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North America » United States July 6th 2014

We still haven't figured out the best time of day to avoid the fog in San Francisco. . . Steve drove us around a lot of the sights of the city today. We found our way up to the top of Twin Peaks just as the thick fog set in and totally blocked the spectacular view!! Couldn't believe people were riding their bikes to the top. Then we drove down the famous Lombard Street hill. Drove to some beautiful lookout points along the bay and the Pacific coast, then through Golden Gate Park. If we were here longer, we would have walked or biked the coastal trail. (Laura said biking at Kennebunkport last year was one of her favorite parts of the trip. Hope Bobby & Polly are having a good time in Kennebunkport this weeK!). ... read more
Looking back at cars behind us snaking down Lombard Street
View from Fort Point--Golden Gate Bridge
At Fort Point looking toward Golden Gate Bridge

Nous décidons de partir tôt pour voir le lever de soleil à Joshua Tree National Park (entrée Ouest) et surtout pouvoir profiter un peu de ce désert avant les grosses chaleurs (on a retenu la leçon du Living desert!); avant 8h comment fait on pour payer l'entrée? Plusieurs promenades recommandées sont fermées - Cap Rock, Cottonwood Spring... - (en gros il faut retenir qu'il vaut mieux venir ici _ comme dans les autres parcs de l'Ouest américain _ au printemps ou automne pour en profiter vraiment) mais nous avons tout de même pu en avoir un bon aperçu (Keys View pour la vue panoramique). Sans surprise, beaucoup de yuccas Joshua Trees tout au long du parcours du Mojave Desert mais avec toutes les formes imaginables et surtout les plus belles couleurs en début de journée. Ensuite ... read more
5 am

North America » United States July 6th 2014

Woke up around 9am and we did our first grocery shop with the food kitty money today. We were split into 3 teams and my team consisted of me, Gabi, Alex and Cat. We were in charge of buying food for lunches and 1 dinner for the next 3 days, we ended up buying food for burritos and tacos as the other team stole our ideas for spag bol. Once we did the shop it was quite a mission to repack the trailer with all the food we just bought - took us about an hour! We then spent the next 6 or so hours driving to our campsite in the appalachians. This campsite was more bushy than the last one and we saw lots of fireflies! Another team cooked dinner (spag bol) and we played ... read more
spag bol for dinner
eating a smore by the fire with a head torch on... #camper

North America » United States » Maryland July 6th 2014

One planet. Seven continents. One hundred nighty five recognizable countries. Over a million places to see, but as everyone knows, a limited time to do it all. So this is the beginning. I want to see the world, as many people do, and I have already seen lots of it. I've been to Brazil, China, Japan, France and a few other countries when I was younger and I plan to go to many more. So here I've decided to document my travels, (past present and future). Here is where I will write all the the details I have from my travels and share all the great memories I have made and will make. This will be my up to date, high tech and super hip travel journal where I will visit all the X'd marked spots ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Mujeres July 6th 2014

"Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer." Buenos dias family & friends! And happy birthday (July 6th) to my dear friend Zully!!! Sending you birthday greetings & hugs. Another hot sunny day happy to report. We've had heavy rain both nights which is awesome, then we wake up and it's fresh and over with. I think it's safe to say we are all relaxing and enjoying this amazing house. Just when you think it can't get better, the manager Dan came by on Sa. and unlocked this big box on the wall (that we had no idea what was in it) on the terrace and lo and behold it's a large flat screen TV reserved only for the owner. But he felt he could trust us to ... read more
margarita chicken
Dinner table
Watching TV outside


The Sierra Nevada Mountains is home to the WORLD’s largest trees – the Sequoia These majestic 3,000 year old giants only grow in specific micro climates between 5,000 and 7,000 feet elevation. Unlike other trees which taper at the top, the width of the Sequoia is almost the same at its top as it is at its massive base. Its branches look like twisted arms reaching out towards the world. They reminded us of the Ents in Lord of the Rings. Pioneering conservationist John Muir explored and named the Giant Forest. “When I entered this sublime wilderness the day was nearly done,” he observed, “the trees with rosy, glowing countenances seemed to be hushed and thoughtful, as if waiting in conscious religious dependence on the sun, and one naturally walked softly and ... read more
Winding Road
Wildlife is everywhere
Tunnel Rock

North America » United States » Alaska July 6th 2014

Saturday morning up early, sorry to leave gorgeous Victoria, caught the ferry across the waters to Vancouver, or probably about 40 km out of Vancouver, dropped one couple at the airport and we continued on to Vancouver harbour for our next little adventure aboard the Zuiderdam for Juneau. Took us over two hours to get through customs, two ships heading out, so 5,000 people to process. Has been a little underwhelming as weather has turned a little, nice scenery so far but mountains clouded in with mist and clouds, hope it improves over the next few hours. Sunday - day at sea. Had a nice sleep in - very smooth ride last night - but Mark is on his tablets as he thought it was a bit wonky! Lovely ship holds about 1900 guests from all ... read more
Mendenhall Glacier

North America » United States » Wisconsin July 6th 2014

Wissota Lake, Wisconsin, 6 juillet Pas mal de route depuis deux jours, mais de belles surprises aussi! Petite déception d’abord avec la péninsule de Keewenaw et son extrémité, Copper Harbour. Jadis centre d’importance d’extraction du cuivre (le filon du minerai le plus pur jamais trouvé), cette pointe de terre à l’extrémité nord de l’État du Michigan offre assez peu d’attraits aujourd’hui, hormis peut-être la jolie ville de Houghton, où la prospérité issue de l’industrie minière du siècle dernier a permis la construction d’élégantes demeures et bâtiments publics. Je décidai donc de pousser toujours plus vers l’ouest vers l’archipel des Apostle Islands. La petite bourgade de Bayfield, face à l’île Madeline, est fort sympathique et les amateurs de nautisme de la région s’y donnent rendez-vous. J’ai osé braver les eaux froides du lac Sup... read more
Eagle Harbour, Michigan
Eagle Harbour, Michigan
Ashland, Michigan

North America » United States July 6th 2014

Start: Baker, Ziel: Ely, Tageskilometer: 101.8, Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 66.6, Gesamtkilometer: 5'433.0. Wie üblich um 05.00 h auf. Da wir gestern einmal mehr die Zeitgrenze überschritten haben und unsere Uhr wieder um eine Stunde zurückgestellt haben kommt heute die Sonne schon hervor als wir zusammenpacken. Heute geht es weiter auf der "loneliest road in America" wie im Juli 1968 das Life Magazine Nevadas Highway 50, der sich 459 km von Baker bis Carson City hinzieht, beschrieben hatte. Ein AAA Berater (amerikanischer Automobilclub) schreibt folgendes: "It's totally empty. There are no points of interest. We don't recommend it. The 287-mile stretch of U.S. 50 passes nine towns, two abandoned mining camps, a few gas pumps and the occasional coyote. We warn all motorists not to drive there unless they're confident of their survival skills" - zum Glück sind wir ... read more
Trotz Hitze hat es noch etwas Schnee in den Bergen
Die Rettung naht mit einem kühlen Drink
So eine Note sollte man doch haben...

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor July 6th 2014

The wakeup call Sharon requested rang shortly after the alarm I’d set on my phone alarm for 5:30 AM. We went up to the Lido to eat before meeting in the Showroom for taking a tender ashore for our whale watching tour. I had some Swiss Muesli, grapefruit juice, cantaloupe, watermelon and some rolls; while, Sharon had a chocolate croissant with her French Toast. After breakfast we gathered ourselves together, and went to wait for our tour in the Showroom. Unfortunately, they announced that our tour had been cancelled due to rough seas in our whale watching area. So, we are going to have another leisurely day, walking around town a bit, and we’ll need to take it from there. We decided to go ashore later, and stopped by the library to pick up today’s Sudoku ... read more

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