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North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis October 12th 2009

It has been 4.5 months since I arrived back to the civilization I know as Minneapolis, Minnesota. How great those two words sound together. Still in Nicaragua the last week in May, I didn't want to leave the country I never thought I would call home. My very last day and night in Nicaragua was unforgetable. I said goodbye to my friends in Granada, one of whom took the bus ride with me into Managua. Having to say goodbye is never fun. I emptied all my Cordoba out of my bank account, transfered it to USD and spent the afternoon shopping. I would miss the fruit in the little plastic bags for 5 Cordoba, the men shouting at me to buy lottery tickets or to change money illegially on the streets, and of course the crazy ... read more
My last night
Saying Goodbye
Almost to the breaking point

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis September 26th 2009

I had a good night's sleep and woke up way before my 8am wake up call. That's great and all, but the 2 things I wanted to do for the day don't open until much later, so I kind of lazed around. I spoke to our Nairobi travel agent and we (i.e. he) decided it would be best for me to have a driver for the day. That way I wouldn't have to try to find a reliable taxi back to the hotel, and I wouldn't be wasting that time as well. So Sylvester picked me up a little after 10 and we planned our day. The first thing I wanted to do was go back to the Elephant Orphanage. I absolutely love elephants, adore baby elephants, it's a super cheap entry fee and it's only ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis September 8th 2009

I just wanted to post an entry to see what it's like. Turns out it's pretty easy. A little background on my trip for those who don't know. I'm taking a year off between high school and college to work on organic farms. Why? It's not something I can explain easily. The best I can say is that I need it. I need a break from academics and obligations and the craziness I usually create for myself to live in. I want to see the world, learn new languages, and experience new cultures. I think it will give me a good context for what I am about to pay thousands of dollars to learn from a book. Why organic farming? I love to be physically active. So while my mind is resting, I want my body ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 3rd 2009

Set out today. Left Milwaukee at 11 a.m. and reached the Twin Cities around 5 p.m. Stopped at the local Gander Mountain and bought an overnight pack and everything I need to stay in the backcountry for a night or two, should be interesting. Went out with the brother and his g/f to Famous Daves. Finger-licking-good. But alas, I cannot wait to set out west. Tomorrow morning I will be shutting off my cell phone and only use it for emergencies from here on out. I will also only use my macbook to write blogs. No more email, crackbook, or the likes. Tomorrow I head for the Badlands of S. Dakota. Think I will stay an hour or two east for the night and then go in early wed morning. It will still be an 8 ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis July 22nd 2009

Na een zeer stormachtige nacht, was het al bij al redelijk droog wanneer ontwaakten. Een snel ontbijt en een fijn ochtendpraatje met onze buren maakten ons klaar om te vertrekken richting de stad Minneapolis. Aangekomen trokken we naar het Hard Rock Café (reeds het 4de van onze reis) om daar wat informatie te vragen over de reis. Een fijne wandeling in het centrum en een bezoekje aan de mississipi rivier (waar Minneapolis aan ontstaan is) gaven ons een goede indruk van hoe de stad er uit ziet. We waren echt onder de indruk hoe rustig en mooi alles er bij ligt. Meer zakenmensen dan locals lopen er op straat rond, misschien is dat wel het geen wat de sfeer zo aangenaam maakt. Buiten de wandeling in het centrum liepen we ook nog op de oudste brug ... read more
St paul's falls
Sabrina in de tent


North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis July 21st 2009

Onze laatste ¾ dag in Chicago, nogmaals veel gezien en veel genoten. Eerst en vooral na het inpakken van onze bagage trokken we naar het museum of science and industry. Nog maar sinds kort loopt daar een expositie van Harry Potter, met daarin veel kostuums en objecten gebruikt in de eerste 5 films. Ik moet zeggen, dat ik redelijk onder de indruk was van het geen wat ik daar te zien heb gekregen. Sabrina nog meer natuurlijk als grote Harry Potter fan. Na het museum passeerden we nog snel langs China Town, vermits er we de vergelijking wilden maken tussen NY en Chicago. Het was er één groot feest, vergelijkbaar met de jaarmarkten in België maar dan in het Chinees. Voor we vertrokken hadden we nog veel moois gehoord over lincoln park, zo moesten we daar ... read more
koken op het kampvuur

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis July 21st 2009

Every Sunday night I go to sleep dreading the morning to come. I get into the office after snoozing too many times, turn on the monitor, and begin my usual routine of professional slackerdom. I read up on news and music reviews from several different sources. Then proceed to get intimately acquainted with what my friends are up to through Facebook: funny articles they are reading, youtube videos they're watching, the content of their breakfast, which Lord of the Rings character they resemble the most. I even go out of my way to get an update on those "friends" that I've barely even met. You know, that person who sold you a bike on Craigslist who you had a particularly pleasant transaction with, or your ex-girlfriend's friend who wore that short skirt on halloween, or that ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis July 16th 2009

Well I thought I would write to update everyone on my past trip to the states and the future plans I’ve decided since visiting. Everyone was telling me that I would miss Korea once I left and that I would want to come back sooner rather than later. So I guess when my feelings about my trip were completely different from those that have been living in Korea, I knew it was time to go. I guess I’ll start off by talking about my trip. It was long trip home. I never realized how much it stinks to sit in the middle of the row when flying 14 hours. Nonetheless after traveling back in time and arriving in Minneapolis, I felt like I was finally home. That night, I met some friends for dinner and drinks. ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis July 15th 2009

“I know its cold up here, but why the heck are there igloos everywhere?” exclaimed Ashley. Fern dropped some knowledge and informed her that they were simply salt barns and no she could not go in them because they would burn her skin. Well no one commented on our HILARIOUS entry from Day 2 so we feel a little defeated. All of that aside we had another exciting travel day today. The Skittle took us to The House On The Rock. If you don't know about this American Institution, let me drop some knowledge on ya. First, it was started by Alex Jordan who may have been certifiably insane. Second, it is home to the world's largest carousel. Third, it is more mindboggling than anything else. From the infinity room, to the original house on the ... read more
Entrance to House on the Rock
One of the many beautiful gardens
Just lounging in the house

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis » Uptown June 10th 2009

We took the scenic route into Minneapolis on Friday through the South suburbs to unload my suff into storage, before heading to the hotel. The hotel was very nice, although we thought one Concierge, Kathryn, might be a indentured servant because she was always there working every time we left and came back. However, she finally got the day off on Monday when we decided to stay an extra day to find the perfect apartment as I did not believe I had been thorough enough over the weekend. However, I am getting ahead of myself. After checking into the hotel on Friday afternoon, we had to run buy some black dress shoes for my meeting with my internship advisor at the giant 2-level Target in Downtown (Minneapolis is the Corporate Headquarters and birthplace of Target BTW), ... read more
Eric's Shade
Dandelion Fountain
Cherry on a Spoon

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