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June 4th 2010
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Hello Everyone

The last two days have been very busy. Left New Orleans on Monday morning and here it is Thursday, and I am sitting in a hotel room in Albuquergue New Mexico!

We drove through Texas in 3 days, stopping in San Antonio and Abilene. Visited the Alamo - I was fascinated by places such as "The Crockett Hotel" and "Crockett St." given that this was my mom's name. The actual site of the Alamo is very large and made up of several buildings that housed a mission which was attacked by the Mexicans. And I am proud to say that it was, most likely, one of our ancestors, who emerged as the "hero"! There are many artifacts from the era and the attack, including letters and other documents written by Davy Crockett. It is free and so well worth the visit.

San Antonio is a beautiful city. Just a short distance from the Alamo site, which is right downtown, there is a walkway called the River Walk, very pretty, all underground and you can actually take a boat down the "river".

From San Antonio we drove north hitting route 66 at Amarillo Texas. Made quite a few stops but much of the route in Texas is in disrepair. Many of the towns seem like ghost towns with businesses closed. Had lunch in a German restaurant in Fredericksburg, Texas! Stopped at the halfway point on the route which is a cafe, stating that you are now at the mid point between the beginning of the route (Chicago) and the end in Los Angeles.

We stopped at a travel centre just as we entered New Mexico and they have maintained much of the original route 66. Bill decided he wanted to visit a place called "Blue Lake" which is the deepest lake in New Mexico, which has very little water to begin with. Agnes was very helpful in taking us on the right dirt, unpaved, narrow roads which, if you happen to meet a car coming the other way, look out! Followed all instructions and was told to make a left turn - into a private ranch.
OOPs- now we had to make a u turn with the SUV and the dirt road was only one width of a car. We made it but never got to see the Blue Lake!

Miss you all



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