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North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis July 19th 2012

Team Romania 2012 is busy working on our fundraising efforts to help cover the costs of our trip. If you are interested in helping out, ask any of our team members about our coffee and gas card fundraisers currently going on. We will periodically post updates from our preparation process and continue through out our trip and build. Follow our travel blog to receive these regular updates! ... read more

Happy 19th Anniversary for Us! Couldn’t think of a better way to be celebrating. Today started out a bit rough with no restaurant for MANY miles (almost 3 hours! – there was NOTHING for long stretches and then small towns with restaurants that were closed or perhaps not so appropriate for kids) and kids getting a bit buggy after some late nights and busy days but everything pulled together after stopping at a the Friendship Restaurant. The people at the next table lured Freddy and Bella into ordering the Stuffed French Toast! WOW! That really perked them up. Amazing what a little food will do – the rest of the 8 hrs to Minneapolis, MN was a piece of cake. We were headed to the Mall of America, but stopped off at Fort Snell National Cemetery. ... read more
Fort Snell National Cemetery
Mall of America!
Shark swimming overhead

After another unsuccessful morning of wandering to find brunch, we wondered towards the stadium and went to the Loon Pub. It was great, unhealthy bar food. I had the walleye fingers, which had an excellent dipping sauce and the pork soup. We attended the Tigers-Twins baseball game that afternoon. Target Field is a beautiful park that had a bunch of state-fair-type food. Also, since it was 90 degrees outside (after 50s and rain the day before) they had free water jugs around the park, a nice touch. The real excitement of the game came when I cheered a great diving catch by the Tigers and a Twins fan threw their empty drink cup at me. Turning around I said “Seriously?” and they were surprised. Was I suppose to just ignore it? There was no incident and ... read more

In true Minnesota fashion, it went from 70 and sunny to 50 and rainy. Wondered around the downtown area and went to Keys for breakfast. It met the requirements of having sit down breakfast and a Bloody Mary’s. You get a pile of good, hearty Midwestern food. Interestingly, the Bloody Mary’s came with a small Miller High Life. The waiter was sub-par at best, but the homemade jelly is amazing. Being that it was raining and miserable outside, we tried to take the skyway as far as possible to Mac’s on the recommendation of a friend. It was like a giant hamster maze. Eventually we made it to url=’s Industrial Bar . It was a great experience and my favorite bar the entire weekend. Great craft beer selection, enough TVs, and excellent execution of bar food ... read more


Landed in Minneapolis on Friday afternoon. Took the transit train into the city from the airport. For $1.75 it took us right down town. Living in Maryland, I saw no one checking the tickets and thought how much they must trust people here. The crew checked into the hotel downtown and went to 8thStreet Grill to get some beers and lunch. I liked that they had beer flights, four different beers in samplers, with each sampler having a theme (From local beers, to seasonals, to IPAs.) The food was fine, not disappointed, but the beer flights were the reason to come back. We meet up with a friend who lives in Minneapolis and they informed us that a ticket for not paying on the transit train was $180. No doubt I would be paying the $1.75 ... read more

This my first travel blog. The reason being is that I'm a bit old school. Call me odd, but I like my travel experiences to be mine, not the Interweb's. I'm that solo female traveler who has my eyes focused out the train window, taking in the passing landscape. Searching for the perfect song on my iPod. Once found, the hard-copy journal comes out and I start writing. And then I write some more. It is in that moment that I find myself the happiest. My solo travels allow me to be fully present. To connect to my surroundings. To observe. To reflect. To just be. However, this trip is different. This time, I'm headed East...Land of the Rising Sun East. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm unprepared but yet I'm totally ready. On this trip, I'll ... read more

We flew from St. Louis, MO to Minneappolis to meet up with Mark's brother, Greg and Stepdad, Joe. Travel days are typically long, tiring and boring and this one was no exception. We were not counting on such limited availabitlity of resturants at the airport but we found that once you leave the security area you have basically one option. We met up with the others and went to have lunch. We had abut 4 hours to burn up so we decided to send Mark and Greg out to find food for later while Joe and I sat with the luggage. I met some of the most interesting people waiting at the transit center for the charter bus that would take us to the Winnebago factory. I started feeling like a woos for not wanting to ... read more
002 Hi Joe

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis April 26th 2012

Dear Grandma Ruth, Here we are again. Another year, another letter. It's hard to believe that it has been five years since you left the earth for your new Life. It feels at once momentous--five years--and also like it shouldn't mean anything at all. Why should we observe the anniversary of the date you left our lives? You are still here with us, in our hearts. I made a huge decision this past December. I decided to move back to the United States from China, permanently. At first it was a really difficult decision to make; I'm not going to lie, Grandma. I had been building a life there. I had friends there. I had a job. But sometimes things change. People change. And we accept it and move on. All those years I spent living ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis April 15th 2012

I recently attended a concert that was held in Central Lutheran Church of Minneapolis. The concert itself was marvelous, incorporating the powerful voices of a brass quintet, the emotional response of the 80-member choir, and the triumphant swells of the pipe organ. As soon as I walked in, though, I was overcome by the simple significance of the fact that the concert was being held in a church. Half of the pieces in the program included the words 'God', 'Lord', or 'King'. As the concert progressed, I surveyed the audience of hundreds. Some were listening with their eyes closed, some with half-smiles, some nodding in rhythm to the piece. Out of habit, I scanned the back of the room for the omnipresent government officials sitting in to make sure that nothing was threatening the State. There ... read more
The Definition of Freedom
Organ at United Methodist Church

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