace" dovolenkove mestecka v Chorvatsku. Velmi prijemna atmosfera, priatelski ludia a strasne vela mladych ludi, najma surferov. Po ubytovani sa v hosteli viedli moje prve kroky samozrejme na plaz. Ako inak :) Cestou som presla toto male mestecko a trosku sa zorientovala kde co najdem. Asi po 10 minutach chodze som dorazila na miestnu plaz a okamzite sa zamilovala. Nadherna, obrovska a cista plaz s drobulinkym pieskom, no prosto raj. Z pravej strany sa na kopci tycil majak, ktory tomuto miestu dava jeho jedinecnu tvar. Tam som sa musela vydat. A kedze som tu mala stravit len dva dni, vybrala som sa k majaku hned prvy den mojho prichodu. Prechadzka to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 21st 2014

When I went to Tesco to buy my toiletries prior to my trip, I was appalled at what I saw in the sun lotion section. Such a thing as 5 or even 3 spf – oh hells no. I scoured the shelves until I could load up on two bottles of the maximum 50+ spf. I don’t care if I don’t tan, I am not getting burnt. Fast forward 4 months. I haven’t been anywhere near a beach in a good while, so when I arrive in Byron and see the gorgeousness of the coastline, I couldn’t wait to hit it. The hostel was the YHA and had the archetypal relaxed balmy feel about it that seemed to me to epitomise Australia. It had a pool, but why would I touch that when I can stroll ... read more


Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 11th 2014

So here we are now in Yuraygir National park at Sandon River campground, 3 days of being self sufficient!!! Darrens had lots of fun setting up the shower tent and the cube hot water system (awesome)! Another lovely sport as they all are that we have visited so far. Perched on a sandy peninsular by the Sandon River mouth, Sandon River campground presents you with river on one side and protected ocean on the other. Not only does this mean million-dollar views, but easy access for fishing, swimming and boating. Here we spent all 3 days on the beach, swimming, boating and Darren still hasn't caught any fish (surprise! Surprise!). We did see a sting ray washed up on the beach though, does that count, and we also saw turtles in the water, apparently up the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 2nd 2014

Since we left home some time in early March, we have traveled far over the autumn/winter, enjoying a warmer winter in Queensland. Its now September, and after six months of much loved travelling, we continue the journey south, to our home town in Far North New South Wales. Perspective on escaping to a warmer winter is seemingly relative, one relative of mine, my niece Melanie, who endures the harsh cold windy wet winters of Melbourne, wondered why we, who live on the Far North Coast of NSW, should need to go north to escape the chills of 'old man winter', I replied to Mel, it would be like a Taswegian wondering why a Melbournian would need to go north in winter, the truth is simple, we just need to follow the birds. Many antipodean birds regardless ... read more
relax with max, Byron Headland
chilling out at Coochin Creek
Littleflower in the sun

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay January 3rd 2014

Mit Byron Bay hatten wir uns den östlichsten Punkt des fünften Kontinents als nächstes Ziel ausgesucht. An einem klaren Tag kann man vom Byron Bay Leuchtturm aus - dem östlichsten Punkt des australischen Festlands - auf einige Sehenswürdigkeiten blicken: den von der UNESCO zum Welt-Naturerbe erklärten Regenwäldern, die langgezogenen, feinsandigen Traumstrände rund um den Ort an denen sich hunderte Surfer in die Wellen stürzen, grüne Zuckerrohrfelder und das dunkelblaue Meer, in dem sich Haie, Delphine, Mantas, Rochen und Riesenschildkröten tummeln. Dieser Ort ist so beliebt, dass wir uns wiederum mit einem Vorort begnügen mussten, um unser Nachtlager aufzuschlagen. Seit wir in New South Wales angekommen sind, begleiten uns endlose lange Sandstrände. So hatte es auch unweit des Caravan Parks in Wooyung eine Flussmündung die direkt ins Meer überging. Da gerade Ebbe war, k... read more
So happy
Byron Bay Lighthouse View
Byron Bay Lighthouse

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay January 1st 2014

Vi ankom om mandagen den 30. om aftenen efter ca 1 times kørsel i mørket som egentlig stærkt frarådes pga risiko for “roo-striking”. Altså at ramme en kænguru som hopper over vejene - men ud over det også alle mulige andre dyr som I senere vil høre om! Vi kørte ude i ingenting og pludselig sagde GPS’en at vi skulle køre af motorvejen og ud på en eller anden skummel landevej - hvilket så var vejen til festivalen. Vi kom kørende igennem en tunnel under en vej som var belyst i alle regnbuens farver og så vidste vi godt at hvor tingene bar hen, da vi samtidig så mange unge mennesker kom kørende, gående, løbende der ind af. Vi fik en lækker plads til vores campervan. Festivalen var meget præget af australske kunstnere men selvfølgelig også ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay January 1st 2014

Christmas and New Years Down Under We arrived at Miyako’s and Lasse’s place which is located a small hour outside of Brisbane later in the evening and were really happy to finally have a proper place to stay for the next couple of days. Especially the convenience of a kitchen with a fridge, a bathroom and two wonderful soft beds seemed to be pure luxury to us :-). But also in general did Miyako and Lasse live in a very nice and modern house which they themselves moved into only 2 weeks before we arrived. They also have a very cute puppy called Ashley who was just wonderful to play with although she was very easily distracted by other interesting things. Apparently she was very curious about the many frogs and toads which also here came ... read more
Enjoying a rest

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