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October 22nd 2010
Published: October 22nd 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well, as the big weekend approaches and everyone looks forward to a rest from their hard work, I will be probably entering hysterics as two of the three performances take place this weekend. I have been rehearsing with my partner incessantly and feel very confident about our scene. Mishaps have happened many times which I take to be a good sign that our final performance will be spectacular! I have changed the lines of the play so many times that I am certain Oscar Wilde is spinning in his grave and planning to visit me in the Big Apple on Halloween night!

Last night, I caught a performance of "Billy Eliot" and as expected, was quite moved and excited by the production. What I love about Broadway, and "Off-Broadway" and "Off-Off-Broadway" is that even through it's glitzy and glamourous and obviously rich in history, is that it is still changing, taking on new challenges, celebrating old successes, and constantly morphing into a variety of identities.

When I took the subway home, I noticed everyone with all of their "Playbill" magazines, all with different covers, just enjoying the ride home in a very unassuming manner. How blessed they are to have such a full basket of culture and art to choose from! Oddly enough, as I passed many bars and restaurants on my way home, the big concern is whether the Yankees are going to make it all the way. They are so passionate about their baseball and their Broadway! Someone was ranting up and down the subway car, "Christ or Crack!"...the state I am in the moment, I am divided in my response!

Well, a short entry and I do apologize...rehearsal time soon and tonight in our film class we are going to be filmed close up so I need to hide 51 years of wrinkles and crow's feet. I do think however, that the experience here has erased some of the frown lines and definitely increased the happy ones!!!


23rd October 2010

live on stage in Toronto
Tonight we saw a wonderful example of talent that goes on and on and seems to get better with age. Barbara Cook sang her tits off and put on quite a show of old , new and the obscure songs. She will be 83 in a few days. but ooooo can she perform. Take care and remember those little wrinkles that you are so worried about are just the hint of your life expereinces and a tease as to what really lies below. ....The wonderful character that it you.!!!! If you've got it ... .. flaunt it!!!!

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