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North America » United States » Washington » Issaquah July 18th 2014

havent updated for a few days...really its just us sitting our new friends freaking out because i dont wanna cramp their style....trying to get jobs.....applying to jobs like your wouldnt beleive......and to be fair.....ive had 2 interviews and grizz had one finally. were doing fine...something will come through soon. the first job at volt didnt go through...but the lady has a new position, data entry..heavy on 10 key..i can do it.....and its redmond...its a hell of a lot better than securitas finding a job that is an hour and 45 minutes drive away.....for what is almost minimum wage for here....i really think im gona do myself a favor and not even go to the interview for that..because im better than that and after driving that far every day it will be like make ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Vancouver July 15th 2014

Well, after a really long wait (2 years and 1 month exactly) I received my settlement and I bought my motor home. I drove it home and have spent the last week 'moving in'. Since we've been having a record heat wave here, this has not been an easy task but I am having so much fun I've been able to keep going amid the high 90 degree weather. The motor home has a great A/C which has also helped immensely. The first trip out is planned for next week. I will be meeting my friend Mary and her little dog, Scooter, at her son's property in Chehalis, WA. It's a beautiful 20 acre paradise and we will be using it for our 'home base' soon. Mary's motor home is permanently parked there already and we've ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle July 7th 2014

The drive to Seattle from Astoria is diminished somewhat by the overcast weather which makes everything look pretty dull. We take the I-5 for speed though a more scenic route goes up along the coast. As we get half way to Seattle (near Tacoma), the traffic seems to get heavier and doesn’t ease up. We eventually get to the infamous approach to the City and get onto the Seattle spaghetti junction which we would not have been able to navigate without the ipad GPS system. It was a bit harrowing at times switching lanes at short notice. So if you are relying on a map and are new to this place there’s a 100% chance you will get lost! We eventually make it to the City Hostel, in Belltown, just next to downtown, where we’d pre ... read more
Pike Place Market
Dungeness Crabs - Pike Place

Alright folks, it's just about "Go Time"! I am sure you have been packed a ready for several days now, and none of you are scrambling to put everything together at the last minute. Regardless of where you might be in the packing a preparation process, here are some links that may help, and that you might find interesting as the group departs. For those of you who may be wondering "Can I pack my air soft gun in my carry-on baggage?", or "Just how many pounds of candy and snacks am I allowed to cram into my carry-on?"; here are a couple of links to help. First, the official TSA Packing Guidelines. Next, the packing guidelines provided by Iceland Air for Carry-On Baggage and url= read more

North America » United States » Washington » Fall City July 1st 2014

today grizz and i got up and reconnected the drive shaft to the jeep. afterwards we went into issaquah and got new prepaid phones at teh fred meyer. fortunately we found a great deal on some tracphones....5 bucks a piece with charges included!! awesome.... afterward we went to the post office to get a po box so we can have a local address....of course ya need a bill sent to your current local worries we figure our hosts family here (the fab robert and crystal) will have some ideas on what to we pushed aside the stress and worry of that and put our faith in things will work out....this isnt indiana anymore so we are sure it will. to feel better about that annoyance we went literally..LITERALLY..down the road to where they filmed ... read more


North America » United States » Washington » Issaquah June 30th 2014

so after a good nights sleep i am finally not too tired to post some details!!! our new hosts are named crystal and robert odekirk from the barony of madrone out here. they have a son too who is stewart and hes 19....ill get pics later of everyone....promise. awesome people. and if you know us....ya know we love the outdoors...and especially love the whole atmosphere of places that look like...well basically the sets of twin here we are... their house seems like you are so very secluded way out in the country amid all these pine trees and ferns and ponds....but evidently not.....ya go to the park and ride down the ways and the awesome public transport out here whisks you into downtown seattle in 30 awesome is that? so they have a nice ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 30th 2014

heres some pics of our outing today.....we moved our tubs of clothes into the bedroom we are staying in and after a breakfast of pancakes...we hit the road to see seattle downtown..we just had we only drove around a bit..went to see the space needle and pikes place today..afterwards we were so very tired....we just came on back home...we stopped by a grocery store we found in issiqua.....wanted to make dinner as a thank you for our hosts....and things are cheaper outisde downtown..and the famous market of anyway..heres some pics....... read more

North America » United States » Washington June 29th 2014

After driving 300 miles yesterday...we are now making breakfast in spokane. After coffee and bacon and cheese mcmuffins...we head on to seattle today. Already have new friends offering their showers, which e really ned, and advuce on camping spots, and offers to stay the night. Today we arrive, tomorrow we look around and monday we look for jobs.... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Des Moines June 29th 2014

We're getting ready to go on a real almost-month-long vacation in Europe (mostly Germany). I've never taken this much time off of work before, and I'm a bit nervous about that. I've never spent this much time out of the United States, and I'm also a bit nervous about that. I've also never spent this much money on a trip before, and I'm pretty nervous about that, too, but trying not to think about it. The cast of characters for this trip are Laura (daughter), Barbara (wife), Joe (wife's other man/additional partner/boyfriend/whatever), Cheryl (my sweetheart/additional partner), and myself. First stop is Hamburg, where our dear friends live and whom we have not seen since, well, a long time ago when they came to visit Seattle. Also, Laura is already there, and will be staying for the ... read more

North America » United States » Washington June 27th 2014

PAGE THREE Thursday 26th June We have had very heavy rain overnight with flooding and what they call 'ponding' although it is very warm and humid. George has woken up with a bad back but after a good breakfast we are on our way and as soon as we cross the River Columbia we are in the state of Washington; this is the 36th state we have visited since our first visit to California in 1988 when Martin was 10 years old and Amy was only 4 years old. It is a very grey day the weatherman forecast 100% chance of precipitation and it is certainly precipitating it down today as we travel through Washington! We had plans to visit Mount St Helens the active volcano but as the weather does not look like it will ... read more
Mount St Helens
Mount St Helens
Mount St Helens

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