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June 14th 2004
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Joanna Sledge, International divastar and secret envoy to the middle eastern region of Asia, is rarely seen in one city for more than a few weeks at a time. She is known to don many cloaks and has rubbed shoulders and ankles with many, many. Her secret: Joanna Sledge has kept an open mind since birth. She effortlessly picks up the correct fork at a six-course Washington fundraiser, and with equal savoir fair rolls her shopping cart into a Long Island Stop & Shop. She has lived in a basement studio share, she has slept on Penthouse waterbeds. She is registered at several temp agencies in Manhattan, yet she will drop it all when her Saudi Sheik needs her sound advice. She is Joanna Sledge, former child star, teen idol, upcoming ingenue, full grown woman, a grand dame, matron, and an honorary VH-1 Diva.

Hello muchachos,
I have recently been buffing some winter skin on the shores of the lovely Miami, with my dear friends Derreck. Derreck has begged me to come visit since he moved down south in January to concentrate on his well-being and back-to basics state of mind. To celebrate this we paraded down Lincoln Rd. several times an hour and posed for some quick photos for the locals on the beach. We had dinner with my dear friend Gloria Estefan and the Bandeiros. Melanie could not believe I was wearing an outfit from Mandie's, but I told her, Mel-everyone shops at Prada. Be original, be yourself. Derreck stole an ashtray just to see if they'd notice. When the conversation turned to who tucked what we excused ourselves and ended the night singing Oye Como Va on the sand, with whoever the sea spat out.


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