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June 6th 2010
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St Joseph River
My youngest sister Arianna graduated high school the same week Jeff's cousin was getting married, so naturally we decided to fly out for a visit. First on our whirlwind week & a half stop was in South Bend to visit my family. My sis graduated with honors and a scholarship and I couldn't have been beaming anymore had you shone a spotlight on me. Yay Arianna!! I can never visit South Bend without the mandatory Lake Michigan visit and of course, the University of Notre Dame. I've seen that place a gajillion times and it never gets old. Maybe it's because it holds somewhat of a nostalgiac essence to me. My Grandma worked at the University and took me with to work once--overnight as she did her nightly runs as a night dorm security watchwoman I also have fond memories of wandering around campus with my friend Shannon. After a few days crammed with swimming in the frigid waters at the lake, lunch with family, graduation, couch-hopping & a quick trip to Detroit to visit family I haven't seen in forever, we headed west to Chicago.

After bar hopping the night away with cousin Joe in downtown Chicago (where I may or may not have puked off the L platform), we spent the rest of the trip relaxing at Jeff's Grandma's and then his Grandpa's lakehouse. It was the 1st time in almost 5 years that we've know eachother that Jeff & I, both his parents and his sister were all in the same place. It was like a relaxing family mini-vacation Next on the agenda was the wedding. What a blast! I've only been to a few weddings in my life. Sadly all before this one were before the age of 13. So, really I have no comparisons, but I watch a lot of WE tv, so that gives me some type of knowledge right? Right?! The music was upbeat, the food was good, lots of smiling faces & dancing feet and last, but not least, there were Hookahs--what else do you need?!

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relaxing at Lake Michigan (St Joe., MI)

a great sign for the beginning of a marriage!
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on campus at Notre Dame

23rd July 2010

I haven't been back to the midwest since 2006, but all those stops you mentioned are certainly part of our itinerary when we go back, too. Especially Notre Dame!! I went to church at Sacred Heart for the first 12 years of my life, and went to Sunday School at the ROTC building on campus for all of elementary. My dad and all of his brothers went to school there for college. It's definitely a special place in my mind, as well.
25th July 2010

Thanks for the Memories
Being a part of your week of momentous occasions leaves me with some of my fondest memories that I've recalled often. We love you both, so much!
26th July 2010

I bet you didn't know that puking on The L would be the last time for 2010!

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