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North America » United States » Texas » Austin March 16th 2014

Austin, wow what can I say. Such an enjoyable and mellow city. I went February 20th-23rd for my cousins Aaron bachelor party. I have never gone to Texas before and had heard so many amazing things about Austin especially. The food, bars on sixth street and the laid back atmosphere. Nothing could prepare me for what I would experience going down there. I went to JFK airport to meet my cousin and a few of his friends. I waited on the security line. I got to the front of the line and was told to wait by one of the security. I waited for about 5-10 minutes with a huge line building behind me. Finally another security guard came over and said why are you waiting and you should have moved already. I sat there confused ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Florida City March 16th 2014

3/16/2014 - Had a large breakfast prepared by the men - pancakes, eggs, and bacon. 80 degrees and sunny today. We went to Coral Castle. Very interesting, the short story is the the man who built it was in love with a young girl who rejected him the day before their wedding, he left Latvia and came to the US. He worked a few jobs out west then came to Florida where he built the castles for his lost love. He never married. He cut the stones from his own quarry, shaped them and placed them in the area - by himself. No one knows how he accomplished this. A truly amazing feat. If you are headed to the keys, it is beside US1 in Florida City, take a visit.... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York March 15th 2014

Except when late, the trains barely warrant mention. Nonetheless, the innumerable stories of City unfold upon this stage. Historical ones about when and how and who. Socioeconomic ones about crime and graffiti and tipping points. And undoubtedly, dramatic ones of birth and death, violence and compassion, joy and sorrow, and every other experiential polarity. More often though, the trains’ stories are banal, predictably quotidian. They are the unconsidered, unthought of, space between from and to. An urban miracle taken almost entirely for granted. Deep beneath the ground, the trains burrow under the thicket of Manhattan’s buildings, snaking through the bedrock to emerge beyond rivers in far out places with names like Pelham Bay Park, Jamaica, and Coney Island. Along the way, there are hundreds of neighborhood stations that each have their own character, their own narratives, ... read more
red eye of the incoming train
hanging on the bar
the daily reminder

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 15th 2014

I am combining 2 days since I did the same thing both days. Just hung around the campground and enjoyed the show. Saturday was the old car show on the beach picnic area and Sunday the kite surfers were incredible. The car show was not a big deal but interesting and the boy scouts were selling a fund raiser coupon book and the volunteers for the park were selling hot dogs and hamburgers to make some money, so I felt good to contribute. We had nice walks but most of the two days were spent on the beach photographing the kite surfers or reading my book. The weather has been incredibly beautiful but windy so the surfers love it and we get to watch them perform. There are random shots of birds that caught my eye. ... read more
interesting shaped bill
white egret
graceful fliers

North America » United States » Florida » Florida City March 15th 2014

3/15/2014 - Today we will be leaving the Keys and headed back to Florida City. The weather here at Bluewater has been great. Only one night we had wind, thunder, and rain. 70 and 80 the eight days we have been here. We will be staying at the Southern Comfort RV Park again on the way up. Jack, the famous cook; will be doing hamburger helper for supper. Aleta made two pans of homemade fudge, one for each motorhome. Played cards/marbles, did our walkabout, then called it a night.... read more


North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 14th 2014

blog 03-14-14 It was a great start to the day, I got to wish my sister Pat a happy birthday. As the morning rolled on I discovered that a hearty breakfast was in order so I made oatmeal pancakes with walnuts on my new coleman grill outside. The grill came with 2 tops, the regular grill and a grittle that is perfect for pancakes. No mess inside. Then it was time to give Oscar a special treat. He has been walking the same loop here and he needed a change so we went for a 2 mile hike in another part of the park across the highway. We had to drive to get there then find the entrance to the trail but once we did he was off like a bullet. We came to an opening ... read more
trail through the jungle
black bead in seed
thatch palm and a cactus

North America » United States » Arizona » Scottsdale March 14th 2014

Their list: 1. Hiking 2. Phoenix Zoo 3. Golf (normally, YES!) 4. Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium 5. Desert Botanical Garden (worthwhile and interesting) 6. Shopping 7. Taliesin West (Frank Llloyd Wright) good place to visit 8. Spring Training (only if you go to a Giants game) 9. Dolly Steamboat (?) 10. Montezuma's Castle (might as well go all the way to Sedona) My list: 1. Visit the Sartorial Superman at Patrick James Men's Shop 2. Shopping (at Cabela's and factory outlets) 3. Giants Spring Training game 4. Old Town Scottsdale 5. Los Sombreros (for their chile rellenos) 6. The Good Egg (for their huevos rancheros) 7. Musical Instrument Museum 8. Climb Camelback Mountain 9. Spa and massage (of course) 10. Pink Pony or Barrio Queen... read more
2014-03-14 14.41.19

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland March 14th 2014

"The function of ritual is not to control this baffling universe but to render homage to it, to bow to the mystery"(Alvarez). The students and their graduate student instructor have just wrapped up several intense and successful weeks of fundraising. It’s a relief for me, and I’m sure even more of a relief for them, that they’ve hit their fundraising goal. We’re at the point where you just keep turning in assignments (or if you're me, grading assignments), knowing that soon you'll be able to sleep on a nice, long plane ride. I've also been busy trying new gear and packing rather differently from my usual, since I expect to become filthy and not to bring back most of my clothing. How will these sneakers do for trudging around with a wheelbarrow? Will these sheets show ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York March 14th 2014 xx - night time Crystal Fighters - Champion Sound Ella Eyre - Deeper Iggy Azaylea - Fancy Justin Timberlake - TKO London Grammer - Wrecking Ball cover Lorde - Tennis Court url=ht... read more

North America » United States » California » Temecula March 14th 2014

The next three days were pretty uneventful. I worked all day, we had lunch, took a walk. The weather seems to have a pattern. It was overcast in the morning, cleared up with bright sunshine and blue skies by noon. In the afternoon the wind would really pick up and by dusk it would be calm again. On Wednesday night we went to Karl Strauss for dinner. it was so good. We sat outside on the heated patio. Ken had a delicious caesar salad that he ended up sharing with me-it was so good! I had a mixed green salad that was just ok. We shared a dinner: French cut pork chops (my fav), steamed green beans and broccoli. It also came with yummy mashed potatoes that I passed on. It is a micro brewery so ... read more

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