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Total Miles: 341 Total Time: 12 hours We started out this morning at 8:30 a.m. and it was sunny, warm, humid. Today was the day of stops, so even though we did not travel as far yesterday it took just as long. We travled along I-90 W and stopped at a rest stop to take off our coats and get some tourist information. By the way, South Dakota has got to be one of the most windy states I have ridden in, again we were dealing with strong winds. We drove to Corn Palace which is listed in the 1000 Things to Do Before you Die book. It was interesting and we enjoyed looking at the pictures of years back. We purchased a few items to remember our stop and went on our way. The problem ... read more

It is now 4:19 a.m. and as usual I can't sleep because I am very excited about our trip. Steve is of course sleeping, he could sleep through a tornado! We leave Wisconsin this morning on our two motorcyles and are heading to Sioux Falls, South Dakota by tonight. Steve has a 1999 HD Road Glide and I have a 1996 HD Spring Softail, Badboy. It is suppose to be in the 90s for temps so hydration will be key. We will be taking pictures and video so hopefully you will get the whole experience of our trip. The first portion will take approximately 10-12 hours and we are traveling 465 miles. Stay posted as the adventure begins!!!... read more

We spent the night at a beautiful place, Crooked Creek Resort and RV Park in Hill City, SD. Yes, Resort and RV park are in the same name. It is located beside a stream and a trail system that covers approximately 160 miles, following an old railroad bed in the area. Located on the backside of Mount Rushmore and near Crazy Horse and Custer National Park, it's a pretty little town. Drive 10 minutes south on 385/16 and you'll find Crazy Horse. The sculpture that is a never-ending project (they say it will be finished this century?). Surviving totally on donations, this project is massive and jaw-dropping. The information center is beautiful, as well. The sculpture subject and artist each have their own very interesting story, but the mountain, alone, is worth the visit. We oooed ... read more
Crazy Horse up close
CH Model

I've officially completed my first day working at BH and what a day it has been! I woke up early this morning to try to get some homework done (didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped). Then I was supposed to have met Jane, my direct supervisor and Director of the Student Union at 9 am. I got to her office in the Union but found her meeting with someone. Upon sitting outside her office, I heard the other person's voice escalate in tone and anger. Jane calmly informed him he was being beligerent and to calm down and that she was following protocol and trying to help him. Over the next 45 minutes as I sat outside her office (and yes eavesdropping, but it was hard not to), I realized that this was ... read more


Day 1 down. Met up with Mike about 0830, and the trip finally began! We made it to the planned stop, Sioux Falls, SD. Convieniently there is a bar and casino behind our hotel. Two pitchers of beer, a blog update, and we're ready for tomorrow. I did take some video today, but for anyone that has ever been on I29, or in the Dakotas, they know that you are not missing anything by me not posting it. Both the bikes and us held up well in the heat, and there is more forecast for tomorrow. I'd rather have the heat than cold or wet. I put 680 miles on today in 12 hours, almost to the minute. Mike had about 200 hundred less, but he had a 300+ day yesterday, in the rain, to the ... read more
This is what it is
End of Day 1

The Badlands are located west of where we were and east of where we were going - I am a great map reader! We diverted from hiway 90 and did the scenic route through these lands that were so bad to the indians and the westward travelers. Mid-day it was hot and bright, so the shots really don't give justice to the dramatic hills and carved stone created by water, wind and God within the last 5,000 years or by nature in the last several million years - you decide. On our way to Wall, S.D.... read more
Badlands National Park
Dinosaurs at night

So...I made the 9+ hour trip today with relatively no problems...left home at 7:30 a.m....decided to take an entirely different route once I got to North Platte, NE. Ended up going further west on I-80, at some point along there crossed into Mountain Time Zone (phone changed and noticed it way later and there was no giant sign like on I-90 to inform you of the change). Drove through way more of Nebraska than I care to since I bleed purple, not red. However, the drive was perhaps a tad quicker than my previous route and even a bit more scenic. Drove past Western Nebraska Community College and also Chadron State College. I recalled that President Schallenkamp worked at Chadron before coming to ESU so I decided to detour for a bit and drove around campus ... read more

Early the next morning we head to the Black Hills in South Dakota, a large patch of mountains just off the border with Wyoming. Before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, South Dakota was the home of Sioux American Indian tribes and this bit of history comes alive at the Crazy Horse Memorial, a yet incomplete mountain carving aimed at creating a Native American version of the nearby Mount Rushmore National Memorial. When completed, it will stand 563 feet high – around nine times higher than Mount Rushmore – and and 641 feet long. In 1929, Lakota Sioux chief tribes led by Chief Henry Standing Bear invited Korczak Ziolkowski, a sculptor from Boston, to carve Crazy Horse’s image on a mountain in what is now a privately owned land. Ziolkowski had just worked briefly on Mount Rushmore ... read more
Crazy Horse Memorial
Chip off the Old Block
Bear Country

Big disappointment. I was expecting to see a humongus sculptures of four big heads. However, I saw something resembling to a miniature size of Mt. Rushmore. At first, I was thinking I am just seeing the introduction for the real show. However, that was it. This was Mount Rushmore and I had to accept the fact that this is what I get for long trip and stay at an expensive hotel at Mr. Rushmore. I did enjoy the swimming pool though.... read more

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