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North America » United States » Oregon July 9th 2012

Zojuist zijn we met het vliegtuig aangekomen in Portland, Oregon. We hadden een rechtstreekse vlucht vanaf Amsterdam geboekt. Heerlijk is dat. Geen gedoe met overstappen en lekker op tijd op de plaats van bestemming. We zijn van plan om het vandaag rustig aan te doen. Alleen wat voorraad inslaan en de auto een beetje testen. Voor de verdere rest lekker niks. Morgen gaan we namelijk al op pad. De eindbestemming is Seattle met daartussen een bezoek aan Mt. St. Helens. Heel wat kilometers dus. De langste route van deze reis.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon July 9th 2012

I can't believe our two weeks in Oregon went by so fast. It took us about one week to adjust to the 15 hour time difference before we could go to bed and wake up at a decent time. This blog will be more about the amazing videos and photos than words but here is a quick rundown of what we have done. Enjoyed 4 days with my Mother in Law Dinner with Laura and her boyfriend 4th of July on the Portland Waterfront Mani/Pedi with Staci Toured around SE Portland neighborhoods & Reed College Breakfast at Bob's Red Mill Overnight trip to the Oregon Coast Dinner at Noel & Debbie's house Lots of yard word/projects around the house & organizing our belongings It is great to be back, driving a car comes back naturally but ... read more
almost time for the firework show
Oregon 022
Picnic at a view point in Girabaldi, OR

North America » United States » Oregon » Milwaukie July 1st 2012

On Saturday evening, we attended a Farewell Potluck for Father Maxy and Father Mark. Father Mark came to St Johns Baptist (SJB) last Summer but we never got to meet him as he contracted Malaria during his visit home to Kenya and needed to be in quarantined for 30 days upon his return to the US. Father Maxy on the otherhand we got to know very well. We always enjoyed attending his masses during our visits to Portland. Then we got to know him on another level when we moved to Portland in December 2010 during my Father in Law's battle with Cancer. Father Maxy was there for the family during his illness, funeral planning, burial and grieving process. He then performed our Marriage Sacrament in June 2011. I was raised in the Catholic Church and ... read more
Father Maxy & David at Reception Dinner

North America » United States » Oregon » Grants Pass June 23rd 2012

We hiked around the Panther Flats Campground, picking up abandoned firewood. By the river, we found some beautifully dry driftwood, perfect for making a non-smoky campfire. We thought we'd pick up some more the next day, and have a really good blaze, so we didn't do a fire that night. Of course, then, the next day turned out cold and rainy. Since we weren't moving on, we slept in, and when we got out, it was to a fairy world of twinkling dew, misty hills, vibrant mosses, and water melodies. Julia needed to get online, and we had no phone service for our wireless hotspot, so we drove back through the redwoods to Crescent City. The so-helpful gentleman at the information center informed us that the harbor had free wi-fi, so we parked there and watched ... read more
The lake

North America » United States » Oregon June 23rd 2012

Day 76……16/06/2012 Today we will visit Virginia City, an old gold mining town that has pretty much kept most of its originality intact. More gold and silver had been mined there than anywhere else in the US. The morning was once again bright and sunny, and the temperature was on the climb, we rode the 26 miles high up into the mountains to the southeast of Reno on a superb newly tarmacked winding road. The views back across the wide valley floor below and away west to the Tahoe Mountains where stunning, there was even a little snow still on the higher slopes. The gold from Virginia City had pretty much funded the construction of San Francisco, with the mine owners investing heavily in the regions emerging commerce. But that was many years ago, today the ... read more
Virginia City
Susanville Deer
Northern California


North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake June 2nd 2012

Day 7 A Caldera of Awesomeness Today we woke to more rain and clouds – so no dune buggies. I think Shelby was more disappointed than Stephen. Weather reports promise partly cloudy skies with lots of sunshine so we head out to Crater Lake. We take the scenic highway - of course trying to see as much as we can. Scenic highways are really curvy highways. They are slow highways and they are yawn a thousand times highways. They are the longer highways. They are the twist and turn highways. They are the up and down highways. But by the end they are truly the exceptional vista highways. Today’s scenic highways did not disappoint. The first followed 2 rivers through gorges with numerous rapids. Th... read more
Waterfall along the scenic highway
Crater Lake
Crater Lake

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast June 1st 2012

Day 6 Rainy, Soggy, & Wet Disappointed! Disappointed with a capital D! Mother Nature has again put a wrench in our planned activities. She really needs to get with the program and follow the itinerary as outlined – I do not have room for deviations or major changes. I am beyond disappointed – I am mad. It has rained ALL night and ALL day. A thick cloud of rain and fog has been with us the entire day – all 325+ miles. This was the one day that we really needed sunshine – or at least not steady cloud cover – this was our day – the only day - to see the coast line and all it’s wondrous sights. Most of the sights remained unseen. So, with that said, there is not too much to ... read more
Oregon Coastal Highway
Puffin birds on cliff edge
Oregon Coast

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 31st 2012

Here's the abstract of the seminar I'm attending: Through its development as an independent nation over the past 45 years, Botswana has been a leader among African nations in designing effective and thoughtful public health policy. Proactive efforts by the government, particularly the Ministry of Health to provide pioneering treatments, research, and education to its people is inspirational and sets the country apart as a model of success in the public health realm. However, in the face of these efforts lie great challenges. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has hit Botswana hard, and this seminar will look at how the scourge has had devastating effects on every corner of society. Aside from HIV/AIDS, which is arguably Botswana’s most pressing public health threat, other dimensions of the public health story will be explored including women’s health issues, healthcare delivery ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 31st 2012

My names are Elisabeth Jones and i am from Portland Oregon. I basically love to travel. i just hope I won’t succumb to all the traveling sicknesses that people suffer from when they travel for long hours, either by air, sea, or road. I have never understood why people suffer from these illneses; surprisingly top athletes never suffer from these travelling sicknesses. Or is it because they used to travelling, I mean almost every week their jobs require they go to different destinations around the country. Let me use the example of a team like the Chicago bulls who play in the National Basketball Association Eastern conference, every week they cross the country via road and air to play opponents like the Boston Celtics who just like their name suggests play in Boston. Sometimes they even ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 28th 2012

Hi all. This is an experiment. I'm going to try blogging as Mary and I drive across country from Portland, Oregon to Pinehaven, our summer residence in Bridgton, Maine. It's an experiment in blogging on multiple levels. First, it's an experiment in the sense that I haven't mastered the downloaded blog software, so it can't be predicted whether and to what degree I'll be successful in emailing material to you. You'll likely get to see me flail around in my attempts. Or maybe I'll just lose stuff in the ether, and you won't get to see me flailing. Who knows? Second, I have no experience in blogging. If I lose interest, my entries may be few and far between. Or I may be a boring writer or choose boring subjects. In that case, you get to ... read more

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