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North America » United States » Florida March 11th 2014

Miami – 2nd time around We arrive Miami at 6.30 pm after a 1.5hr smooth flight from Grand Cayman with American Airlines. This time immigration is much quicker, but getting through customs is a pain as some old witch dealing with our queue is taking forever, while all the other queues are moving real fast. After that bit of ‘high stress activity’ we get the MIA Mover to Central Station (free) to get off to catch the Metro Bus (No:150) which runs frequently and costs only $2.60 per person into town even if you switch to another bus. So we check in at the Lombardy Inn 63rd & Collins Ave earlier than expected and meet Norma again. We get a great room this time and set out to find some food and drink. After ... read more
Miami Art Deco District
Wynwood Cafe & bar
C and Friend - Universal

North America » United States » New York » New York March 11th 2014

Unfortunately, due to the unrelenting weather conditions I have had no optimism to write a blog entry this past month. As you can only say you feel cold, dreary, cold and dreary, dreary and cold in so many ways. Thermals have become a staple part of my life, and generally have saved me from hospitalisation. I have however, no new injuries to report (touch wood), though one night I did not wear wellingtons I looked like I was attempting and failing to join 'Disney on Ice'. However, today marks the first day of actual sunshine! You can sit outside, without the risk of frostbite. Things that happened while I was away… Nets are still on course to make it to the playoffs I’ve started taking Japanese classes I went up the Empire State Building Paid a ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Key Biscayne March 11th 2014

We are ready to leave USA, leave North America. The winds turned today and are now coming from the South, but the waves had not settled yet. We could have left today, but since the winds tomorrow are also from the south and the waves will have calmed to three feet and less we will leave tomorrow around 6 am. The gulf stream is not wide at the moment, and the current will only be 1 knot instead of the more usual 2.5. There will not be a lot of wind, but everything else is perfect for an easy crossing. I think there will be a few other boats leaving tomorrow as well- they have been here a few days and this is a well known waiting spot to cross over. We are in No Name ... read more
Last sunset in Fort Pierce
Last morning in Fort Pierce
ready to go

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 11th 2014

The day was another beautiful day in Paradise so I decided I would go down and enjoy Key West for the day. It is about a 1 1/2 hr. drive and I wanted to stay for sunset, and that's at 7:30, so I had to board Oscar overnight. I found the local vet was very professional and friendly so I dropped him off about 11 am and headed south on US 1. The traffic was terrible, seems like everybody had the same idea. It was bikers week in Daytona last week so a lot of bikers are here along with spring breakers. It makes for very crowded roads and there is only one that goes to Key West. But OH what a road. The views of the ocean and the gulf are breathtaking. The blue of ... read more
a typical house in Key West
Furthest point south in the US

North America » United States » Florida » Keys March 11th 2014

3/11/2014 - Slept in, Shelby T and Jack went to meet the Captain they will be fishing with tomorrow. They then went to Home Depot to pick up a burner for Jack. He is doing a low country boil for supper. Went snorkeling today at Bahia Honda State Park. Water to cold for Aleta, but Jack and Shelby T did snorkel for a bit. After we put Jack's burner together, Jack fixed an AWESOME low county boil with huge shrimp.... read more


On January 13thJanice left from Heathrow and flew to Albany, NY via Charlotte to visit family for 7 weeks. Bob stayed in London living on Tsamaya and worked on some boat projects. Just like any house there is always work to get done and never enough time. The problem with major boat projects is that you're living and working in the same space. With Janice away Bob was able to tear the boat part and not have to put it back together every night. Fortunately when Janice landed in Albany the weather was not bad and she quickly got back in to driving everywhere. As with previous visits back to the states getting Dr. appointments out of the way and checking things off our the shopping list consumes a great deal of time. Although we can ... read more
Getting Through the Separation
The Local Horse Farm
One of Those Snowy Days

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland March 10th 2014

I always joke that when my toenail polish from one trip wears off, it’s time to get the next trip underway. While I had only short domestic travel planned for awhile, a serendipitous opportunity has arisen. In gathering information and helping faculty and staff learn and begin applying the first round of new standards for faculty-led international travel, we found that an upcoming trip, already committed to and with students already deep into preparatory activities, didn’t have a leader who would meet the college’s requirements. We tried several potential solutions, but what it’s come down to is that I will lead the trip. This is because I’m available, have led one before, and am on salary and in an institutional role that means my participation falls under the terms of my contract. I can also muddle ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys March 10th 2014

3/10/2014 - Today Aleta and Shelby T have been married for 44 years!!! Aleta received 44 red roses, delivered to the site, and Shelby T received 44 lottery tickets :-). Rode down to the old part of Key West. Hard to find parking, but parked in a pay lot to the tune of $16.00 for four hours. We went to the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum, the is a great visiting place, very interesting story, and very very valuable treasure on display here. Walked all the way down Whitehead Street past Ernst Hemmingway's house to the southernmost point in the continental US. This is marked with a buoy marker, then we moved over to Duval Street and walked back to the parking lot. This was 1 1/4 mile each way. Jack and Barbara treated us to ice ... read more

North America » United States » California » Temecula March 10th 2014

The day started early...5:30 am. I am working remotely this week and Atlanta is 3 hours ahead thanks to the hour change. Ken made lattes and oatmeal before he left for deep sea fishing. He and Larry are hoping to have better luck by going out on a boat. I had researched and found a place in Oceanside Harbor near where they were yesterday: Helgren's Sportfishing. Henna stopped over and asked if I wanted a salad for lunch...sure! I took a break and took a short walk around the park. It is another pretty day here in Southern California. Back to work. At noon I went over to her RV and we carried our lunch outside to enjoy the weather. I'm going to miss them. They are leaving to go back to Tucson tomorrow. After lunch ... read more

North America » United States March 10th 2014

It's hard to believe that it is already March and yet again I have not updated this blog since last summer. I have been doing some traveling, but last week (spring break) was my first jaunt further than Chicago in a long time and it was much needed!! After working in two labs and teaching as well as having some issues with uncooperative protocols in one of the labs, I was getting pretty burnt out and was so excited last Tuesday to just set everything aside and focus on something else for five days. Spring break officially started for me after I got done tutoring last Tuesday evening around 6:30pm. I raced home to start cleaning and packing up my stuff as well as my puppy, Obie's, who was spending the week with my friend, Tracy ... read more
Rental Car
Kentucky State Sign

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