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North America » United States July 6th 2014

Mir hän hüt tatsächlig bis am 8i könne usschlofe...! Denn hän mir gaaaaanz lang mit Grosi, Nonno, Gotti Fabienne und em Oli 'telifoniert'. Isch scho super, wie toll das so goht! Nach eme feine Zmorge inkl. Fuessballmatch sin mir Richtig Pier abegfahre und hän welle nach Alcatraz übere. Das könne mir au mache, allerdings erst ab em 5. August... Unglaublig wie usbuecht das isch! So sin mir bim Fisherman's Wharf go luege, ob d'Seeleuie umme sin, aber nei, kei einzige het sich blicke loh. Drfür het d'Felicia denn dörfe uf em Trampolin go gumpe und het zum Schluss tatsächlig e Salto gschafft...! Nochane sin mir mittels Velo-Ritschka zum Ferry Building und dört uf e Spielplatz. Die zwei grosse vo uns hän Lust uf e Kaffi gha und zwar kei Pfütze und so isch d'Tanja über 20' ... read more
Cable Car
Fun in the sun
Riding a horse ;-)

The Sierra Nevada Mountains is home to the WORLD’s largest trees – the Sequoia These majestic 3,000 year old giants only grow in specific micro climates between 5,000 and 7,000 feet elevation. Unlike other trees which taper at the top, the width of the Sequoia is almost the same at its top as it is at its massive base. Its branches look like twisted arms reaching out towards the world. They reminded us of the Ents in Lord of the Rings. Pioneering conservationist John Muir explored and named the Giant Forest. “When I entered this sublime wilderness the day was nearly done,” he observed, “the trees with rosy, glowing countenances seemed to be hushed and thoughtful, as if waiting in conscious religious dependence on the sun, and one naturally walked softly and ... read more
Winding Road
Wildlife is everywhere
Tunnel Rock

North America » United States » Arizona » Camp Verde July 6th 2014

Today we head north toward Flagstaff to get on 89A South toward Sedona. We have been told that this drive through Oak Creek canyon into Sedona is the most scenic drive in the area.... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin July 6th 2014

Wissota Lake, Wisconsin, 6 juillet Pas mal de route depuis deux jours, mais de belles surprises aussi! Petite déception d’abord avec la péninsule de Keewenaw et son extrémité, Copper Harbour. Jadis centre d’importance d’extraction du cuivre (le filon du minerai le plus pur jamais trouvé), cette pointe de terre à l’extrémité nord de l’État du Michigan offre assez peu d’attraits aujourd’hui, hormis peut-être la jolie ville de Houghton, où la prospérité issue de l’industrie minière du siècle dernier a permis la construction d’élégantes demeures et bâtiments publics. Je décidai donc de pousser toujours plus vers l’ouest vers l’archipel des Apostle Islands. La petite bourgade de Bayfield, face à l’île Madeline, est fort sympathique et les amateurs de nautisme de la région s’y donnent rendez-vous. J’ai osé braver les eaux froides du lac Sup... read more
Eagle Harbour, Michigan
Eagle Harbour, Michigan
Ashland, Michigan

North America » United States » Maryland July 6th 2014

One planet. Seven continents. One hundred nighty five recognizable countries. Over a million places to see, but as everyone knows, a limited time to do it all. So this is the beginning. I want to see the world, as many people do, and I have already seen lots of it. I've been to Brazil, China, Japan, France and a few other countries when I was younger and I plan to go to many more. So here I've decided to document my travels, (past present and future). Here is where I will write all the the details I have from my travels and share all the great memories I have made and will make. This will be my up to date, high tech and super hip travel journal where I will visit all the X'd marked spots ... read more


North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston July 5th 2014

We approached Boston, and the captain did an excellent job of keeping guests comfortable; because, we never were inconvenienced in any way by Hurricane Arthur. I decided to postpone my work-out until after breakfast since the Rotterdam Dining Room would close at 8 AM when disembarkation of departing passengers was scheduled to begin. We spotted Sara and Charles in line just behind us, and asked to be seated with them. It was nice to have a chance to say goodbye to our Penguin Spotters teammates. And we agreed to continue to use the team name on future cruises, including our return leg to Montreal. Charles thought that perhaps in Southern Waters when they cruise with HAL to Antarctica, perhaps they should modify the name to Polar Bear Spotters. I did get my workout in the gym, ... read more

the past few weeks have been so busy so I have been a little slack at keeping in contact with family and friends back home. Last week was the camp healthy you week where kids that have high BMIs come for the week and learn about healthy eating and lifestyle. It was a great week, the girls cabin I had were great. Each morning they spent an hour with nurse staff and nutritionists going over healthy lifestyle factors and some counselor staff were put in this education time. I unfortunately was not part of this education time and I wish that I was because I would have benefitted a lot from it. The food at camp was specially prepared and the portion sizes were limited which I enjoyed because it wasn't buffet style, although the food ... read more

North America » United States July 5th 2014

Hüt am Morge sin mir mit em Schöfli zämme ufgstande und go Zmörgele - imene Restaurant wo grad no dr Match D gege F gloffe isch (leider hän eimol meh die falsche gwunne!) und mir WLAN gha hän. So hän mir no mit 3/4 vo de Fumas könne via Face Time pläuderle. Denn sin mir uf dr hop-on-and-off-Bus und zum Coit Tower gfahre (oder zumindest in d'Nöchi!). Denn ufe hän mir müesse laufe und das binere gfühlte Stygig vo 90% ;-) Obe acho hän mir en schöne Usblick uf d'Bay Bridge und d'Stadt sälber gha - d'Golden Gate Bridge isch mol wieder im Näbel verschwunde gsi. Drnoch sin mir ab em Hügel abe und hän e kleini Stärkig zu uns gno, damit mir dr nögscht Ufstyg schaffe - zur Lombard oder Crooked Street. Das isch die ... read more
Lombard Street
Crooked Street
View from Crooked Street

I wish I actually got around to writing my blogs at the exact time I thought about writing my blogs! But of course, my last blog was behind schedule, and thus this one is long beyond overdue, so you'll just have to imagine this is a current event.... it still feels like yesterday to me! On a Monday afternoon at the end of May, my co-worker and fellow New Englander, Christy, and I set out on an epic adventure. We hopped in Christy's fuel efficient vehicle and cruised our way east. We danced to each other's music, shared stories, and enjoyed the vast, empty space of the wild west. Eight hours after our departure, we arrived at our intended destination: Tusayan, Arizona. This little town is best known for its proximity to one of the seven ... read more
Into the Canyon
Piano Alley
"Cheese grater"

North America » United States July 5th 2014

What an interesting and fun trip. Once we got some sleep that is. Very few of us slept before boarding at 3 am We had a departure plan that included bringing packed suitcases down from 3rd floor before going to bed. Nothing like 50 people clumping down 3 flights of stairs at 2 am to wake up a hotel of sleeping travelers Mrs Morgan went with all the passports at midnight to get boarding passes. Then at 2 am we all loaded on the coach for the 10 minute drive to ferry. After US customs we boarded the ferry. Went to berths and dlepr till 9 am. Full day of fun - food- walking the deck- games - movies - more food- more walking the deck and a beautiful sunset to the northern twilight we went ... read more

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