Photos from New York, United States, North America - page 12

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Looking over New York
Doing her thing
Central Park
Hotdog Vendor
Sculpture at UN Building
China Town fish
Statue of Liberty
Chrysler Building
Phyton in Port Douglas
M&Ms ads 19
Inn at Antietam
daytime nap
Dennis, Dan Lowery, Alan Murray
My mom is an expert Statue of Liberty photographer - I can't take credit for this one!
Crysler Building
NY Fire Department Memorial for 9/11
The other side of New York
Skyline of New York
Times Square
Delaware Memorial Bridge
Police & their horses
NY skyline
The Best City In The World
Ground Zero - as it is
A Rueben
From our room
More awesome marching bands
That big mirror again
Zoroastrian Pride (2)
View from the 82nd floor...
China town
Taureau... Je crois qu'il est du mauvais cote'
Brooklyn View
Late Show with David Letterman
Statue of Liberty
Brooklyn Bridge
Two lovely ladies
Statue of Liberty
Ground Zero
Jackie & Her Sister
patriotic i suppose
Matt :)
Alan & Marty
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