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North America » United States » New York » Victor January 29th 2014

Well, after a wink of sleep, I gave up and thought at least I have time for a nice lonnng shower, it was only 2:30am. Well, no time to get on Thai time like the present. I have zipped my bag up (symbolizing no further costume changes) and printed out my first boarding pass! I was lying in bed trying to think of anything I missed……"are they going to ask me for proof of my shots?" well, I don't have proof, so here's hoping I don't get turned back at the border. Hopefully my blog will become significantly more exciting, hah…… I was thinking The times in my life when I just went with a nagging idea (costa rica with Tim, yoga month at the ashram) it has never been anything liked I had imagined it ... read more

North America » United States » New York January 27th 2014

First entry for my trip. Seeing how this blog world works and making sure I have it figured out. Today I spray my clothes with bug spray, start packing, charge all my camera batteries, and wonder did I really need 5 books and do I really enjoy a real book to my ereader enough to lug 5 books half way around the world? I spent half the night worrying about the smallest threatthat I can barly see or identify (the dengue fever bug) to the largest, (hanging out with elephants with free will) and calculating a 12 hour time change trying to figure out how to combat that. I have not traveled much on my own, and really have gone totally by gut and intuition that there is a reason I was swept away in the ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan January 20th 2014

18thJanuary 2014 Distanced travelled 3207 Nautical miles After 8 nights at sea battling through up to Force 10 gales and high seas we finally sailed serenely into New York on a cold, frosty January morning. With the Statue of Liberty one of the first landmarks people sea, it must have been a welcome sight for those first visitors & immigrants. However when they had to be processed for Immigration in the early days on Ellis Island, I’m sure ‘the land of the free’ may have taken on a different view. Some immigrants only made it as far as the Island before being turned back. Luckily for us, Immigration was quite smooth and we were allowed to take our trip on a whistle stop tour of the ‘Big Apple’. As you can see from the weather, it ... read more
Central park (rt)
Closed decks
Freedom tower

North America » United States » New York January 16th 2014

I came across this interesting article. E freeloading has become a way of life for me. I can attest to the McDonald's example, I went there on Saturday in Chinatown waiting for my Japanese class and there were people skypying all over the place (I was also doing this, but no one was available to Skype - sad face). I bought a vanilla milkshake though. Thoughts most welcome.... read more

North America » United States » New York January 16th 2014

(One slip on ice) As you may have read in the news, NY has been experiencing some turbulent weather of late. It all started back in 2013, on New Year’s Eve… I left work and to get ready for a New Year’s Eve party. It had started snowing and there were some beautiful snowflakes, but and the temperature had really dropped. I felt for the tourists that were making their way towards midtown to see the ball drop. By Thursday, New York had received a snow storm warning and most people travelling within the tri-state area stayed at home, the equivalent of those work colleagues that commute from Kent or Surrey. It was pretty crazy day by all accounts, I was sick anyway so it sort of passed me by while I was in my Ibuprofen ... read more


North America » United States » New York January 9th 2014

One of the tasks now that we are back here in the UK is to download the photographs from our recent trip to New York and Boston. Some are included here. Primarily, the purpose of the trip was to visit daughter Catherine and her husband Will. Will has a secondment at Yale University for about a year and Catherine made the decision to join him. So the trip was planned to take in New York, then make our way north on new year's day to Newhaven to see Cath and Will before heading to Boston for a quick visit, before heading back home. It turned out to be quite a trip. Our friends Karen and Neal had booked the same outward flight and a neighbouring hotel, just by sheer coincidence. So Jo and I, joined by ... read more
Top of the Rock
From the top
In Memory

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan January 3rd 2014

We have been to New York many times before but never at xmas so we had to fulfill that dream!!... read more
Views from our hotel

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 31st 2013

My friends. I have been remiss in that you were left hanging with the last blog i fell asleep i dreamed of Senegal, Dakar, Isle de Gore', St Louis...sub sahara Africa...the door of no return...the beginning and the end for so many. Dakar...a riot a color, sights, sounds and did not begin in burst forth from Africa! If Morocco was beautiful, Senegal is sensory overload! The depth of energy, the riot of color The hawkers shriek and the frantic compelling rhythmic beat of the drums....Senegal is life itself - Pure bounty Energy personified! The horses here are long legged and sleek, well cared for briskly trotting, effortlessly carrying simple flat bed home-made carts. Fish are fat and plentiful The grass is dry, the baobab huge and the women ebony gazelles The gender gap ... read more
Light the way
The door of no return

North America » United States » New York December 30th 2013

Hello Everyone, Merry Christmas!!! I hope you all had a magical Christmas and enjoyed all the lovely Christmas T.V that I missed :( December was a month of two halves great highs and great lows (mild exaggeration) I was able to take advantage of a corporate benefit and take a friend to Moma evening for her birthday. It was really cool and not what I expected. There was an open bar and DJ , with music blaring all across the first floor. This was a museum late New York style. The crowd was principally divided into two main groups; hipster arty types and the corporates trying to ‘do art’ for an evening. It was a really great exhibition, I don’t have a great deal of time for the Moma - I normally just hang there to ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 27th 2013

I've been to NY so many times with my family, but never managed to spend the holidays there. Technically, I still haven't, seeing as we got here right after Christmas and we are leaving the day of New Years Eve. JUST missing it all. I'm in the middle of planning my huge wedding, so my father decided to send us on a little "pre-honeymoon treat". Well, not really "send" because he's with us too, and my step mom! It's a nice little double date to the big city. We're staying in one of my all time favorite hotels, the Trump International Hotel & Towers. The people here are wonderful, as we've been coming here for years. We lived here for a few months while I had a corrective back surgery for my scoliosis as a child, ... read more
Family Time
Manhattan Kiss
Rockefeller Center

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