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North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis April 15th 2012

I recently attended a concert that was held in Central Lutheran Church of Minneapolis. The concert itself was marvelous, incorporating the powerful voices of a brass quintet, the emotional response of the 80-member choir, and the triumphant swells of the pipe organ. As soon as I walked in, though, I was overcome by the simple significance of the fact that the concert was being held in a church. Half of the pieces in the program included the words 'God', 'Lord', or 'King'. As the concert progressed, I surveyed the audience of hundreds. Some were listening with their eyes closed, some with half-smiles, some nodding in rhythm to the piece. Out of habit, I scanned the back of the room for the omnipresent government officials sitting in to make sure that nothing was threatening the State. There ... read more
The Definition of Freedom
Organ at United Methodist Church

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis February 26th 2012

Her face crumpled and her eyes filled with tears. Her lower lip quivered and she buried her head in her arms on the kitchen table as her shoulders shook with sobs. My Chinese host sister had just found out that I was moving back to the United States and she was devastated. I felt terrible. I think it is always easier on the person leaving than on those left behind. It had been a difficult week, informing my boss and coworkers that I would no longer be working with them, telling my friends that I was returning to my homeland, and now I had to break my host sister's heart. I was at peace with my decision, but it had not been an easy one to make. For a period of time, I had been uncertain ... read more
My Living Room
Chinese Sister and Me
Chinese Mom and Me

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis January 14th 2012

In order to know how I have gotten to where I am now, we must first rewind. Following closely in my Uncle's shoes, I have always had the travel itch. To go to new places, see all the sights, and most importantly, experience life as so few take the time to live it. On a trip to Nicaragua in 2011, I met a man who simply asked "what is it you want to do every morning when you wake up?" A fairly straightforward question that I had absolutely no idea how to answer. I knew bits and pieces of my ideal responce. I knew what I didn't want to do. But for the most part, I found it difficult to reply. The anxiety of being 26 and not knowing how to answer gave me good reason ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis December 30th 2011

In a flurry of post Christmas, pre New Years stress (and, upsettingly, illness), I have managed to get everything packed. Three months in one medium sized suitcase and a backpack... this will be a lot different than my first college move: SUV filled to the ceilings, camping roof top attachment, bike strapped to the back. The Beverly Hillbillies. But not this time. The only non essential things in my bag are some minnesotan gifts for my host family. Hopefully they don't hate wild rice and craisens too much. After begrudgingly printing out hundreds of pages of pdfs, chosing a measly week's worth of clothes to bring and stuffing my suitcase with all types of pepto bismal, I think I am ready. Or as ready as I'm going to be. Now it's just time to wait.... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis November 22nd 2011

Yes, it is finally almost American Thanksgiving. Time for the 3rd annual SS BF shopping weekend. Each year I get all my Christmas shopping done in this one weekend. Expecting the same this year. Since we’ve been a few times we are almost professionals. Shelly Lou (SL) is nervous to be the feature in the blog! Can’t blame her, usually I focus most of my blog efforts on Ed. Seems no one wants to be a part of my blog (you’re next Mylee!)... I guess I can see why. Travelling seems to bring out the nasty. Not in me, but others.For example, last week I went up to Sioux Lookout.I’m sitting in the airport here waiting for the flight. It’s 7:30am. I’m sitting quietly, looking forward to the 40 minute nap. The woman who is about ... read more
Shelly Lou


North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis » Uptown October 18th 2011

Leaving willmar was.... Weird. I didn't really feel like I was going anywhere. I started my day with a meeting. I went home and finished some laundry, attempted to clean the kitchen, and watched some tv. I headed to Max's in the late afternoon, excited to see him. I felt like I was just going to visit a friend, not travel across the world. We had a low key night, watched tv and ate a frozen pizza. Perfect. The boys were generous enough to let me crash at their house last night Thanks max, Jesse, and Tim for my go-to friends. Love you lots. Tim had the day off so we laid low this morning, went to lunch at a great organic hipster place, and watched crappy daytime television. I couldn't have asked for more. Tim ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis » Uptown August 28th 2011

After a week in the Upper Peninsula of Mich. we were ready for some R&R.......yeah its pretty bad when you have to take a vacation from your vacation!!! We had phoned ahead a week ago and our friends Jeremy and Ali were expecting us. Tired and smelling like dirty hippies, we saddled up and made the trip in two days with a stop over in a local Walmart parking lot that served as our rest area. If for no other reason, we use Walmart parking lots as a semi-safe rest stop. (A) they usually wont mess with you because they want your business(B) 24 hour ones make it safe because they never close down and there are enough people there in case of emergencies. The only draw backs are the local red-necks who like to ... read more
Missouri river
living room

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 15th 2011

I don't know why but for some reason I feel less safe in Minneapolis than I have in any other place on my travel. Perhaps it is because my first experience in the city was seeing a woman being arrested at the bus terminal of Mall of America, or perhaps that she was very loud and angry. Or maybe it is all the attention that I get from men on the bus. I seem to be a magnet in Minneapolis for weird guys who either really want to know where I am from and what I am doing, or who just like to stare. One guy who looked a whole lot like Steve Buscemi, spent half an hour on a bus asking me random questions, seemingly unaware of my resistant and single syllabus answers. The bus ... read more
Food court
The Minnesota State Capitol

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 14th 2011

The Twin Cities. Kind of like Arnold Swartzenegger and Danny DeVito. We stayed Friday night just outside St. Paul in a Motel 6, where we made a reservation at the only hostel we could find in the city for Saturday night. We passed out early from a long day of riding and got up pretty early Saturday to do a little exploring. First, we drove around the city of St. Paul for about an hour, before deciding that there wasn't much to see of interest. We started driving slowly toward Minneapolis on Mississippi River Boulevard, which traced the high banks of the mighty Mississippi as it splits the two cities apart. We stopped at a "Scenic Overlook" that was crowded with trees and brush and only offered a glimpse of the spill-over of a dam. We ... read more
Harmon Killebrew
Mega Mall!
Ropes Course

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 12th 2011

This is just a quick post to alert everyone of my mailing address. Apparently the mail system in Quito isn't super reliable, so probably email me if you want to get in touch quickly. I do, however, enjoy getting a letter here and there, so if you want to try: Maggie Kane c/o Programas Internacionales--Kalamazoo Universidad San Francisco de Quito Campus Cumbaya PO Box 17-12-841 Quito, ECUADOR This is what the guide I got from school said it would be, although I think it's a couple of years old so I'm not 100% sure about it. I'll update if anything changes! ... read more

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