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North America » United States » Washington » Seattle March 18th 2013

So I booked my flights to Puerto Escondido! Direct flight this booty can't handle 12 hours of bus anymore. and honestly it was marginally more expensive...40 dollars or so. Paltry amount considering time saved! Been playing with the new camera trying like hell to experiment a bit. Sashayed my lazy a** to Alki beach one night with a new tripod and took some pictures of the Emerald City! I am blessed to live in a very beautiful city for certain. But as I sit here jamming to Jimmy Buffett tunes,sipping coffee gazing out the window I realize that in 48 days I'll be in a much warmer locale! I think we all get cabin fever sometimes...but I am particularly suseptible for no other reason than I was lucky enough to travel for a living years ... read more
Police colorguard

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle February 24th 2013

Well not junk per se! But certainly new. It seems I made around 1250 USD worth of electronic purchases this last month. Before folks gasp and throw was worth it! In gearing up for next trip (details to follow.) I bought some new camera gear (photos to follow). I've not really even had the break it in yet. Weather has been typical Jan-Feb (read garbage). So onto choice for next trip, and an abbreviated reason why. It's going to be Puerto Escondido Mexico again for two months. It's familiar to me and a great base at my friends resort. And the Mexican Peso has been doing well against the dollar...unlike the Brazilian Real. There are a few reasons the Real is fairing so well whilst the Australian Dollar and the Canadian Dollar and some ... read more
Dungeness Crab!
Abandoned pier

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle February 22nd 2013

Seattle is “the Emerald City”. How much FUN IS THAT!!?? THE EMERALD CITY! If Seattle was a tiny little town that needed aroadside attraction, it’d be the Horse of a Different Color, and hot air balloon rides. But, we aren’t “off to see the wizard” or “following the yellow brick road” – we are following the I-90, to visit Brian and Taunya (with whom we visited the Grizzly Bear Encounter, blog December 28, 2012 and Virginia City, blog January 2, 2013.) Some of our friends (Derek and Jessica) had to go to Seattle for business, so we managed to squeeze ourselves into their roadtrip. I think it went something like: “OH! If you happen to go to Seattle, we would be willing to come with you and share the gasoline expenses.” And, they were agreeable! Seattle ... read more
Partly Cloudy
New Orleans Creole Restaurant
Viva Mexican Restaurant

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town February 22nd 2013

Did you know that both Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix are buried in Seattle graves? Seattle's Lakeview Cemetery, on Capitol Hill, just east of downtown is the grave site of many famous Seattle icons. Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon Lee are buried there. Jimi Hendrix is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in nearby Renton. Though he was put to rest in 1970, his grave was moved by his father, Al, to a more lavish memorial in the southwest corner of the cemetery. The memorial has a 30 foot high granite dome, supported by three columns trimmed in rainbow marble. img= img=https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle December 19th 2012

Well as promised I am ready for last blog from Colombia. I'd say sorry for the wait...but I'm not sorry! I returned home with a nasty cough to cold weather and itchy feet for next trip (which is being planned). The trip home was uneventful other than seriously asinine long lines for immigration at JFK! The first thing I wanted was milkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! It's well known I'm a dairy junkie. I've some parting pictures from Colombia I will share in this blog. I already miss some of the characters I met there. Like Lucy the cleaning lady at the hostel I stayed at. We shared a funny moment when she set up a nativity in an empty aquarium housed in an old tv. Baby Jesus was missing so I said I'd go find a replacement and get ... read more
Carrera 7


North America » United States » Washington » Seattle December 2nd 2012

A friend of mine had her birthday last Wednesday and to celebrate, she wanted to go to Seattle for the day. I headed from Whistler to meet her in Vancouver the night before and on Wednesday morning we headed over to Pacific Central in Vancouver to catch the BOLTBus down to Seattle. The journey takes around three and a half hours (including time spent in Immigration) and for $20 return, it's a pretty cheap deal. The journey itself was pretty uneventful - only the experience in Customs and Immigration seems worth mentioning. Before getting on the bus and departing from Vancouver, we needed to fill out the standard declarations forms for entering into the USA to speed up the whole process for everyone passing through Customs. We got off the bus and queued up inside, waiting ... read more
Toffee Apples
Pike Place Market
Fruit Stall

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle November 27th 2012

Next stop was Seattle on my way up to Canada. I didn’t have any specific reason to go there, but I always thought it would be a cool city to visit and was the breeding ground of many of my favourite bands. At this time of year the skies are usually overcast and rainy which I was constantly reminded about by locals as I was greeted with unseasonably sunny skies for my 3 days in town. The looming mountain of Mt Ranier in the distance is usually shrouded in cloud but I was lucky enough to be able to see it. I ventured up the famous Space Needle which gives the skyline its own distinguishment. The view over the city and bay was very nice. I also took my first ‘city bus tour’ in a vehicle ... read more
Seals hanging out in the bay
Harbour view
Seattle skyline from the Space Needle

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town November 11th 2012

Vasarnap reggel kisse borus volt az ido, bar olykor azert volt egy kis napsutes is. Egy ujabb kesoi ebredest kovetoen igyekeztunk visszaterni a C J's Eatery-be, azonban az sajnos tele volt, igy egy, a kozelben levo helyre ultunk be egy hasonlo amerikai reggelire (omlett, palacsinta), egesz jo volt. Ezt kovetoen autoba ultunk, es eszaknyugat fele, Everett iranyaba autoztunk, ott van ugyanis a Boeing-gyar. A parkolo mellett helyezkedik el a latogato-kozpont, a masik iranyban pedig a szerelocsarnokok es egyeb teruletek, melyekre mindjart kiterek. A latogato-kozpontban van termeszetesen egy ajandekbolt, egy kis kavezo/kajalda es egy repulessel kapcsolatos kiallitas, ahol a sugarhajtasu utasszallitok tortenete es gepmodellek mellett ott volt egy Boeing 747-400-as eletnagysagu fuggoleges vezersikja (a gep farka) - kb 4-szer olyan magas, mint en :) Kulonbozo hajtomuvek is ki voltak itt alli... read more
Ilyen vekony egy repulogep fala!
Allatsimogato az Akvariumban
Tengeri csiko

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle November 1st 2012

We landed at Seattle airport not 100% sure who we would be meeting, Hannah or her mum, Corinne. We realised as well that we had not exchanged contact details beyond Facebook, but luckily Hannah checked herself in on Facebook saying she was at the airport picking up an old friend! So you can imagine Lauren's surprise when she suddenly hears Corinne's voice saying "There you are!" It was a lovely surprise though and after big hugs she told us Hannah was driving the car round and they were going to swap as we awaited our bags! Hannah appeared about ten minutes later and we both spotted each other at exactly the same time, and well you know the one, two friends reunited almost running to each other embracing! It was lovely and surreal to be honest, ... read more
Ben and Preston
Finally.. Pumpkin Cheesecake!
Thanksgiving dinner

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle October 30th 2012

As the title more mucking about! Was speaking with an old business contact immediately prior to typing this, and he explained he had a heart attack in August! Kinda struck me as odd...not because he had it but rather I always considered him invinsible despite his age. I remember my heart attack....thought it was the flu so i slept it off at work inbetween being sick. Enough said! So I thought about things and dis-associated myself with all my "toxic" relationships. Not to say they were bad folks but rather we held nothing for each other...if that makes sense? So this trip will be an weird one! I am off November 12th at 9 pm or so to Los Angeles overnight. Then in the morning to Atlanta,then to Bogota. Long trip!!!!!!! Will spend a week ... read more

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