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Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra February 22nd 2007

There isnt much to say about Canberra, but I felt as a stop oin our travels it should be included! It all started with a ten hour overnight coach journey from Melbourne in which I felt really ill (although not cos I was right at the back of the coach, you will be pleased to hear I have travel bands now lol!) and we had a very random stop at a train station at 2am which had a 24hr cafe and not much else! When we arrived to Canberra, we only managed to find the supermarketon our first day! The second day we saw all Canberra had to offer: Old and New Parliament House, (which looks like an 80s bank)! But has a really cool roof garden where you can see all of Canberra which was ... read more
On The Way to Sydney

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra February 20th 2007

We were only in Canberra for 3 days but I thought it was worth an entry purely because despite it being the capital it is the quietest city I think I have seen, and definately the quietest capital! Unfortunately this city did not get off to a good start. We went there via the coach which was a ten hour trip. After a suspect curry and a hostel in St Kilda which only had one fan between four people in temperatures that were apparently 38 degrees, I think I can safely say we werent feeling too great! I also managed to find my camera broke and a whole load of our washing being destroyed in a machine, which didnt add to a great feel about the city! lol. Despite this, the hostel in Canberra was quite ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra February 19th 2007

I have spent 3 days in the Australian capital and it was good, but the city as a whole is very quiet and there isn't that much to do. I left Sydney on the 17th, and caught the train to Canberra, but arriving here on the weekend was wierd, everyone seemed to have disappeared! The next day I visited Parliament House, Old Parliament House, wacthed the Captin Cook Memorial Jet for a while, went to the National Library and the National Gallery. They were all interesting places, but you couldn't (well I couldn't) spend much time there. On Monday I went to The Royal Australian Mint, where I got to make my own $1 coin! I then visited the War Memorial which was alot bigger than I thought it would be and again was quite interesting. ... read more
Parliament House
Captin Cook Jet
War Memorial

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra February 13th 2007

Next stop, ACT. Canberra, the capital of Australia. Just a quick stop of 2 days which gave me chance to see the sights - Parliament House, National Gallery, National Museum etc. Canberra has a really nice feel to it. The huge lakes and surrounding landscape seem to take away the intensity expected from a city, especially THE capital city of Australia. One big downfall - the weekend bus service is terrible which resulted in me (being too impatient to wait for the next bus) walking for miles and miles, ending up with sunburn and sore feet!!... read more
Canberra 2
Canberra 3
Canberra 4

Leaving for Perth tomorrow and had a pretty busy week in Sydney before I did. Firstly another visit to Watsons Bay, possibly because it is a lovely secluded bay with hardly any waves so you can actually swim, or because it has great birds with very little on or perhaps due to the nudist beach. Well I plucked up the courage to get my bits and pieces out and hit the beach. Nudist beach is so the wrong word to use for this place, it's pretty horrible. I found out that it is basically a gay pickup spot and within minutes of being on show, old gross gays were standing metres away from me having a good look. I even spat at one bloke to was really trying to get a good angle. I now should ... read more
Me at Opera House
Me in Canberra
Beautiful roads


After Manly on Sunday we spent the next day in downtown Sydney. Wandered through Hyde park, the botanical gardens and our around the opera house for the most part. Very cool spot. Pam was especially impressed with the bats in the gardens but they wern't much into posing for photos. For anyone wondering (I was) the opera house gets its colour from tiles all over the roof. White ones in the center of the panels and tan ones around the edges... Monday we went out to the famous Bondi beach. We have decided that Manly is much better and figure anyone coming here should go there first especially if pressed for time. The beach at Manly seems to be bigger, has shade if you want it and is in a much nice part of town (pie ... read more
Anzac Memorial
Come back here!

So I didn't mean to, but I've ended up visiting every city again in the past couple of weeks. After the massive road trip ending in Melbourne, I was off to Canberra to visit Anthony. It was nice to just relax after the road trip. I had issues with the public transport in Canberra, as the buses ran only once per hour during off-peak times, and of course I managed to miss the bus, or lose track of time, and end up waiting another hour. One afternoon I managed to miss the bus twice! So I didn't really see anything new in Canberra, but I had a great time anyways. Did some star gazing the first evening...I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing the night sky! Did you know that Orion and the ... read more
Darling Harbour by night
Sunbathing lizard
Giant goldfish

January 26th is Australia Day (and a day off work - hurrah!) - celebrated with bar-b-ques everywhere and a concert on parliament hill in Canberra.... read more
The RAAF Roulettes
Celebrating Australia Day 2007
Parliament Hill

The home stretch was in sight as we left Berlin. We spent two days in Cologne, in western Germany, enjoying non-backpacker-like luxury in a hotel overlooking the Rhine - other highlights of Cologne were the great food in the local breweries and the surprising number of professional beggars crowding the entry to the local cathedral. We then flew to London for a few days and finished off some essentials before heading back to Sydney - the National Gallery in London was well worth a look and a day trip to Oxford (didn't meet the romanticised image that I had in my mind), Stratford upon Avon (Shakespeare's home town, and Warwick Castle (where we played medieval aristocrats and militia for a few hours). Otherwise, it was comforting to get back to London for straightforward pub food and ... read more

Hi everyone! Welcome to the official website of Meya and Carla! To view a rough map of our trip click on this link: Here is a rough itinerary so that you can all know exactly where we are at all times: JANUARY: 17th - Depart Canberra 1:50 pm - Arrive Sydney 2:40 pm - Depart Sydney 5:30 pm - Arrive Bangkok 10:45 pm 18th - Depart Bangkok 7:50 am - Arrive Hanoi, Vietnam 9:35 am 24th - Depart Hanoi, Vietnam 10:40 am - Arrive Bangkok 2:30 pm 25th - Depart Bangkok 12:10 am - Arrive London 5:50 am - Depart London 12:30 pm -Arrive Valencia, Spain 1:30 pm 27th - Depart Valencia, Spain 9:30 pm - Arrive London 10:30 pm 28th - Depart London 12:05 pm - Arrive Sao Paulo, Brazil 9:40 pm 30th - ... read more

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