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North America » United States » Washington » Issaquah June 30th 2014

so after a good nights sleep i am finally not too tired to post some details!!! our new hosts are named crystal and robert odekirk from the barony of madrone out here. they have a son too who is stewart and hes 19....ill get pics later of everyone....promise. awesome people. and if you know us....ya know we love the outdoors...and especially love the whole atmosphere of places that look like...well basically the sets of twin here we are... their house seems like you are so very secluded way out in the country amid all these pine trees and ferns and ponds....but evidently not.....ya go to the park and ride down the ways and the awesome public transport out here whisks you into downtown seattle in 30 awesome is that? so they have a nice ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 30th 2014

heres some pics of our outing today.....we moved our tubs of clothes into the bedroom we are staying in and after a breakfast of pancakes...we hit the road to see seattle downtown..we just had we only drove around a bit..went to see the space needle and pikes place today..afterwards we were so very tired....we just came on back home...we stopped by a grocery store we found in issiqua.....wanted to make dinner as a thank you for our hosts....and things are cheaper outisde downtown..and the famous market of anyway..heres some pics....... read more

North America » United States » Washington June 29th 2014

After driving 300 miles yesterday...we are now making breakfast in spokane. After coffee and bacon and cheese mcmuffins...we head on to seattle today. Already have new friends offering their showers, which e really ned, and advuce on camping spots, and offers to stay the night. Today we arrive, tomorrow we look around and monday we look for jobs.... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Des Moines June 29th 2014

We're getting ready to go on a real almost-month-long vacation in Europe (mostly Germany). I've never taken this much time off of work before, and I'm a bit nervous about that. I've never spent this much time out of the United States, and I'm also a bit nervous about that. I've also never spent this much money on a trip before, and I'm pretty nervous about that, too, but trying not to think about it. The cast of characters for this trip are Laura (daughter), Barbara (wife), Joe (wife's other man/additional partner/boyfriend/whatever), Cheryl (my sweetheart/additional partner), and myself. First stop is Hamburg, where our dear friends live and whom we have not seen since, well, a long time ago when they came to visit Seattle. Also, Laura is already there, and will be staying for the ... read more

North America » United States » Washington June 27th 2014

PAGE THREE Thursday 26th June We have had very heavy rain overnight with flooding and what they call 'ponding' although it is very warm and humid. George has woken up with a bad back but after a good breakfast we are on our way and as soon as we cross the River Columbia we are in the state of Washington; this is the 36th state we have visited since our first visit to California in 1988 when Martin was 10 years old and Amy was only 4 years old. It is a very grey day the weatherman forecast 100% chance of precipitation and it is certainly precipitating it down today as we travel through Washington! We had plans to visit Mount St Helens the active volcano but as the weather does not look like it will ... read more
Mount St Helens
Mount St Helens
Mount St Helens


North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 27th 2014

We spent the day in Seattle before embarking on a ship to Alaska. Two things that must be seen, that are not part of the normal sight-seeing adventures, are the Bubblegum Wall and the Troll Under the Bridge, aka the Freemont Troll. After landing, we took the Light Link to our hotel. That, in itself, is very different than anything I have ever experienced. First, you have to prepay you trip, then we got off, had to walk about a block to catch a bus, and that dropped us off about 1 block from the hotel. After all was said and done, it cost only $5 for both of us, as opposed to $40 for each to catch a shuttle bus. After that, we were off to see some sights. First stop, the Space Needle. It ... read more
Lumberjack Kathy
Lumberjack Dean
Bubble gum wall

In less than 12 hours Adam and I will be on a plane headed to Iceland! I can't believe that our trip is finally here and we are embarking on a 10 week European adventure. Our destinations include: Iceland, London, Bristol, Bath, Glasgow Scotland, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Prague, Germany (Berlin!), Netherlands, and we will fly out of Amsterdam. I invite everyone viewing this page to send me money, just kidding, to read about my adventures. Ill attempt to entertain you through these blog posts while depicting my tales with accuracy and my unique Annapropriate ways. Thank you to the following friends who came out to stay good bye at Von Trapps last night. Alicia, Rich, Hannah, Amber, Adam, Andrew, Kelly, Peter, Kwadro, Paul, Kate, Matt, Yvonne, Travis, Nick, Sarah, Justin, Reina, Pedro, Colleen, Kevin ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 12th 2014

I am going to the Seattle Mariners game tonight, if only to say good bye to one of the best players in baseball, Derek Jeter. Though he plays for the hated New York Yankees, he has been the gold standard in terms of his play on the field, as well as his conduct off the field. He is making the rounds, playing his last games in ballparks across the country. Many teams present him with good bye gifts, ranging from motorcycles to keys to the city. The ballpark here in Seattle is called Safeco Field. It has a retractable roof for the rainy periods in Seattle. But even stranger than the ballpark are the team's promotional nights or as we fans call it, "give-away" night. The strangest one yet is Sriracha Night. On May 22, against ... read more

So, we pulled out of GV just about an hour late and headed for Payson AZ for our 1stday out. The truck, as usual, performed really well except for our brakes. They began to chatter at low speeds and then increased to anytime. Since we had just had them serviced, we got a bit nervous. Good thing we have an electronic exhaust brake or we would have been in some real trouble. We overnited in an NF campground and left early the next day. We got as far as Camp Verde and, electronic brake or not, we had a problem. Stopped at the Ford dealer and met a service tech from Seattle. The brakes had over 100 K miles and the rotors were not just warped but gone. Ok, just $500 bucks and a lot of ... read more
Utah Mountains in Spring
North Cascades Pass
Welcome to Washington

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