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North America » United States July 11th 2014

Nachdem mir uns hüt durchs Zmorgebuffet kämpft hän, denn es het soooo viel Lüt gha, hän mir uns uf dr Weg zum Sequoia NP gmacht. Unterwegs no e kurze Stopp für e feine Cappuccino und e heissi Schoggi. Denn isch es über kurvigi Strosse ufwärts gange. Als 1. hän mir ein vo de gröschte Bäum agluegt, dr 'General Sherman Tree'. Dä isch 84m hoch (d'Bäum im Redwood NP sin zwar höcher, hän aber nid so e digge Stamm) und het en Umfang vo 31m!! Unglaublig!! Zuedem sin viel vo dene Bäum do über 2000 Joor alt. Denn sin mir witer zur Crystal Cave. Nachdem mir s'Auto parkiert gha hän, isch es knapp en Kilometer steil bergab gange (bi ca. 28 Grad). Unde acho, het uns dr Guide in Empfang gno und knapp ei Stund durch die ... read more
Sequoia Trees
Giant Tree
Crystal Cave

North America » United States » Montana » Helena July 11th 2014

Intuition must have subconsciously influenced us on our first day to get some practice on gravel. It seems that most of Montana's back roads are under construction, and it appears to be completely acceptable practice to leave both sides of the road covered with very loose gravel, potholes, grooves, mud, oh and water in places too. Yesterday on the descent from Glacier Park, several "fancy", as my mum used to say, bikes turned around and headed back the long way rather than risk scratching their polished chrome. You've seen the guys (and it is usually guys) out front of their motel rooms at 5 am for two hours waxing and polishing before the day's ride. Not us. The dirtier, the better. We actually had fun on the gravel today, both laughing and trying to fishtail. It's ... read more
Flathead Lake
Summit at Swan Lake, Route 83
Diner in Lincoln, Montana

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island July 10th 2014

With our clocks set back one hour to Eastern Daylight Savings time, we awoke to begin our first and only sea day of this leg of our Collector’s Voyage. My day started in the gym looking out at the expanse of water in front of us. I could see the shoreline in the far distance and can only imagine the enormity of the task for early explorers seeking to find that elusive Northwest Passage. This being Thursday, I concentrated my anaerobic workout on the legs after thirty minutes on the treadmill. The Maasdam has three machines for the legs, so I also spent some time on their crunch machine and one for the arms. Sharon was about to leave for mass when I returned to the cabin. The plan was for me to work on the ... read more

Sunday 6th July 2014 Today we drove to our next stop, St Augustine, just under 300kms south of Savannah, although we ended up travelling a fair bit more than that. We set off with Brunswick punched into the GPS (what a marriage saver that is) which was just over half way. The town was deserted, we drove through it without seeing a shop open, a police car the only other vehicle around. Just outside of town we came across an interesting bridge so we stopped to stretch our legs and take some photos. Here we met some locals fishing, and talked to a couple of them. Even though they didn't seem to be catching much, one of them summed it up by saying he just enjoyed being out fishing. It wasn't the act of catching a ... read more
It's not about catching fish
Another bridge
St Augustine beach

North America » United States July 10th 2014

Bi strahlend schönem Wätter und rächt warme Temperature sin mir hüt Morge los gfahre und hän no e kurze Zwüschestopp bim Restaurant mit WLAN gmacht ;-) so hän mir au am Gotti Fabienne und Oli rasch könne 'Hallo' sage! Denn isch es losgange... Eigentlig hän mir gemäss Navi dr kürzisti Wäg usgwählt (zytlig gmeint und nid d'Kilometer). Doch die Navis sin leider nid so gschyd, as sie merke, as d'Stross wo me 55 mph dörfti fahre e Bergstross mit 100 und meh Kurve isch, wo me maximal 30 cha fahre... So hän mir denn in Mariposa entschiede e kleine Umweg z'mache, aber do drmit immerhin uf dr Freeway z'cho und nüm Ringgeliränggeli durch d'Hügel. Am Mittag sin mir denn kurz vor Fresno e Mittagspause go mache und hän zum 1. Mol dr In-n-Out-Burger teschtet. Die mache ... read more


North America » United States » Montana » Kalispell July 10th 2014

Up at 5 am to ride from Libby to Kalispell for breakfast at Bojangles Diner #Roadworks for 30 kms, riding on wet gravel and mud #2 hour ride instead of 1 Ride the "Going Up to the Sun Road" in Glacier National Park #$24 entrance fee for both bikes #Scenery #Lakes #Waterfalls #34 Degrees #6900 ft elevation #People #Traffic #Roadworks from summit to east Glacier side, 50 kms of gravel, mud, stops, starts - fun #No crumble and coffee on roadside, stove wouldn't ignite, no matches. Groan... #Bucket list Exit Glacier National Park and ride to Browning, Montana for the night? NOT. #Holiday Inn Express, Browning, don't go there. Terrible experience, left even though tired #Back on bikes, head West on Highway 2 back to Kalispell, 100 miles #Brown bear standing on his hinds on roadside ... read more
Glacier National Park, Montana
Glacier National Park, Montana
Glacier National Park, Montana

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Mujeres July 10th 2014

Advice from a sea turtle Swim with the current. Stay calm under pressure. Be well traveled. Age gracefully. Think long term. Spend time at the beach. Buenos Dias to all you crazy fools reading these blogs! Hope it's warm & sunny where you are. OK for those of you that have been reading my blogs, see if you can fill in the blank. It is so H_T here. I bet you can't do it???!!! (insert big smiley face). Things I love... 2. No socks worn here - just flip flops. When the "low" for the day is going to 28, you know it's going to be a hot day. Yes you got it, it's HOT! Why do I find myself so humorous? Yesterday we all got to do different things. Al took some of the kids ... read more
Ray floating (a rare thing!)
Girls in Akumal

North America » United States » New York » Watkins Glen July 10th 2014

Hi folks. Time to catch up a bit. It is 6pm Tuesday 8th. I’m writing up the last 2 days as a ‘Word’ document but don’t know when I’ll get internet access to cut and paste it into the Blog website and publish it, but I’ll write it up anyway and have it ready to go. Yesterday was Monday 7th and we woke up at Keuka Lake, rather later than usual…….again….. to a rather overcast and dull day. We heard a very heavy shower while we still lying in bed so we thought ‘what the heck’, not worth hurrying out of bed!!! We ended up having another lovely, much needed relaxing day by the lake doing exactly…….nothing!!!!except sit by the lake in some lovely comfortable lakeside chairs chatting to the lovely people who owned the house ... read more
The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon
The local wildlife
The Penn Wells Hotel where we had lunch

North America » United States July 10th 2014

Start: Middlegate Station, Ziel: Fallon, Tageskilometer: 80.4, Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 56.6, Gesamtkilometer: 5'858.1. Heute wurden wir um 05.00 h durch einen Helikopter der nicht weit von uns entfernt landete geweckt. In der Nähe wird ein Film gedreht und aus dem Helikopter wurde eine wilde Autofahrt mit einem Pick-Up gefilmt. Wollten heute noch in der Beiz frühstücken und mussten deshalb bis um 07.00 h warten. Das Ganze hier ist eine Art Familienbetrieb - mit zum Teil seltsamen Typen - passt irgendwie zum Ambiente... Sind dann froh als wir losfahren können. Heute ist es für uns schon fast ein Erholungstag. Die zwei Pässe die wir heute Überwinden müssen sind nicht sehr hoch. Bei der Fahrt zum ersten hält auch noch die Highway-Patrol neben uns an und fragt nach ob alles o.k. sei und wünscht uns noch "a safe ride". Später ... read more
These roads keep you going
So kann man hier auch rumfahren

North America » United States » Colorado » Antonito July 10th 2014

The summer of 2014 is here and my mind is starting to clear. It has been a long Road for Holiday. Departed Houston on June 25 and Colleyville the 26th with a passenger. We ate breakfast at Braum’s in Decatur and dinner in Bernalillo, NM. I can’t remember where we had lunch, but we did stay at a Holliday Inn Express that night. We drove through Santa Fe and one trailer blowout and several hours later we arrived in Antonito, Colorado. I wanted to try fix a flat on the blowout, but my passenger whose name rhymes with Red Fox, wouldn’t hear of it. Something about a missing valve stem. We went by Cano’s Castle and Red Fox noticed a painting on a grain elevator that depicted a topless Native American woman. Went back for a ... read more
native american

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