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North America » United States » Utah » Park City October 5th 2013

Ashlee and I headed up to see Park City before leaving Utah. The leaves were turning yellow, rust, and red, as Autumn approaches. It snowed while we were there. The white of the snow made a great contrast with the Autumn colors.... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Park City August 21st 2013

August 20, 2013 - Tuesday Another beautiful morning in Utah. In the 50’s when we got up. Got ready and left for Park City for the day. A fun time with all the sights and then a little bit of time at the Tanger Outlet Mall. After a fun morning we headed to Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch. Well, we rolled on out of there after stuffing ourselves! Back to the park and a little coffee and latte and then a nice walk around the park. A relaxing day for us today, much needed. August 21, 2013 - Wednesday Up and head into Heber City to the Rail Road Station. Board the Union Pacific 1910 passenger car, kept in the mode of 1910, no heat, no a/c, wooden windows that open and h ave to be propped ... read more
Main Station
Nicely Kept Up
Many Locomotives and Cars

North America » United States » Utah » Park City June 26th 2013

June 26, 2013 When Looking a Pictures don't forget to select all pages - there are 52 pictures Last day at Salt Lake City: Today we headed out for the Olympic Park, built for the 2002 Olympics. What fun and interesting things to see. They have training there year round and when there’s no snow, they use an astro turf type surface on the ski jumps and wet it down, which makes it real slick. We were able to see some of the practicing on the jumps. Our tour took us up to the top of the ski jumps and we don’t see how anyone has the nerve to jump out that high up! Kudos to the athletes! After the tour and a look at the museum and the venue for the Luge , we headed ... read more
From Visitors Center
Bottom of Big Jumps - 2002
Practice Jumps

North America » United States » Utah » Park City April 13th 2013

Travels with Just one Snowbird, Park City UT, April 13, 2013 What a day. I hope I remember it all!! Kristine left for Coachella (massive multi stage concert) in Palm Springs on Thursday. Lou and I have been fending for ourselves. He decided, if we could find someplace for Maggie to spend the day, Saturday, he would take me to Wendover UT/West Wendover NV, to check out the casinos. You know there was no way I was not going to find a wonderful place for Maggie to spend the day, and between us, we did. Neighbor and good friend, Susel, mother of twins, volunteered when she heard our plans. Susel and family including Maggie had many events to choose from, the last day of skiing before the mountain closes, swimming, gymnastics, bowling…..Maggie left at 9:30 am ... read more
Morton Salt Works
speedometer hitting 100
What is this?

North America » United States » Utah » Park City April 4th 2013

Hi. It's me. Surprised? No one is more surprised than me that I am blogging. This is a family vacation, and I tend to keep those close to the best, but so much good stuff happened so far on this trip, I just have to share. This trip to Park City was planned in January, long before I knew my daughter would be setting a wedding date for July, 2013. I planned to come to UT for granddaughter Maggie's 8th birthday, April 7. Now with the wedding looming on us, this is the perfect time to be here, there are lots of things the mother of the bride can help with. I visit for at least 2 weeks, just because it takes me 5 to 7!days to acclimate to the high altitude. I am useless and ... read more


North America » United States » Utah » Park City July 5th 2012

Being on a "work trip" (helping the family I nanny for on their vacation), began beyond stressful and tension ridden but could not have blossomed into anything more beautiful. I haven't been to Utah in 6 years, and never in the summer time. Something about the "off season" has so much more appeal to me. Park city is absolutely unparalleled. There is so much to do, in the most spiritually calming setting. Something about the air melts away any problem you seem to be facing, and gives you an appetite for adventure. I signed away a week of my life, to make my employers family vacation as fun and stress free as I could provide. Getting a couple hours off, I headed straight for the mountain behind our resort. I was directed to a trail that ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4

North America » United States » Utah » Park City October 8th 2011

Today was cool. Quite literally too, although not as cool as yesterday. In terms of how great the day was though, I must say, it was quite cooler. First of all, I had no plan. Didn't know what I was going to do. Then I had a chat with Rachel, one of my internet friends who lived just twenty miles up the road in Park City. I had also arranged to make a day trip either tomorrow or the next day with my hostel roommate, Stefan. So, the day's plans began to come underway. I decided I would hire a car. I would be meeting Rachel today, and driving to the Arches tomorrow with my new roommate. There seemed to be no easier way to get to Park City today. So I had to be at ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Park City July 7th 2009

So we decided that there really isn't much to do in Salt Lake so we headed up to Park City today. It's not that far from SLC, about 30 miles. It is really beautiful up there. It must be amazing in the Winter with all of the snow everywhere. We took the girls to a little amusement park that had an alpine slide and rollar coaster. Of all the the hikes we've done in the desert of utah, why is it that I got sunburned in Park City?! Despite that fact, Park City is really nice. It reminds me a lot of Whistler or what I imagine Aspen or Breckenridge to be. We had lunch at a brewery that had really good food. After most of the day we came back into SLC and took the ... read more
Park City
Park City
Park City

North America » United States » Utah » Park City June 30th 2009

Well the title is a little misleading since we did not really see any celebrities (does Montell Jirdan count?). Nikkie fell in love with (well I think she has always loved film festivals, but this just pushed it along) film festivals after going to the San Diego Film Festival last year - where her best friend Bekah works. So I figured I'd surprise her with a trip to Sundance. As always I blew the secret a couple days before we were suppose to leave (I have a habit of doing it). We flew out to Salt Lake late Thursday night and stayed there and drove into Park City early Friday morning. This whole Film Festival thing was a bit confusing to us and we really had no clue as to how to get tickets. Just on ... read more
Park City
Park City

North America » United States » Utah » Park City February 28th 2009

The second stop on our US tour was Park City, Utah. I was married in the 90s to a woman named Nicole who had two children when we met. The marriage was a package deal. Those two children Jeremy and Tarryn are grown now and I have remained in contact with them after Nicole and I divorced in 2001. Jeremy is 26 years old and Tarryn is 24. Tarryn was almost three years old when I met her mother. Tarryn married a man named Daniel before I moved to India and now they live in Utah with their two children named Abriauna and Brayson. Brayson is 18 months old and Abriauna is 4 years old. Jeremy was almost 5 when I met his mother. Jeremy married a woman named Rebecca before I moved to India and ... read more

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