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The following is a direct transcription of a page dated 6/19/08 bearing the title "Truth in Advertising" and was written somewhere between Minneapolis and London. I have an idea. NWA should change it's name to GFYPA, or Go Fuck Yourself, Passenger Airlines. For starters, there are children, CHILDREN in bulkheads and the (I assume) lonely Asian lady at check in basically ignored me when I asked about exit rows. First things first though. So, my flight lands, does all the taxi bullshit for WAAAAAYYYY TOO LONG and left me less than 30 minutes to reach my plane. No biggie, because they have tan attendant at the gate to tell me where my next gate is, right? RIGHT? They have that, don't they? Not so much. It appears that the basic customer service is too much to ... read more

We will be moving in 2 months! Hello! We are preparing to leave for Bologna, Italy for 2 years. Jason will be leaving at the end of August and I will be following soon after at the end of September. We are very excited for our adventures ahead and hope to keep up with this travel journal to share our experiences with all of you! ... read more

Study Abroad Preparation 2 weeks to go and I am very anxious at this time. It is a critical time to limit my activities and spend as little money as possible because I will be going out everyday when I arrive for sure. I have no money of my own right now and I am worried about my Wells Fargo loan. The University of Minnesota is not verifying my fall semester enrollment because it is too early. I have told them I need this now but they do not think it important that I leave in two weeks and start school in August. What am I to do if they want to hold out just because its not September? Why do people not use logic any more? I'll be o.k. That's not to get me down. ... read more

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Believe it or photos! We took the long drive from Door County to Minneapolis on Saturday. Drove across North Central Wisconsin and noticed something interesting. Everyone (and I mean everyone) had a well manicured lawn and flowers around their homes. Even the most rundown farmhouse had a barrel or two of geraniums or a bed of peonies. Our theory is that because the season is so short and winter is so long the people want to enjoy the color as much as they can. The lawn grass in the Midwest is that thin bladed soft variety that you can walk barefoot through and never get bitten by a fire ant. Luxury! Minneapolis is a neat city. We went to the Twins/Brewers game at the Metrodome on Sunday afternoon. It was almost like a carnival outside ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis June 23rd 2008

In just four hours I'll be heading to the airport. It will be an 8 hour & 20 minute journey to Amsterdam, a 2 hour & 30 minute layover, and then a second flight of 2 hours & 35 minutes to Madrid. When I finally arrive, it will be Tuesday around 4pm Spanish time. Crazy!! I plan to stay in Madrid for the evening at a hostel on the Gran Vía, one of the neatest streets in the capital city. When I get settled there, I will write again so that you know I am safe and sound. :)... read more


North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis June 20th 2008

There is so much swirling around in my head and my life right now I'm happy I can figure out which way is up long enough to type! I'm in the process of finishing so many things. The other week I had my last class at the Lehmann Center. All of my students, past and present, were like, "Teacher, teacher, we will miss you! Good luck, Teacher, Thank you, Teacher!!" and they made a card for me that they all signed and gave me a journal that I plan to take with me. I almost cried I was so overwhelmed. And I don't cry at funerals. I'm starting to pack up my apt and give away my stuff. I took a car load to the Goodwill, have had friends lay claim to some things, and have ... read more

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Fully paved streets, unexciting but standard chain restaurants and stores, Target and Wal-Mart, people looking seemingly distinctly "Midwestern", skyscrapers - what's old is new again. As you have likely now guessed, I am home! I know I have not written much in the last few weeks, and there is some reason behind it. Some of you who already know I am home will be aware but the reality is that my drive to keep exploring had started to hit a wall. This is, of course, on top of the reality that I was running out of things that I really wanted to see and do before I knew I was originally heading home. That said, I investigated the cost to change plane tickets and discovered that especially in light of what I would spend to be ... read more

Since I last wrote, I've been a bit busy. I've worked waaay too many hours, had out of town guests on more than one occasion, and I've sorted through my closets. I got smart and hired a personal organizer--luckily she's a friend starting her own business and looking for a guinea pig, so I can pay her in dinner. I just gave my 60 day notice on my apt. It feels weird. The time I never thought would come and it's here, charging down on me like a freight train. I suddenly feel like I have too much to do, and no where the time to do it. Because it's all big stuff. Like packing up everything I own and saying good-bye to friends who are more family than friend. I had my last class tonight. ... read more

Amongst other things the solemn promise of 80 degree sunshine and cloudless skies every day lured me out to Minneapolis to visit Sky, a friend met travelling back in Santiago. Unfortunately, (especially given my frailties and love of hot weather) I arrived during the middle of an unusually cold snap with temperatures virtually identical to those I had left behind in England! If the weather wasn't quite what I was hoping for the rest of the holiday certainly was! I found it a fantastic experience to be visiting a "real" part of the USA, rather than the frequently touristed areas of Florida or San Francisco that I had been to before. I was looking forward to finding out what America is really like for twenty-somethings, rather than relying on half-baked cliches from the latest teen movie! ... read more
Erickson's Cabin
Sunset over the Lake

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ok. my plane leaves at like 1 pm tomorrow. i'm waiting to get a haircut and then danielle is forcing me to go out (or something like that). i'm all packed, just need to cancel my cell phone tomorrow, withdraw some cash, and pick up a perscription. i didn't manage to finish reading all the books i was supposed to, but i got a lot done. hopefully i can read on the plane and not throw up. i have three flights and will arrive in entebbe, uganda on june 4th (they are like 8 hours ahead of us in time). got a list of students that are going; 22 others - mostly girls, and most come from fancy schools like notre dame (ick ick ick - i hate indiana). it makes me a little worried cause ... read more

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