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North America » United States » Florida » Pompano Beach March 29th 2014

Our friends from Dallas arrived by air into the airport area of our motel yesterday. As we have been unable to fulfil our promise of hiring a car to take them around for the day, they have hired a car. Our first stop of the day is Everglades Holiday Park where we went on an airboat ride. The ride was excellent and we saw many alligators and a variety of birds. We were a bit disappointed with the attitude of the park. It all seemed to just be about moving everyone around as quickly as possible. There was little friendliness and we felt a little like we were in the way. At least we had a good visit From there we drove the Butterfly Farm in Deerfield Beach. We have been here before and thought our ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando March 29th 2014

Still no luck on being chosen to ride the float at the Mardi Gras parade at Universal Studios. Rats! We keep hoping and keep applying. Pleeeease pick us! We figure they select the folks who stay in their hotels first....the rest of us just get in by a wish and good fortune. Thus, we have had neither. We won't loose hope.....if not this year, maybe next. Always something to look forward to, I say. It's still fun to watch.....don't get me wrong. We visit with the people around us as we wait patiently for the parade to begin. This last time, we were well entertained by a jazz band which was festive. My photos of the floats don't do them justice. They are absolutely beautiful with all their bright lights and well as the entertaining ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 28th 2014

So much to see, so much to do....and so little time left. We have a little less than a month to live our life of leisure in this wonderful part of the country called the Sunshine State. Noooooo. Say it's not so. We aren't too eager to return for even the tail end of winter back home. Even though it is Spring on the calendar, Shongo hasn't recognized that fact. I'm sure the peepers aren't peeping yet. Winter up North has been a doozy. We've been spoiled. Our biggest question concerning the occasional, varying temperatures here has been whether to take a light jacket or not when going out. Sorry about that, Eskimo friends. But, soon, we will get back to our real life and remember all of this as the "Wonderful Months" rather than the ... read more
Coming Soon
All Aboard
SunRail Train

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis March 28th 2014

St Louis – Missouri It’s up at 7am to get ready and get the Greyhound from Nashville to St Louis. We get a cab from the hostel and bid farewell to Ron the owner. The cabbie is an Indian guy from Bangalore who’s moved here from California and it’s really interesting to hear his view of the difference between the 2 parts of the US; California is expensive, more liberal and kinky while Nashville is easy going but safe, conservative and cheaper. The bus is pretty full and the trip takes us through the Great Plains (miles and miles of it with isolated and very clean, shining farms – shades of the Amish in Pennsylvania and we do see a sign saying Amish Food for sale. We travel through Kentucky, Indiana & Illinois into St Louis ... read more
St Louis Riverfront
Arthur Bryants BBQ - Kansas City
St Patrick's Day Parade - St Louis

North America » United States » Texas » Austin March 28th 2014

I gotta say, I can't say I LOVED the city of Austin. It mostly was going against my grain. Coming out of Ouachita Forest, getting in touch with nature, and raising my vibration in the Aquarian age did not vibe with the nasty city life. The main activity for the partiers was to party and I'm over here trying to take it easy on the partying. Pulling into the city with the address of the botanical gardens, I walked paths to see flowers as well as a Faerie Exhibition. That was my favorite part, seeing work done by kids where they created homes for faeries to live in - super cute! After making my way and settling into the hostel, I did some exploring around the city. I went into a Russian restaurant, which felt rooting ... read more


North America » United States » Mississippi » Clarksdale March 28th 2014

Memphis – Tennessee We’re going to Graceland, Graceland…….. Memphis, Tennessee (said Paul Simon). Actually, that’s not why we’re coming here at all. We wanted to see the Delta and the LP gave Memphis an interesting write up. And we largely have to thank Rick Stein for one of his obscure travelogue/food programmes which M saw purely by accident back home and decided we had to fit the area into our travel plans and definitely a stay at the Shack Up Inn near Clarksdale. It’s a very early start as we have to get 2 buses to the Greyhound station for our bus to Memphis which leaves at 9am and surprisingly isn’t very full. It’s a Jefferson bus (a partner of Greyhound), but the facilities aren’t as good – no Wi-Fi or chargers on board for such ... read more
Our pad - Clarksdale
The King..... with Elvis, Sun Studios Memphis
At The Shack Up Inn - Clarksdale

North America » United States » Florida March 28th 2014

Video Editing Services in Florida. Have your been shooting a lot of video clips and want to make a real cool video? Edit, trim the parts you don’t like, keep the parts that you love and join them together with a transition or special effect, insert photos, add credits and captions, throw in your music and much more. Please send me a message I will do it for you! I can keep it simple or take a little more control applying a few other options but always producing good quality movies. I will save the results as a video file ready to upload them directly to YouTube, Facebook and many other sites. While this sounds basic, there are lots of options and fine controls to help make sure everything goes as you expect, the process ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs March 28th 2014

Well, if today wasn’t wild, slap me on the ass and call me a donkey! Let’s start with the morning, which was waking up in the hotel room. Releasing emotions, I bawled like a baby. I can’t remember the reason why. It must be because of what happened in the afternoon where I changed my life forever. Where I entered into the third dimension. Where I cleansed my brain and heart and kundalini. Time, time, time. It feels there is not enough time even though the amount is perfect. So I went back to Larry’s place. I liked when I arrived because he stood outside on his doorstep only exposing his left half. He looked completely different. Part of me couldn’t even tell, “are you the same person as yesterday or a friend of Larry’s or ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Pompano Beach March 27th 2014

Following Georges visit to the doctors in Jamaica, he has made a good recovery, but the medication has now run out and he thinks he still needs a little more. The rash was still pretty vast and the associated nerve pain more prominent that we would wish. The original doctor did advise that this may be the case. The doctor’s office was about a mile from our motel. The receptionist had advised a bus or taxi, but we decided that our feet would do this job and walked the mile or so. George got some additional pain killers and some steroids and advice to help along with the virus. With Walgreens across the street, this was the obvious place to take his medication prescriptions and also to start on our essential small shopping list. When we ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Brookings March 27th 2014

Just trying to set up the blog so we will be ready to fill in the blanks while we are traveling around Europe. Let's see what this looks like. The website name is My email address is read more

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